Future BCS appearances would be windfall for Boise State

By Brian Murphy

Boise State has reached two Bowl Championship Series games since head coach Chris Petersen took over the football program in 2006, bringing the Broncos fame, acclaim and some extra money.

A third BCS game — or an appearance in the BCS' successor — could bring a whole lot more money.

As part of its agreement to remain an all-sports member of the Mountain West (story here), Boise State helped change the league's distribution for participating teams in the top-end of college football's bowl structure.

"The MWC is implementing a system whereby any member whose football performance results in payments from the BCS to the conference will share directly in those revenues on a 50/50 basis with the conference, thus enjoying a direct reward for their team's success," Boise State President Bob Kustra said in a statement released Monday.

The Mountain West confirmed the change.

College football is moving to a new four-team playoff system in 2014. A group of six bowl games will replace the current BCS format and perhaps more than triple the amount of money than the current system.

The highest-ranked conference champion from one of the so-called "Group of Five" conferences (Mountain West, Big East, Conference USA, Sun Belt, MAC) is assured of a spot in one of the six games.

Though the revenue distribution has not been finalized an appearance could be worth up to $30 million. The Big Ten and Pac-12 (Rose Bowl) and Big 12 and SEC (Sugar Bowl) will receive $45 million per year. The ACC (Orange Bowl) will get more than $28 million per year.

The Rose, Sugar and Orange bowls will serve as "contract" bowls with its conference affiliations locked up. The Fiesta, Cotton and Chick-Fil-A (Atlanta) games are expected to be "access" bowls with open spots, including one for the highest-ranked "Group of Five" champion.

Let's assume the Mountain West is paid $20 million for sending a team to one of the games. The participating team, be it Boise State or any other Mountain West member, would get $10 million. Each of the other teams would split the remaining $10 million.

Hawaii is the only other current member of the Mountain West to reach a BCS game. Boise State played in the Fiesta Bowl in 2007 and 2010, winning both games.

The Broncos earned approximately $3 million for the 2010 Fiesta Bowl. The Broncos earned about $4.5 million for its 2007 Fiesta Bowl appearance and had $1.5 million in expenses for the game.

Winding road for Boise State

Perhaps more than any other school playing major college football, Boise State has seen its future changed — time and again — by the forces of realignment. The Broncos moved from the Western Athletic Conference to the Mountain West in July 2011. Six months later, the Broncos announced their intention to join the Big East in football.

Boise State re-affirmed that commitment in June, submitting paperwork to leave the Mountain West — only at the very last minute and, after the Big East had paved the way for the Broncos’ other programs to join the Big West.

Now, six months later and with the Big East hit by major defections, the Broncos have changed course again, opting to remain in the more stable and geographically condensed Mountain West.

It is only because of the school’s powerhouse football program — 84-8 in seven seasons under head coach Chris Petersen — that the Broncos have options. And Kustra used the Broncos’ strong spot to get a deal from the Mountain West, which is seeking to establish itself as the No. 6 football conference in the country and lay claim to the pole position for an annual spot in college football’s new postseason structure.

“As I’ve stated many times, I have had the utmost trust that the university would make the right decision in what is best for Bronco football and all our sports at Boise State,” Petersen said in a statement. “This innovative proposal to get football the maximum exposure on national television will be a tremendous boost to our program as we continue to grow the Bronco brand.”

Other changes in the agreement

• Boise State will be allowed to wear any uniform combination it wants for home games.

• The Broncos' home television games will be sold outside of the Mountain West's current TV contract with CBS Sports.

• The league will pay a $300,000 national TV bonus to teams that appear on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN or ESPN2. For Saturday games, the bonus will be $500,000. The bonus will not apply to games on CBS Sports Network — the league's current primary rights holder — or NBC Sports Network.

Though the changes impact all teams in the league — Fresno State, for example, will get the same bonuses that Boise State gets and is eligible for the same BCS (or BCS 2.0) payouts – the Broncos clearly stand to benefit most given their success in the last decade.

Since 2006, the Broncos have played 23 regular-season games on ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC that would qualify for the bonus (home games and away conference games). Non-conference road games and bowl games would likely not qualify for the bonus since the Mountain West doesn't control the TV rights. Same thing with neutral site games, such as Virginia Tech (2010) and Georgia (2011).

