Boise State to remain in Mountain West, not join Big East

By Brian Murphy

Boise State will remain in the Mountain West in all sports and will not join the Big East, the school and league announced Monday afternoon.

Boise State was scheduled to join the Big East in football and the Big West in most other sports in July, but instead the Broncos will stay in the Mountain West. Boise State joined the league in 2011.

As part of its agreement to remain in the Mountain West, the rights to Boise State's home football games will be sold apart from the Mountain West's television contract.

The league announced a restructured television agreement with CBS Sports earlier this month. As part of the agreement, the league can sell rights packages — including those to Boise State home games — to other networks.

Boise State and other football teams in the Mountain West who appear on national television (ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox) will be paid a bonus of $300,000 per game, with an additional $200,000 for a Saturday game, according to Boise State.

"I have had the utmost trust that the university would make the right decision in what is best for Bronco football and all our sports at Boise State," football coach Chris Petersen said. "This innovative proposal to get football the maximum exposure on national television will be a tremendous boost to our program as we continue to grow the Bronco brand."

The Mountain West is one of the toughest basketball conferences in the country and Boise State's men's basketball team will remain there.

"We are excited to remain in the Mountain West Conference, as it has proven to be one of the top basketball leagues in the country. We have to continue to grow this program in every aspect to compete in this league, and our administration, our coaches and our players understand that," men's basketball coach Leon Rice said.

Boise State must pay the Big East a $5 million exit fee, but it can be negotiated to a lesser amount, Boise State said. The Mountain West will help pay whatever exit fee the Broncos owe. Boise State will not owe an exit fee or an entrance fee to the Mountain West.

Boise State's decision leaves the Mountain West with 11 football-playing members in 2013. (Hawaii plays football in the Mountain West, but nothing else). Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson said he has spoken with "three to five" schools in the last 24 hours, including San Diego State, which was set to move with Boise State to the Big East.

Thompson said he has had informal conversations with BYU about rejoining the Mountain West.

Boise State will be allowed to wear all-blue uniforms at home as part of the deal.

Boise State President Bob Kustra issued a lengthy statement on the decision:

"I am pleased to announce that Boise State will remain in the Mountain West Conference (MWC) for all MWC sports, including football. In doing so, we thank the members and Commissioners of the Big East Conference and the Big West Conference for their acceptance of us as members. In making this decision, we considered revenue, stability, team and fan travel, and the advantage for Boise State athletics in general of having most sports in one conference.

"This has been an odyssey for Boise State, with all the unexpected turns and changes that term suggests. The responsibility for conference membership lies at the desk of the university president and it’s one I have taken very seriously. The benefits of geographic footprint, revenue, and national exposure have to be balanced, one to the other. In this day of constantly shifting memberships, the value of those benefits also shifts, often into the unknown.

"The remaining teams in the Big East and those about to join the Big East are fine programs with leadership that I have come to know and value greatly. But I also appreciate the membership of the Mountain West Conference — many of whom are considered our traditional rivals — and look forward to our continued relationship.

"Thanks to the success of Coach Petersen and his staff, Boise State football is a unique program with a value in media and ticket sales attractive to a number of conferences and bowl venues. Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson and the presidents on his board recognized that and created for the very first time — with CBS Sports’ agreement — an innovative and unique offer for Boise State that exceeds prior offers and carves our home football games from the conference media package and allows their sale on the market, with Boise State and the MWC as partners in the sale.

"In return, Boise State and other teams in the conference who may appear on national TV (ESPN, ESPN2, NBC, CBS, Fox) will be paid a bonus of $300,000 per game, with an additional $200,000 for a Saturday game. This innovative approach accesses for both the institutions and the conference the TV value brought to the conference by its teams, while treating all of its members, to the extent possible, in an equitable and fair way.

"Finally, the MWC is implementing a system whereby any member whose football performance results in payments from the BCS to the conference will share directly in those revenues on a 50/50 basis with the conference, thus enjoying a direct reward for their team's success.

"It is my fondest hope that everyone in the Boise State family will be pleased with this arrangement and appreciate the team effort that was required to get us here. Special thanks to Vice President and Legal Counsel Kevin Satterlee, who worked tirelessly to achieve this result, and to Athletic Director Mark Coyle for his leadership throughout this process."

Two problems I see with the TV deal...

1.) What home opponent on next years schedule would a network pick up as national game?

2.) If Boise gets the lions share of the TV money, how does the rest of the conference schools improve their football programs?

Northern money pit...

If we didn't continue to dump money down that bottomless pit up north, we could afford stadium expansion and other hard earned improvements.
This story is long from over. Boise State will continue to win and eventually find a home with the big dogs.


Calm down, Lewis & Clark State would kill you guys in baseball.


Bottomless pit? You are obviously a Common Bronco Fan and haven't yet been educated that the University of Idaho contributes more than $1 Billion to Idaho's economy. All Idahoan's (including Common Bronco Fans) benefit from UI, including BSU football. I recall VNDL stating that more than 1/2 Distinquished Bronco Fans were UI Alumni. Perhaps you should join the BAA. VNDL will be happy to provide you with the website address.

