Winchester announces new rimfire cartridge: .17 Winchester Super Magnum.

You can learn more about this by following the link, but here's why I am interested in this cartridge. I'm looking for a legitimate cross over between a plinker and smallbore centerfire because once upon a time, you could get reasonable priced .22-250 or .223 rounds for plinking. Now those rounds have gotten really spendy, so a .17 caliber rimfire that reaches out a little farther than a 17HMR could fit the bill. It remains to be seen, but it's cool to see people working on it. Check out information about the new Winchester round

No words on what guns will be built for it, but I know I would like a reasonably priced semi-auto, or bolt action that weighs similar to a hunting rifle. I know, that's a lot to ask, but hey, a guy can dream.


Plinking with .223.
Yeah, those days are gone unless you have money to burn.

Gee, why would anyone want to plink with a .223? Gee why does anyone need more than 5 rounds in a clilp to go plinking? [sarcasm]

While you're dreaming, how about dreaming for reasonable minds in Congress?

Keep your .22WMR

Unless you really feel that the industry needs another $5-600 from you for novelty's sake. CCI and similar +V ballistics are close enough at reasonable ranges anyhow. If you really want to play the Mach 4 games then pony up up for the big bad .22 varminters or find a .17 Remington and get a second job.

The big price jump is .22LR to WMR anyway

I just checked on-line prices. Of course you can't find stock anywhere, but if you could, it would be $.05 for .22, $.30 for .22WMR, $.50 for reman .223, and $1.00+ for .22-250. Not to much of a stretch for .223 if you are just plinking and don't need fancy bullets. If you have money concerns, why not stick with good old .22LR?


Bubba says .177 is economical and I don't have to ware eerplugs.


I hadn't seen any prices so you guys are ahead of me. I reload, so I can bring the cost of centerfire ammo down, but it's always nice to grab a couple boxes at the store and just go. Winchester is going to be offering 1,000 round boxes of its .17 WMR, and I will be curious if they offer the bulk packs at a discount. Of course, it's hard to say I am going to "save" money when I would have to buy a new rifle to shoot this ammo, but hey, I've bought guns for dumber reasons than that.

Dumber, but still sporting.


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