What they're saying about the move

• ESPN.com's Andrea Adelson calls the Broncos' move "another hit to the Big East."

• USA Today's Dan Wolken says it is ironic that Boise State, which once was kept out of the Mountain West, forced the league to bend to its wishes.

• CBSSports.com's Jeremy Fowler writes the Mountain West is not done growing and could target Texas schools like UTEP, Houston, SMU or Texas-San Antonio.

My take on more Mountain West expansion: The league is in a strong position, particularly as it relates to the crumbling Big East. Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson said he talked with "three to five" schools in the 24 hours before Boise State's announcement. San Diego State is one of them. He said he has had informal conversations with BYU. BYU should be the league's first choice.

• Wyoming AD says keeping Boise State in the Mountain West is a good thing.

"I understand their frustration with Boise,” Wyoming AD Tom Burman said. “But Boise deserves to be viewed a little differently than many programs. What they have done in the past 10 years is pretty remarkable. They've built a brand that put them in the position where they are extremely remarkable. National TV entities love the Broncos. And they've got a great following."

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Dr Kustra

Seems to me there are some apologies in order. So many comments were made about Dr Kustra out of ignorance by the posters on the Statesman sports sites. Go Broncos.

Windfall WHIFFED! stadium renamed!

Boize already gave all the Boise Bucks to another! CHECK OUT DAT NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART TCU STADIUM!!! now known as KYLE BroTCUman STADIUM!!!

dewsh frog

how did tcu do this year? is the qb out of rehab yet? how about that bowl game?

KXX2TQ, I agree, but it'll never happen because

idiots never admit to being idiots....Sunny..

President Kustra is an exceptional University President

President Kustra is an exceptional University President. I too was surprised at the negative comments. So impressed with President Kustra’s vision for BSU’s academic and athletic growth….and his ability in difficult times to turn that vision into reality.

President of Athletics

Your comment made me gag.

Dr Kustra

Seems to me
there are some apologies in order. So many comments were made about Dr Kustra out of ignorance by the posters on the Statesman sports sites. Go Broncos.


You are sillier and sillier,that is the nicest answer I can five anybody,Bob are you aware you ans the BRONCOS, are in a non BCS conference?

Yes, there should be apologies for Dr. Kustra....

He should apologize with playing games with $5M on a Big East deal that only two Vandals (vndl, ugly) was saying was extremely stupid and would never happen.

Do you think its funny playing with $5M? Are the Broncos that arrogant?

Kustra should apologize and state whom is paying the $5M....

Kustra did what he thought was wanted for BSU, so he was...

not right this time. Nobody gets to grease the guillotine.

BSU is a UNIVERSITY, not a franchise. Football is a GAME. We want a bunch of young men to learn to work together and learn how to move forward and succeed.

We've done that in SPADES. It's not fair or right to make them scapegoats.

It's not what the people who have attended ultimately believe in, nor it's leadership.

Football is a way to learn about dealing with life as it comes. All games are. They have strategies and outcomes based on real actions. They have beginnings, ends and aftermaths. What we teach our athletes is what we teach all other students...

That is how to be a part of life as much as the changing force.

Don't forget that.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.


Those are indeed lofty goals. However, BSU was established to be Idaho's football factory. I'm not sure that these ideals are relavent in this situation...just doesn't seem consistent with the goals of a football factory. Afterall, I think on July 18, 1973 the SBOE pretty much dictated Boise State's educational mission.

BSU has always been a place for the Treasure Valley to grow.

And I happen to have enjoyed all Idaho school football programs over the years.

We are fortunate here in the Treasure Vallet with the traditional choices of post-secondary education we've had right next door to us-BSU, NNU and C of I and YES, TVCC. There is a rich history of diverse amd viable learning sources here.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Ugly - Yes - it has to be made public who is

paying the $5M.

It is absolutely imperative for President Kustra to be an 'open book' and have transparency about this matter, at this time. It is critical for any future credibility he may still have left in the eyes of many Idahoans.

I have read that 'maybe' the MWC will pay a portion and help foot the bill.

How much is the MWC going to actually pay?

How much is BSU going to actually pay?

Where is the money that BSU pays going to come from? Public Funds, or donor funds, or BAA funds or BSU Athletic Department funds, or BSU Academic Endowment funds? Maybe some rich Bronco Fan will step forward and pull Bronco Bob's chestnuts out of the fire.

