Boise State football team finishes No. 18 in AP poll

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team landed at No. 18 in the final Associated Press Top 25 for the 2012 season, released late Monday night. The Broncos cracked the final top 20 for the fifth straight season and the ninth time in 11 years.

The Broncos climbed two spots after beating Washington in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas. They passed Oregon State, Northern Illinois, Michigan and UCLA but got jumped by Northwestern and Louisville.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl champion Utah State was the highest-ranked non-BCS team at No. 16. San Jose State was No. 21 and Northern Illinois was No. 22. Boise State, Utah State and San Jose State will all be in the Mountain West next season.

The Broncos finished No. 14 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, up one spot. They jumped Oklahoma and Oregon State and got jumped by Louisville.

That’s Boise State’s ninth top-15 finish in 11 years and fifth in a row.

Utah State was No. 17, San Jose State was No. 21, Northern Illinois was No. 24 and Tulsa was No. 25.

Here’s how Boise State has fared in the final polls since its first Top 25 season, in 2002:

2002—15 (AP)—12 (USA)


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (59) 13-1 1,475 2
2. Oregon 12-1 1,358 5
3. Ohio St. 12-0 1,302 3
4. Notre Dame 12-1 1,288 1
5. Georgia 12-2 1,230 6
5. Texas A&M 11-2 1,230 10
7. Stanford 12-2 1,169 8
8. South Carolina 11-2 1,038 11
9. Florida 11-2 933 4
10. Florida St. 12-2 922 13
11. Clemson 11-2 889 14
12. Kansas St. 11-2 871 7
13. Louisville 11-2 781 22
14. LSU 10-3 756 9
15. Oklahoma 10-3 615 12
16. Utah St. 11-2 456 18
17. Northwestern 10-3 443 21
18. Boise St. 11-2 419 20
19. Texas 9-4 358 NR
20. Oregon St. 9-4 303 15
21. San Jose St. 11-2 243 24
22. N. Illinois 12-2 227 16
23. Vanderbilt 9-4 180 NR
24. Michigan 8-5 147 19
25. Nebraska 10-4 119 23
Others receiving votes: Baylor 95, Penn St. 90, Cincinnati 78, Oklahoma St. 42, Tulsa 34, UCLA 31, Arkansas St. 28, TCU 9, UCF 9, Wisconsin 6, N. Dakota St. 1.


Here is the full USA Today poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Alabama (56) 13-1 1,400 2
2. Oregon 12-1 1,322 3
3. Notre Dame 12-1 1,253 1
4. Georgia 12-2 1,213 5
5. Texas A&M 11-2 1,171 9
6. Stanford 12-2 1,167 8
7. South Carolina 11-2 1,064 10
8. Florida State 12-2 942 12
9. Clemson 11-2 916 13
10. Florida 11-2 886 4
11. Kansas State 11-2 841 6
12. LSU 10-3 775 7
13. Louisville 11-2 772 18
14. Boise State 11-2 633 15
15. Oklahoma 10-3 600 11
16. Northwestern 10-3 580 17
17. Utah State 11-2 444 20
18. Texas 9-4 398 25
19. Oregon State 9-4 366 14
20. Vanderbilt 9-4 248 NR
21. San Jose State 11-2 244 24
22. Cincinnati 10-3 186 NR
23. Nebraska 10-4 175 21
24. Northern Illinois 12-2 156 16
25. Tulsa 11-3 110 NR
Others receiving votes: Michigan 101; UCLA 75; Baylor 52; Oklahoma State 36; Wisconsin 18; Central Florida 15; Arkansas State 13; Arizona State 10; Rutgers 9; Kent State 5; Louisiana Tech 2; Arizona 1; Ohio 1.


Here is my final AP ballot. Basically, it went like this: Alabama is No. 1 obviously, Georgia was a couple yards away from the title game and it’s pretty clear the SEC is a step above everyone else, Ohio State is undefeated, Notre Dame — despite the blowout — earned a Top 5 ranking with its regular season and beat Stanford. Stanford is ahead of Oregon for me because the Cardinal won the Pac-12 and beat the Ducks head to head. I’m getting bashed by Ducks fans, I know, but how do you overlook that combination? I couldn’t.

1 Alabama
2 Georgia
3 Ohio State
4 Notre Dame
5 Stanford
6 Oregon
7 Florida
8 Texas A&M
9 S. Carolina
10 Florida State
11 Clemson
12 LSU
13 Kansas St
14 Oklahoma
15 Louisville
16 Boise State
17 Texas
18 Oregon St
19 N. Illinois
20 Utah State
21 San Jose St
22 Penn State
23 Wisconsin
24 Nebraska
25 Baylor

Dropped out: UCLA, Michigan
Also considered: Northwestern

Not bad, congratulations BSU!

While watching the QB's struggle at the final open scrimmage I was thinking to myself that this team would be hard pressed to be even close to ranked. The Defense did an awesome job, and the offense got more and more consistent as the season wore on. Too bad they laid an egg against SDSU, or the season would have been even better!

Congrats to the players and staff, i'd say it was a successful year. Hard to follow up the Moore era!!

Strong finish

Well even with all the naysayers this group of Bronco's landed in a great spot. Hard work, staying focused and being the "right kind of guys" makes this program work.

The MWC might not be so bad.

3 of next years MWC teams finish in the AP top 25... Not bad at all.


