The explanation Mike Crapo owes Idahoans

Here's a draft of our Friday editorial.

When Mike Crapo appears in court today on a drunken-driving charge, what will Idahoans hear from their senior senator?

Based on what we’ve heard so far, we don’t expect excuses and alibis. Within hours of his arrest, Crapo issued a statement admitting his mistake and assuming responsibility. Contrast that to Butch Otter — then Idaho’s lieutenant governor — who blamed a 1992 DUI arrest on whiskey-soaked tobacco and a cowboy hat that had blown off his head, causing him to swerve. Jurors were unconvinced.

Nor do we expect courtroom theatrics. Spokesman Lindsay Nothern has said Crapo “does not plan to contest the charges.” Contrast that to former Sen. Larry Craig, who continued his legal manuevering long after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct after he was arrested in a Minneapolis airport restroom in a sexual solicitation sting.

Unless Crapo plans to surprise his constituents — again — his criminal case could come to a quick end. But that still leaves Crapo with much to answer for. And much to explain.

While Crapo has said the right things, he also has said very little.

He has said little about the circumstances leading up to his arrest, in Alexandria, Va., after running a red light in the early morning hours of Dec. 23. Where was Crapo before he got behind the wheel? Why did he decide to drive, instead of calling a cab, or getting a ride from a designated driver? These are facts that may emerge in a court proceeding, however abbreviated.

More significantly, Crapo has said little about himself — and an arrest that belies a long-established public persona.
Crapo, 61, has spent nearly half of his life in elected office, and is barely two years into his third six-year Senate term. A member of the Mormon Church, Crapo has said he abstains from alcohol, in adherence to church tenets.

Since this is the way Crapo has presented himself to his constituents, he owes his constituents the facts. Was this evening of drinking somehow a one-time occurrence? If not, how often does Crapo drink? How much, and when? And when Crapo says, “I will undertake measures to ensure that this circumstance is never repeated,” does that mean he is swearing off alcohol?

Yes, these are personal questions about private matters. But Crapo talks about accepting “total responsibility” for his actions. Answering difficult questions is part of that equation. A pivotal part.

Crapo also has not yet publicly acknowledged the obvious: the dangers of drinking and driving. A DUI arrest is not politically fatal — as Otter’s career has amply demonstrated. But a drunken driver threatens the lives of everyone who happens to be sharing the road.

If, as alleged, Crapo drove under the influence of alcohol on Dec. 23, he owes an apology to everyone he placed at risk.

The water at the Statesman must be bad

"Within hours of his arrest, Crapo issued a statement admitting his mistake and assuming responsibility."

"If, as alleged, Crapo drove under the influence of alcohol"



What the hl is wrong with you KR?
Why would you put in the word IF?
Crapo was arrested for it and he ADMITTED to it.

There is no IF!

Even if

If you are arrested and admit doing the crime you are still innocent until found guilty. No?

How do you plead?

KR is not his defense attorney.

Crapo admitted it. What more would you like, to exclude the "IF" in "if he did it"?


Look it up.

If Crapo was a Dem, KR would be.....

talking about how this is a character builder and how the Senator would be a much better person because of it all. KR and his situational ethics on display -- again!

tet,no matter what KR writes

tet,no matter what KR writes you complain.

I sure can't ...

Sneak anything by you can I?

Yea, Crapo ain't as classy

Yea, Crapo ain't as classy as Biden huh!

Biden gets frisky with senator's wife...

'Spread your legs -- you're going to be frisked'...

Tired of it

Never voted for him. Don't really care much for "The Church." One thing I appreciate is free agency. He doesn't owe me an explanation.

He stands up to the charges. Let him get on with his profession-- if you don't like it, vote him out. He could probably retire anyway.

I'm with you

I don't really care whether he is a devout Mormon. That is his business. He broke the law and should take full responsibility. After that, look at the job he is doing to determine whether to vote for him or not.

Explanation KR? How about this....

Where were you? A friend's house.
Why did he drive? Didn't think he was impaired.
Was this a one time occurrence? Yes.
Swearing off alcohol? Yes.

Now that you have the answers to your questions - what's next KR?

How about this....

Do you really believe the stuff you make up? Even Crapo doesn't agree with you.

You're equating Crapo with Craig? Come again?

Maybe your sorry newspaper owes Idahoans an explanation, why it was when Larry-boy said he was going to resign, he was allowed to hang around? Huh?

And let's not forget all the other GOPers you let off the hook from that circus Larry-boy called to make that grand pronouncement.

Here's hoping the suits in Sacramento sell you to Vandersloot, Hagadone, or their equivalents....what you deserve for being so spineless. (your operation is certainly cheap enough for their taste now)

Crapo readily admitted and

Crapo readily admitted and then apologized for his transgression. I personally don’t feel we need any explanation beyond that. Why do we need the salacious details of how often he drinks, where he drinks or what he drinks? He didn’t embezzle tax-payer money or commit a crime that affects anyone. I know there was a potential to have an accident but that potential wasn’t realized and you can’t try someone on the basis of what could have happened. If you don’t like that he’s LDS and drinks, don’t vote for him next time even if it is a crappy reason.

I don't care that he's LDS.

I do care that he's lying.

Is the horsewallop over? Can we all restore the peace now?


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