What funding pot is going to be the 'bill payer' for paying the penalty to the Big East conference for President Kustra's poor Executive Level decision making?

In all fairness to President Kustra's wasting BSU money on his decision to go to the Big East and then his reversal not to go, ergo the $5M penalty fee, per written agreement between President Kustra and the Big East Conference; I have read several places that possibly the $5M amount is not accurate and it is around $1M if the Big East loses the AQ status for 2013 due to a lack of teams to qualify as a BCS conference?

I don't know that to be true but I remember reading that a couple of places this past Fall. So maybe Bronco Bob only wasted One Million Dollars and not Five Million Dollars?

I dunno, maybe somebody who knows the technical stuff about the BSU/Big East Agreement can join in and lend some insight?

Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber Number 63799

VNDL....No doubt the real figures of what is owed will

come out soon.

I agree, it will be far less than $5M.

Now that the Broncos are not in the Big East, the next best step for the Broncos to get into a major 6 BCS Bowl is to go undefeated, but also to play top contenders as their OOC....I have looked 10 years down the road and only see one possibility and that is MSU again.

other than that it is mostly the BYUs and UT Martins....

BSU4342 might be correct. The stands may not fill as much in the past.

I think the Big East will be happy just to dress it's wounds...


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

The over/under for the number of

Thursday night games for BSU this year: 3

My weekends

have the potential to be way more productive in the 2013 if the BSU home games are on Thursday night... I think you are right about mid-week night games.

Big East

While its too bad about the defections and the big money lost as promised from the Big East, at least the Mountain West is stepping up its game with more money. I think the MWC has the potential to become the biggest of the mid majors easily ahead of the BE. BYU should seriously re-consider as well as SDSU because there is so much more money as well as television recognition that will now happen in the MWC. As I recall that was BYUs big problem before. Only a couple of years ago 1.2 mil/year in the MWC was a big attraction for BSU.

What's the over/under

for Big 10 bowl game wins on New Years Day 2013?


SDSU should be offered back in MWC

We owe San Diego State a lot (without them we didn't have a chance of getting all our other sports into Big West,) so Kustra should lobby the MWC hard to bring them back, Not BYU.
BYU did the MWC no favors in going independent. I know there are a lot of BYU fans around here, but San Diego State strengthens the conference WAY More than BYU, in all sports.


SDSU has been a good partner through all of this conference transition and I'm hoping they get the same opportunity.

they will be back

Remember what Bob said? Which time.

I like the Aztecs as well. Hopefully they will return and...

feel welcome and at home.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Nothing has really changed - BSU Still Has To Go Undefeated

In today's recent article by Murphy he says, en parte:

" . . . By changing its mind about a Mountain West departure, Boise State will not play in a BCS automatic-qualifying conference in 2013 and obviously will not have marquee home games against Louisville and Rutgers. Instead, the Broncos will have to try to qualify for the BCS under current non-AQ rules — by being the highest-ranked champion from a non-AQ league and ranked in the top 12 (or the top 16 if ahead of a BCS AQ champ) . . ."

Read more here: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2012/12/31/2397811/about-face-bsu-staying-in-mountain.html#storylink=cpy

The BSU Broncos have crashed and busted the BCS two times by being in a non-AQ conference and going undefeated. The Same Broncos also robbed themselves of a Rose Bowl BCS berth by losing to Nevada and not going undefeated at the end of the season. Had BSU won that game, busting the BCS was almost a certainty with the Rose Bowl as the prize.

The same thing basically happened a year later when a loss to TCU blemished the Broncos undefeated record at the end of the season and dropped them out of almost certain contention to Bust The BCS.

My point is - it is not the AQ or non-AQ status of any conference that the Broncos play in that is a deciding factor whether the Broncos have a shot at getting into a BCS game - it is about winning all the games during the regular season and going undefeated.

When I read that BSU has 'better chances' of busing the BCS by being in a Non-AQ conference where it is okay to lose a game or two and still get into the BCS bowl line up, if being a AQ conference champion, I think 'how cheap is that?

I have more respect and admiration for the Broncos for busting the BCS twice by going undefeated in a non-AQ conference.

Some folks get so hung up on the AQ v. non-AQ conference debate about getting a BCS bowl berth or a chance for a BCS Natty game.