Bob Kustra has developed the football program to new heights in turn making BSU one of the finest Universities around!!!

Go Broncos!!!!

Remind me...

...the name of the athletic director again?

oh... you mean the AD that Kustra hired?

his name is Mark.

Formal Position

I think Mark Coyle's formal position is Athletic Director/Fall Guy for Big East Debacle. As the Big East deal is over, I assumed his position was temporary.

Nicely Done Broncos--work to do in 2013!

Simply amazing--not the kind of rebuilding year expected, but instead steady improvement leading to a top 20 finish. Way to go!! It speaks highly of your heart and work ethic.

Speaking of top 20, the 2013 schedule has some serious contenders: Huskies will improve and be seeking revenge-and in a sweet new stadium. BYU looked vastly improved in the Poinsettia and manhandled a physical San D'eggo that manhandled the Broncos earlier. UT State and San Jose both top 20 potential.

Not a schedule to take lightly. Maybe the BCS 'puter will give it some credibility this time...

Can't Buy Chadd's Ducks Vote...

...having crushed the rest of the PAC 12 and stumbling only once in freaking OT loss to Stanford. The Ducks played superbly in the Fiesta, especially in the 2nd half, would have at least given The Tide a run for their money.

Bowl games obviously reveal a lot about teams, and should be heavily weighted in final voting more than regular season. The USA Today poll got it about right.

As for Chadd's vote keeping Florida at #7 after being humiliated by Louisville? Where is your head-to-head logic?

Why should a bowl game count more than regular season?

I understand the basic concept, but don't necessarily think a team's bowl opponent is their toughest opponent of the season. Why should a bowl count more? It seems to me that it would depend largely on the team you play in the bowl, not just the fact that you are in a bowl.

Bowl games as the grand finale

Generally, a Bowl game is the culmination of a whole season. A Bowl victory is certainly worth more than Game 1 of a season as the team has developed, improved and conquered. They're as good as they're gonna get for that season.

Teams battle through the year to get there, to be selected in the best Bowl possible. They're given extra time to prepare (or lose focus), and the national spotlight is on them. Even the smaller Bowls get the limelight and the scrutiny. Team strengths and weaknesses are more likely to be revealed in such a venue--including the coaches, the maturity of players, and even the fan base.

So much more on the line than any regular season game. Agreed, it may not be the toughest opponent faced, but it is (usually) a more complete test. Thus should be given much higher weight than regular season.

Stanford beat Oregon

True, but Stanford had two losses, one to Notre Dame and one to UW. Oregon had just the loss. Would have loved to see Oregon against A&M and either against Alabama.

Chadd, your job is difficult enough but I agree with Oregon fans today. The Ducks deserve to be ranked higher than Stanford. If Stanford had just 1 loss than I see your logic. The fact both polls had Oregon #2 and you had them at 6 makes for a legitimate argument.

Uh Chadd ...

Did you rank Cupcake State behind Nevada in 2010 and TCU in 2011 in your little Cupcake State "homer" poll? Just wondering since your Stanford/Oregon logic would apply the same way in both those cases.


8 teams in the AP preseason top 25 were not there at the end of the year. All were from AQ schools, and most will no doubt be in next years preseason top 25.

North Dakota State received a vote?

Really? How did an FCS school get a vote in the FBS polls?

Φ North Dakota State

Yes, I saw that and thought it was very cool. The one school (FCS/FBS) that actually won a tournament to be crowned national champ ... and for the second straight year.

This year's FBS so-called big game was a joke. Four-team "playoff" is only a bit less of a joke.

Game I most enjoyed? Louisville sending Florida slip-sliding on its keister.

As crappy as the first bowl game was (Nevada-Arizona) with horrible defense, it was better than Alaphant-Nogo Dammit.

Fox had only one of the the 35; CBS had only one of the 35; ESPN/ABC had 33. Both Myers and Lundquist clearly outshone Disney's counterparts, IMO. Nice work putting over-the-hill and out-in-the-pasture Musburger (with his repertoire of hackneyed phrases, platitudes, and meaningless jabber ... mostly leftovers from his days on CBS with Phyllis, Irv, and the Greek) on the NC game. That was as bad as the game itself. Disney could have yanked Keith Jackson out of his fishing hole, given him 5 minutes to prep, and come up with a 10X better broadcast product. Even Joe ("I-always-look-worried-about-something") Tessatore would have been better than Brent.

Herbstreit ("Kirby Smore") is losing his edge to fast-rising David Pollack. So what that he saw ND continually (inadvisably) attacking Alabama's All-American corner? How hard was that to see? Telling the viewers ten times that it's a bad move isn't much different than those insipid Bud Light and Cadillac race-down-the-mountain-curves commercials. Oh, okay, Kirk. How about telling the producers to give us a split-screen to show what's going on on the other side of the field? Corso's shtick still works pretty well. Desmond needs work on articulation.

ESPN was about a C this year. They used Sky-Cam wonderfully on the opening kickoff of the NC game and almost never during game action thereafter. Hey, ESPN, we have widescreens now. Get behind, as opposed to the flank. The action is much easier to follow. You have flying cameras ... use them.

And CBS Sports needs more inventory.

Stanford/Ducks Logic

Where's Michigan State on your poll? Didn't they beat bsu?

i think this applies...



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Wow.....what a tough gig.

That subscription is really paying off.


Sure it is.


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