Tea Party Boise to meet, rally at Idaho Capitol against health insurance exchange

Tea Party Boise will meet at 9 a.m. Jan. 21 at the Boise Hotel and Conference Center on Vista Avenue, then rally at the Capitol at 1 p.m. and meet with lawmakers.

The group opposes GOP Gov. Butch Otter's recommendation that the 2013 Legislature approve a state-run health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

Opponents, including Tea Party Boise, held a small gathering at the Statehouse on Dec. 14, the day after Otter announced his support of a state exchange. In the absence of a state program to shop for insurance, the federal government would step in and operate the online marketplace.

Here's the announcement from the group:

Tea Party Boise Members

We REALLY NEED YOU to attend this landmark event!

Monday January 21st, 2013

The Boise Hotel and Conference Center

(near airport on Vista Ave.)

Show your SUPPORT and get a better understanding why we are AGAINST a state-run health insurance exchange. Join Idaho physicians, policy makers and fellow liberty-minded friends for a comprehensive discussion. Space is limited; therefore, we need you to RSVP!

Please RSVP: tammy@teapartyboise.com



Short rally on the capitol steps before we enter the capitol and speak with legislators informally. Details to follow.

Chad Inman, President

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What's the point?

Either a Fed run exchange, State run exchange, or abstain completely from the process. If Idaho tries to abstain then what is the benefit to Idaho citizens, insurance companies, or anyone else?

So really what's the point?

Good timing

A Tea Party rally on Human Rights Day. Busy day at the Capitol!


I wonder...do they purposefully go for a scheduling conflict with the Human Rights Celebration activities that have taken place for years on that day?

Zombies should not be allowed to voite.


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