I think that what really matters is that the BSU Broncos win all their games during the regular season and being undefeated. That is when BSU will get into another BCS game.

Getting into a BCS game because the Broncos have lost only one game but are from a AQ conference, would be kinda like kissing your sister, in my opinion.

Are spme Bronco Fans now disappointed about BSU not going to the Big East because they thought it was an 'easier way' for the Broncos to get a BCS bowl game?

Were they looking for an 'easier and softer way'?

What ever happened to how the old blue collar chip on their shoulder Broncos used to do it by going undefeated in whatever conference they were in and not worrying so much about the statistics of other teams SOS and such, but focusing just on winning the next game in front of them?

Maybe sometimes we analyze such a simple thing as CFB too much?

It is a simple concept to me - if the BSU Broncos go undefeated, they will go to a BCS bowl, regardless of the conference they are in.

The BSU Broncos control their own destiny - it is not dependent upon what conference they are in or what TV contracts are in place.

Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799

Funk Dude

Something intelligent,wow.

And maybe we should like it that way...

Which is the point of your argument anyway. This may be a godsend in keeping Coach Pete, also, adding some stability to a home conference and still accomplish what he/we want. Meantime, I am celebrating my Texas Aggies new found success, what a difference makes with a new coach, and Heisman winner in Johnny. The Broncos should be back on track next year, just pray they don't play my Aggies, but both in the NC game would be a no loser.

Aggie '72/Bronco Fan
Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Are you suggesting that Bronco Bob now has religion? I think the campaign to encourage Common Bronco Fans to be motivated to becoming Distinquished Bronco Fans should continue.

Too soon

I have a feeling this dance is far from over and this is a bad move. What bronco fan going to think when big east announces addition of BYU, Nevada, Fresno St , New Mexico and Air Force etc...which then has a 16 team conference with east and west divisions and fat tv contract? Then Mountain west goes and gets the Vandals and New Mexico State? So don't be surprised when it happens, I'll be laughing.

You'll be laughing to yourself?

The dance isn't over, but your scenario will never play out. Isn't there any logical Bronco haters who will post some good insight? This is embarrassing.


I was onboard unntil you mentioned UI and NMSU. The "Hair" will never let that happen. NEVER! His values are not altruistic and therefore your suggestion just won't happen.

Quiz time

What is the tougher schedule?

Schedule A

vs. Idaho
@ Arkansas
@ Wyoming
vs. Utah State
vs. Hawaii
@ Tulsa
vs. Fresno State
@ San Jose State
@ Texas-El Paso
vs. Rice
vs. Louisiana Tech
@ Nevada


Schedule B

@ Washington
vs. Tennessee-Martin
vs. Southern Miss.
@ Fresno St.
vs. New Mexico
vs. Hawaii
@ Colorado State
vs. San Jose St.
@ Utah State
vs. Wyoming

B but barely

Eye test only for next year. I didn't do analysis based on statistics.

Road games at UW, Fresno, BYU and Utah St. all very good teams coming back and potential Top 25 teams.

Schedule A has Arkansas San Jose St. and UNR on the road but La Tech Utah St. Rice at Home.

So in 10 years

we have "barely" improved our schedule........

Seriously, the fact that we are even comparing schedules with 10 years ago right now is just plain depressing.

Even sadder, BSU's average attendance from 10 years ago (2002) of 27,949 is better than Nevada, UNLV, Utah State, San Jose State, Wyoming, Colorado State, and New Mexico could do in 2012...........

Just sad.....

I hear ya funky

I get what you're saying completely. I don't know what direction the Broncos go now exactly.

I'd just let them play. Nothing is guaranteed and that's why...

we play. It's better not knowing and more fun as well.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Ugly - have you noticed

when Dr. Kustra announced the BSU Broncos were joining the Big East Conference for football, how he was hailed as a visionary and 'moving BSU forward' and a tremendous leader, because it was in BSU's 'Best Interests' to do so.


Only less than a year later, Dr. Kustra announced that the BSU Broncos are not going to join the Big East Conference for football, how he is now hailed as a visionary and 'moving BSU forward' and a tremendous leader, beecause it was in BSU's 'Best Interests' not to do so.

Do outstanding visionaries and tremendous leaders reverse their Big Decisions by using the same logic?

