After 'Stalin-gate,' Baker voted to head ACHD board

Normally, the presidency on the Ada County Highway District board would be ho-hum stuff.

Perhaps, in this case, it still is.

But perhaps too, times have changed considerably. On Wednesday, ACHD commissioners voted unanimously to name Sara Baker the commission's president.

The vote from Baker's peers is significant, considering the backstory. In the fall of 2009, Baker and her colleagues wrestled publicly over a plaque at the East ParkCenter Bridge — one that cited the efforts of past and current ACHD board members, but not Baker, who had been elected in 2008. Said Baker at the time: "This is exactly what Stalin did during his reign. He purged history. He changed history."

Since then, Baker's time on the ACHD board has been less tumultuous, and last fall, the former Boise City Council member was unopposed for re-election.

Here's today's news release from the ACHD:

Sara Baker will be president of the Ada County Highway District for 2013, elected unanimously by her colleagues at Wednesday’s Commission meeting.

Before the meeting, Baker and Commissioner Rebecca Arnold were sworn into office, along with newly elected Commissioner Jim Hansen. Baker and Arnold were re-elected in November.

The president is chosen annually to lead the District and to set the Commission meeting agenda, among other duties. Baker, a former Boise City Council member, was elected to the ACHD Commission in 2008. She lives on the Boise Bench and represents Sub-District 5, central and northwest Ada County.

In addition to naming the president, Commissioners also elected John Franden as vice present. Franden, who was originally elected in 2002, will preside over meetings and serve as president in Baker’s absence.

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That's It?

This is all there is to your story? Man, you have way too much time on your hands. The "Stalin-gate" thing proves it. Say Richert, given you have a lot of free time to fill, why don't you report on what has happened with that phony down town train thing the mayor and his buddy proposed and how all that is going? Just how much of the taxpayer's dough will the mayor's friend pocket if this thing ever gets off the ground? Would the mayor's law practice make more or less than a mil$ on the deal? Maybe a little fee splitting with another law practice or a "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours" deal? Is the whole thing dead or what?

You have to cut KR some slack....

He's just back from his unpaid furlough and he's a little rusty.

What does this have to do with Baker?

Hey JLF, what does your comment have to do with ACHD and Sara Baker?

Yeah KR, I get your point....

these women should stay out of govt and in the kitchen where they belong.

Left field, next state!


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

What a stupid sexist remark.

What a stupid sexist remark, tetpilot. Are you stuck in the dark ages. Welcome to 2013.



You forgot Ustick-gate & Curtis-gate

Backstory? If I'm not mistaken, you left out a whole bunch like how Baker based her original candidacy on demanding ACHD buy up the whole swath of Ustick properties instead of just the land that they needed. Had that been the case Ustick would never have been widened and can you imagine what Ustick traffic would be like now?

Anyway, Ustick looks better, drives better and is just plain better. If you look closely only a small number of properties really took it in the shorts.

And wasn't Baker also behind the ridiculous idea to make the Curtis extension only 1 lane each direction? Why yes, yes she was when she was on Boise City Council.

Oh, it will ruin the neighborhood, she cried and cried. Look at that neighborhood now. It's the nicest one on the whole bench.

This is a major facepalm unless she's changed her obtuse ways.

Ten Years?

I got the point Franden has been there for 10 years.

Wish there was more good people willing to run for office.

Each ACHD Commissioner needs to get out and survey their sub-district on a frequent basis to see the needs and what is going on.

In a past ACHD meeting a local resident asked, "is ACHD going to finish paving the road in front of my house? It has been unfinished for almost 6 months." And it was Franden's subdistrict.
To which he replied, "I wasn't aware we paved any of it. In previous meetings we decided we would leave that as a dirt road."

Between Boise City Council and ACHD, there is a lot of lame leadership.

short straw

Perhaps no one else wanted the chair.

Or by rule the previous chair is not eligible again, so the choice was limited.

In any case, I am sure she will do fine and wish her well to improve the ACHD system.