Otter awaiting word from Obama budget office on effects of cliff on Idaho

Back in June, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter asked all agencies to identify how much money they get from the federal government and calculate how they would accommodate a 20-percent reduction in those funds in case the federal government goes over the fiscal cliff.

The 20 percent number was considered high at the time by many. He set a deadline of August for the agencies to report back.

Since then Otter has not issued a report or given us any idea what he found out from this exercise. I asked his office what he learned and how that is going to affect the state and programs if Congress is unable to reach an agreement to prevent the $110 billion in mandatory budget cuts that would go into effect Tuesday.

Communication Director Mark Warbis e-mailed me this morning to say Otter is waiting for what President Barack Obama’s Office of Management and Budget will tell the states about where and by how much federal funding will be most immediately reduced.

“We will have to assess that on an agency-by-agency basis if and when it occurs,” Warbis said. “We are watching it closely, but there are simply too many variables and too much uncertainty to have a clear idea yet of what actions would be required, if any.”

True deflection. You asked

True deflection. You asked what numbers Butchieboy's people came up with and didn't request an "after the cliff" numbers. They couldn't give you an answer and instead it depends.
Sounds like a bunch of old codgers who need to change their Depends instead.

So it sounds like the GOP has been planning for sometime

now of how not to work with the presdient on a balanced budget. I suspect most states with GOP Governors were instructed to ask the same questions of President Obama back in late May or early June. Well at least they are committed to running the economy into the ground.


Back in June Otter asked state agencies to identify the effects of a 20-percent reduction in Federal welfare if we go over the fiscal cliff. On New Year's eve, Otter has yet to issue a report as he has no idea what it all means. Apparently Otter is waiting on President Obama to tell him what's going on and help do the math. It seems "there are simply too many variables" to figure out how to calculate 20% of something.

Why Would This Matter ?

Our legislature always wants to be free of the influence and meddling from DC, not receiving any funds from DC should simplify life in the statehouse this session.

Otter and the US Congress

Both should be put on no-pay, no benefits for an exended period.

If nothing is passed US Congress members will collapse from exhaustion after doing nothing. Many complained about not being able to use their free tickets to the Redskin's game last night. Others went out to join Mike Crapo in a few more vodka shooters.

Tonight $150 bottles of champaign await their celebration of nothing.