Is the current reversal of his decision for the BSU Broncos to join the Big East Conference for football and then reversing it and getting a $5M withdrawl penalty as$essed (which President Kustra had agreed to in writing with the Big East, as a condition of BSU joining the Big East for football) at the beginning of BSU's 'official membership and association' with the Big East;

a Good Business Practice that represents sound and rational Senior Executive Level Decision Making, or,

Was it,

a half baked idea in the beginning and a 'waste of money' in the end?

Who is actually going to pay the $5M to the Big East? BSU? BSU and the MWC?

How much is BSU's share going to be paying off the $5M penalty?

Where in BSU's Budget does that money come from? The BAA? Donors? The BSU Athletic Endowment Fund? The BSU Athletic Department Budget? The BSU Academic Endowment Fund?

My guess is the BSU Academic Endowment Fund will 'loan' the money to the BSU Athletic Department to pay of the penalty or it will just be a 'gift' to the university by the academic Endowment Fund.

Ugly - you are correct once again with your prediction from several months ago that BSU's move to the Big East conference was akin to Idaho's debacle with the Idaho Center.

You were right on the money once again.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

The Idaho Center was ALWAYS for the RODEO...

The concerts were part of the plan but the BASKETBALL TEAM was not a neccessary component, only a temporary (in the end) bonus.

The Snake River Stampede chose to move into an indoor arena and it was a wise decision in the end. For all the tradition and image the old rodeo grounds had it wasn't the direction the rodeo industry was headed in and it was a great benefit to the fans to take it out of the elements as well as the added benefits of using other events to pay for the facility and in the end, keeping the rodeo ALIVE.

Professional basketball was not a likely outcome in this region and neither was hockey. Somebody had the vision and drive to make them work and we are enriched for this.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Thank you FO - it was officially 'University Place'

You have corrected me on a technical point. An important point. The University of Idaho debacle I was referring to was officially known as the 'University Place' lawsuit stemming from poor decision making by Idaho's President.

Yep-that was a medium sized stinker/blast from the past.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.


Those are good questions. I dont know yet. It just amazes me that he touts this Bronco machine as some revenue generator and does not really see early, like last year, that the Big East was a dying brand. That is why Notre Dame does not play the Big East anymore, or hardly anymore.

Its like $5M is pocket change and Bronco B can tell the mwc to pay it?

My guess is Boise will probably pay $2M at most. The rest will come from the mwc, or from a reneging on the Big East tv deal.

What we do know is that Stadium Expansion will be halted.

Also, your asking SIF to bring up the cfb bubble in a very civil manner is great. Hopefully, all of us can have a discourse on this in a civil manner.

VNDL & Ugs

If I were the Presidents of SDSU, SMU, Houston and everybody else who signed-up I would be feeling really really pi$$ed-off. I would sucker punched. I would feel betrayed. I mean just think about the effort that SDSU put into getting BSU into the Big West for the Oly sports.

How can anybody trust or admire Bronco Bob?

However...I am disappointed Bronco Bob didn't have large enough "won ton" to continue being a partner with the New Big East Conference. I think this still this could've been an entrepreneurial partnership that could've had a surprisingly profitable outcome.


The Broncos are starting to earn that reputation....

They somewhat did that with espn and the wac....

I think those other schools should stay or join another conference and let the broncos have fun in the mwc with bcs ratings of games that are meaningless. SDSU got shafted. Wasnt Fresno torked once too.

As USC and Stanford are seeing, fans may not show up as in the old days.

It was only 2 weeks ago when they said they were committed to the Big East.

The Broncos laughed when they broke the rivalry with the Vandals. Maybe we get to laugh now. Who are the Broncos rivalry today?


In my mind it comes down to...

1) Do the Wrong Job the Wrong Way
2) Do the Wrong Job the Right Way
3) Do the Right Job the Wrong Way
4) Do the Right Job the Right Way

Maybe I should've posted a research study to evaluate Bronco Bob's performance. I would vote he's doing the Right Job the Wrong Way because...

The BAD and SMELLY BAD KARMA that Bronco Bob spews is starting to smell throughout the CFB landscape. I wonder how tightly the Wyoming official was holding his nose today when announcing BSU is special. OMG...all of this bad karma could come back to bite the entire State of Idaho and our hopes and dreams to win a Natty.

MWC return

I don't think anyone would argue the Big East was a business decision essentially. San Diego State U would have done the same as what BSU has done and i don't think anyone would blame them for doing what is best for them. Isn't that the way it works?

