Labrador gets vote for House Speaker, abstains instead of backing Boehner

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash cast the first vote for House Speaker for Idaho Republican Rep. Raul Labrador.

Labrador, a second term congressman, abstained rather than vote for House Speaker John Boehner. Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson voted for Boehner.

The vote is still going but Boehner is expected to win, defeating Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

11:20 MST Boehner wins 219-193 over Pelosi with 14 other votes.

I think I just threw up a

I think I just threw up a whole lot in my mouth.


Go along.. get along. That's surely going to get us out of this mess. (sarcasm)


His kind has lead Idaho to the bottom.

What is the voting process?

Why did he abstain rather than vote "no" or vote for someone else?

Unless it has to do with the actual process, his "abstain" vote seems to say, "I don't want you but I can't think of anyone better." Not exactly a statement of leadership.

No cajones

Not enough guts to vote against Boehner so instead he abstained


I think you mean cojones. :)

Kinda like BHO's ...

distinguished career as a legislator voting "present">

So, you will criticize Labrador the same?

As I understand it, the "present" vote is not uncommon within the process of the Illinois legislature.

Is that the same for the U.S. Speaker of the House election?

As far as I know, Barack Obama has never voted one way or the other for Speaker of the House. Seriously, does every comment about one person have to be answered with some sore of unrelated critique of the other side? We're talking about Raul Labrador here. What do you think of HIS vote? Appropriate? Right? Wrong? Spineless? A good protest? Hollow?

I think Labrador is a coward...

Boehner should have been tossed out on his bu..! Anything else I can help you with?

Getting Even

Representative Labrador has probably earned himself a seat on the grounds keeping committee.
With his enormous influence in the House, I'm sure he will get a lot done for the 1st District he "represents".

He'll have a lot of pull! NOT!

He called Democrats bank robbers, no pull there. He just alienated the Speaker of the House that is from Labrador's own party, no pull there either. I guess the ID First District still has Ron Paul.

Labrador continues to provide comedic material.

By a count of 219-1 Idaho's latest national amuser was soundly defeated in his run for House Speaker.

This follows his declarations last week that Democrats were robbers and going off the cliff into a recession was better than the bill which his party supported.

He may soon reach Larry Craig status.

Please tell me

Why was this nincompoop reelected?

I'm surprised Representative Labrador didn't

vote for himself.

Are you telling me Raul didn't pay for this guy's vote?


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