Best-selling local albums of 2012 at Boise's Record Exchange

Using an arsenal of computers, analysis and an abacus or two, the Record Exchange in Downtown Boise has kindly cobbled together its best-selling local albums of 2012. What's a local album? Well, there's always debate about whether Treasure Valley musicians signed to out-of-state, "real" music labels should be included in this list. I see no reason why not.

So congratulations to top finisher Curtis Stigers, who delivered the best album of his career.

1. "Let's Go Out Tonight," Curtis Stigers
2. "IdaHo Ho Ho (2012)," Various Artists
3. "Cemetery Skyline Rose," Bill Coffey
4. “Hillfolk Noir Radio Hour,” Hillfolk Noir
5. “The Year of Hibernation,” Youth Lagoon
6. "Disappearing Night," aka Belle
7. "Benchwarmers," Finn Riggins
8. "IdaHo Ho Ho (2011)," Various Artists
9. “Metaphoria,” Workin’ On Fire
10. “Bodies in the Sun,” Atomic Mama
11. “You Inspire Me,” Curtis Stigers
12. “Keep it Like a Secret,” Built to Spill
13. “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today,” Curtis Stigers
14. “Simple Work for the Dead,” Brett Netson
15. "Volume 1," Boise Rock School
16. “There is No Enemy,” Built to Spill
17. “Lost in Dreams,” Curtis Stigers
18. “Hey Man,” Like a Rocket
19. “Beltane,” Beltane
20. “Skinny Mammy’s Revenge,” Hillfolk Noir

On the other hand it's not the best of days...

We lost Patti Page at 85, and the tragic news is that Bobby Womack has early stage Alzheimer's Disease.


Brett Netson

Tied Curtis Stigers for most albums on the list.