Future MWC

Some of the downers posting are getting too serious for me as far as rivalies, fan attendance, and so forth. As long as BSU puts out a quality product out here in nowhere land, I think there will be significant fan interest. I also think there will be some football powers joining the MWC which will indeed provide some exciting match ups. BYU could be our next rivalry and if SMU joins, and SDSU is back I think that is a formidable football conference. Every league has its doormats.

Ugly & SIF - did you notice Bob threw them under the bus

and how fast the Out To Lunch Bunch vacated the premises and have not posted their stuff about the critical need for BSU to go to the Big East and how everybody that was against it was stupid?

Remember how they used to call those who were advocating that BSU stay in the MWC as 'dipshidiots', 'morons', 'stupid', 'brain dead', not good Bronco Fans, trolls, tools, and fools, plus a bunch more that are real bad but I can't retype here cuz kids might read this stuff, too.

All of us were in those categories at one time or another, as were many other posters who actually thought through the ramifications and affects of BSU going to the Big East and then advocated for BSU to stay in the MWC.

Where did B12345, razor, JL, B81, RMS go? Where are they now. In hiding? Or are they just taking a break and wondering why they got thrown under the bus by their Messiah?

Obviously they know that we know that their prediction of BSU going to the Big East went up in smoke.

Why would we ever listen to any of their advice or predictions in the future?

No real point in putting much credibiility in what they say in the future.

Like we have said for some time now - the Out To Lunch Bunch is just a bunch of Internet Bullies who will browbeat any other poster who dares disagree with them.

They can comeback and post (which they probably will very soon from now), but there will be a lessened amount of posters who will believe any of their data or statistics or hype about how it is BSU's best interests to move to the Big East - especially now - that Bronco Bob has said it is NOT in BSU's best interest to move to the Big East and in essence: threw each and every one of the Out To Lunch Bunchers under a Blue and Orange bus going about 65 miles per hour down the Super Slab.





splat - oops there goes another OTLB Wannabee.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Seriously - the OTLBers just have to be fuming at Bronco Bob at this moment in time. If B12345 is to be believed Bronco Bob has set the BSU Bronco Football program back 10 years to 2002. But then again, I don't think Bronco Bob listens to B12345 or the OTLBers and I think the Bronco Football program will come back in 2013 and beyond in great shape.

PPS - Who believes B12345 anyhoo, 'bout most things? Not many around here anymore, it looks like.

VNDL....Yes I remember all those things being said by

our Bronco friends.

They also did not like our prediction about Stadium Expansion being halted during phase II. We knew Dona Larsen would be done because those funds were already there.

I'm wondering if Bronco B did not have the intentions of using the Big East threat to possibly 'blackmail' the MWC into more monies? Boise State knew that the only thing holding it was Boise State. Also, they knew the only thing to keep the Big East intact for cfb was Boise State. Thus, they had a perfect position to bargain what they wanted, probably knowing full in well over 6 months ago that they would use the Big East as leverage.

Its ok to stay in the MWC and try to make it a better conference, but to possibly use another conference as leverage dealings is not cool.

I'm starting to side with the pony's, weisburgs, and BDucks in that Boise needs to quit talking and start scheduling on their OOC. The UT Martins are just too funny. Wahington and BYU is not bad. MSU and Georgia were good ones. But soon Boise will lose favor of the BCS and not be rated so high early in season. Kudos to Boise, I guess?

ugly - When was B12345 realy right about anything of importance?

He was wrong about the Stadium Expansion.

He was wrong about BSU going to the Big East.

What else is he off based about, that just hasn't materialized to prove him wrong about in the future?

No sense in reading his diatribes filled with statistics, data, and links to articles and such. Just a waste of time as his forecasts and predictions are always wrong to begin with, it seems.

He really hasn't been right about anything of significance, that I can remember.

Can you think of anything he was right about that was important?

Go broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - The same question could be asked about the other members of the Out To Lunch Bunch as well. Put your thinking hat on and think back where any of them have ever really been right about anything of significance.

All predictions

should carry a disclaimer just like mutual funds.... past performance is not an indication of furture results. It's like the guy that always boast about his winnings at the horse track but never has enough money to pick up the dinner tab.

Φ Or

his bar tab.