Mountain West in daily contact with San Diego State, not the case with BYU

By Brian Murphy

The Mountain West and San Diego State are having daily conversations about the Aztecs' football future, Commissioner Craig Thompson told the Idaho Statesman on Friday.

Thompson said the league's conversations with BYU are not on that level.

"The conversations are fluid and timely with San Diego State," Thompson said. "That would not be the case with BYU."

Thompson said a decision about San Diego State will likely come before Jan. 31. As per Boise State's agreement with the Mountain West, the Aztecs' first option to join the league ends on that date.

"We'll see where San Diego State takes us or not. That's the next probable, likely step. ... I don't know that we're going to have to get to January 31," Thompson said.

If San Diego State does remain in the league, Thompson expects the Mountain West to play the 2013 football season with 12 members. There has been talk about the league growing past 12 with Texas schools (Houston, SMU or UTEP).

"I would say with about 99 percent chance on January 4 that we will be either an 11-team or a 12-team league for 2013."

Would like

to see Houston and either SMU or UTEP added for the Texas exposure. It should also help our recruiting in the state.

Houston and SMU

will be staying in the Big East.......

If BSU wants to play TX

If BSU wants to play TX schools then they probably should have stayed in the Big East

Not necessary

We already have strong recruiting in Texas.


Texas, Oklahoma, and TCU get most of the best athletes. We've got a foothold that needs to grow.

It's January

if he's smart, Thompson should be residing in San Diego for the next 30 days.


BYU has no interest in the Mtn West, and it especially has no interest in dealing with Mr. Thompson.

UN-needed drama

It was BYU ready to join the BE 16 times since July 11, and now since around October it's been BYU, New Mexico and CSU arestarting a new conference hoping Boise joins, and now it's BYU back to the MWC. Sunday we found out that SDS had a first. option of refusal, but conference members didnt want the Aztecs but BYU. Completely Insane, who had the option? The only problem as according to BYU officials they never wavered on the plan to remain an independant and will remain so unless the ESPN contract ends, scheduling late in the year becomes impossible, or the B12 decides to issue an invitation. Money wise they would take a 50% income loss by doing so and lose the right to rebroadcast games on BYU-TV. If Craig Thompson is talking to someone it might be a student janitor in the Athletics Blbg, as no one else admits to having done so. If the media would mix so much rumor into a story and just stick with what can be documented, life would be much easier


English anyone?

If you require a translator, call the United Nations.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.


MWC: Ring ring....
SDSU: Hello?
MWC: Did you decide yet?

MWC: Ring ring....
SDSU: Hello?
MWC: Did you decide yet?

Wednesday... and so on.

Are we having fun yet ,Nation.

Nation,you are a University first dealing with graduating students,A football university, not really Nation please inform Bob, a slow learner.

Get it done, already

You won-'t find too many Sand Diego St fans that would call the object of their affection, a football school. To my knowledge they have never won a WAC/MWC championship in football, although they did have some success in the Big West or PCAA, prior to joining the WAC. That said they put their national basketball program on life support by flirting with membership in the newest edition of the Big West. Now the saga of "Big Money back East" has evaporated why is SDS dickering around with anything but jumping back to the MWC? They are not going to ever be a key program as Boise is now and as Utah, TCU, BYU, Ariz St have been. Without BSU, the MWC is a Sun Belt twin that no one cares about nationally, with game averages of 22,000-24,000, and Thursday only national TV games. Dennis Dodd and Stuart Mandel think the name should be changed to the Boise State Conferemce as the Broncos have gained rights no other FBS team has with their conf pals. If that's what the SDS AD is holding out for, no way. Just get it over with and if Houston and SMU wish to come along great.

Aztec two step

i sure hope that SDST chooses to stay in the MWC....let build a West Coast powerhouse!!


UTEP is already a rival of New Mexico and they are in the Mountain time zone. Mike Price drove the program into the ground, but I think Sean Kugler will revive the program.

I realize UTSA is an infant program and has a lot of growing up to do, but the San Antonio market is great for tv sets and recruiting plus the team already plays in an NFL-esque stadium (60K indoor). Larry Coker will grow that program quickly and they already get more fan support than Nevada. The only competiton for the dollar in that town is the NBA's Spurs. I'm sure Bronco fans would love to travel to SA to visit the Alamo + Six Flags + Sea World for road games.

Houston and SMU compete with the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS and the NHL (if they ever wake up).

With the ACC getting weaker every year, I could see the Sun Bowl (El Paso) making a deal to pit the MWC champion (or 2nd place) aganst the PAC-12 instead of a 6th-7th ACC team........especially if UTEP were in the conference.

Nice post!

Well done badass, solid opinion, backed up with facts, and a potential bowl idea to boot. I'm luke warm on the UTEP idea but I'm with you on UTSA (huge potential). With all the "non-BCS" bowl contracts due up after this next bowl season, I think bowl "tie-in's" will be a very popular blog subject in the coming year.

I remember

all of the criticism that people directed towards Karl Benson for inviting UTSA into the WAC. He said UTSA has potential to be the next Boise St.

Looks like Nevada has a coach

BFeldmanCBS Texas A&M stc Brian Polian has been offered and is expected to become the next Nevada head coach, a source tells CBS.

Φ More on Polian

"Polian's father, Bill, was longtime NFL executive with the Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills, and his older brother Chris, served as the Colts GM from 2009-11. His younger brother Dennis also works in player personnel with the NFL."

Above was part of this good bio:

Hmm, could the Big 12

be standing pat at 10.....

It was only a matter of time

before we recruited a Blue to the Blue......!

Kid's a stock car in human form! Call him the 'Blue Hornet'...


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Better get used to that

first paragraph, we are going to here it a lot.

Φ Nope.

9-3 is the best they will do.

But you already knew that.

Funny feeling...

Why do I have this feeling that we are going to play Louisville next season after all.

I'm glad it's SDSU not BYU

Also reported on the news tonight is speculation that UConn and Louisville may be looking to join the Mountain West for their football teams because they may join the Seven Catholic Schools.

That would definitely be the best 12 teams, better than the Texas schools by far.

um MAC.....

Someone is pulling your leg.....

UConn is not even thinking of the MWC and there is no way Louisville is pulling out of the ACC.