Come on Murphy...

Everyone wants to know about the uniform restriction...and you make no mention of it.

Blue on Blue ok or not???

Blue on Blue is Back!

Look up 2 comments. ESPN reported that the MW will no longer have any restrictions on BSU's uniforms

Just added it to the story ...

... blue on blue is back.

-- murph

Φ Hey Murph!!

So much for your vacation, huh?

Seriously, hope you and yours are having a good time.

Keep this thing updated too, just as a small favor to your voracious readers.

Blue on Blue

Meh.... the Blue on Blue looks like crap on the Blue field anyway... Much prefer the Blue/Black, Blue/Grey, Blue/Orange.

Just NOT the creamsicle orange/white!!!!!!!!

Thanks for clarifying that


Finally Kustra makes a good call , we can not sell out the stadium now an we were not going to either in the big east please Temple, UCF, Tulane an the rest No Thankx, I will go to more games now for sure an the Basketball is getting good again, this is the best thing for all the other sports,


Some of the comments above and soon, likely below, come from opposing fans in the cheap seats. Hand them a tissue. This is a great deal for Idaho's only University with a national brand.


Hey Murph how about one more pizza contest for the nc game. It would be interesting to see what people are thinking. Should be a good game.

Just for fun, a little survey...

Which is more likely to happen first:

1) Chris Petersen leaves Boise State
2) Chris Petersen gets win #100
3) Chris Petersen gets loss #10
4) Boise State gets invited to the PAC-12 or Big-12
5) Boise State gets the 2013 At-Large BCS bid

All are equally possible, but which is most likely to occur first?

RM, I'm going with #3

closely followed by #2. BTW, I'm happy that we're staying in the MWC...Sunny...

in order

5, 2, 3, 4,......1


Pete will not stay around to go 77-8 again against tomato cans.

He'll stick around 2 possibly 3 years at the most

You are right

Coach Pete won't be here forever. Coaches like Paterno are rare.

This is what I think about Coach Pete. He can go to any decent AQ team (i.e, teams not called Washington State, Kentucky, or Ole Miss) and find success. He has found great success with 2- and 3-star athletes. If he is suddenly in the PAC-12, Big-12, or even the SEC, he will suddenly be the recipient of 4- and 5-star athletes. Considering his current success, how much more successful will be be with better talent? So, he's not looking for the immediate prestige of a National Championship. I think he's looking at Boise State as a path that proves he is the best coach in the nation in spite of the pitfalls. He is running a program with HUGE disadvantages, and he still keeps winning. For him to take a little school like Boise State to challenge for the National Championship would mean far more to him than taking an already stacked program to a National Championship. I think he likes that challenge. Also, not many big programs would give him the control he has here at Boise State. Alumni have greater pull at places like Oregon, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and such. Here, he is has absolute control of this team. Let's face it, he is KING of Idaho.

Once he has nothing more to prove, then he will depart...unless he becomes like Paterno and stays for 40 years.
So, based on my original survey, I am listing them in this order:

Boise State gets the 2013 At-Large BCS bid
Chris Petersen gets win #100
Chris Petersen gets loss #10
Boise State gets invited to the PAC-12 or Big-12
Chris Petersen leaves Boise State

Just my opinion.

agree funk

hoping we can add houston and another school or two and keep sdsu. if not, Coach Petersen could not be blamed for moving on at some point.

RMS - do you ever have an original thought

your little survey is almost a verbatim copy of a post from earlier in the day.

Maybe you are clairvoyant or just don't attribute the work of others in your postings?

Just curious.


Since I'm not a part of, I wouldn't know what was posted. I guess I'm not the only Bronco fan to think about these things.

Maybe you are just another ignorant fool who thinks he's so much smarter than everyone else?

Just curious.

BSU State of Football

How Good are We? Can we beat Oregon or Stanford - or play a close game with one and beat the other? If so, We should be playing them - league or no league.

I don't pay for the shenanigans of future business dealings, without getting something for it.

Coach Chris Peterson could be in a bigger league with bigger money. Why should he stay in Boise. However we all know Boise as a City is 2nd to none. But that would be quite a cost for him - in millions per year.

Why didn't we try getting into the Pacific Conference several years ago... Hard? True... but going hard is how you do it!


If you really care about Boise St. that much, you would do the honorable thing and NEVER invite Univ of Idaho. Such a move would only hurt you.


no matter how much BSU wins on the field, they will always lose off of it.

Guarantees for 50% of the League TV money

And the rest divided by wins vs losses

Any reason this announcement

Any reason this announcement was made on the last day of 2012?

Φ Deductions, man


Taxes could have something to do with it,

but all the TV networks, especially ESPN, start putting together their schedule of televised games in January....Sunny...


Or lack of it....BSU commits and then takes it back...moving around and playing the money game like a Bangkok hooker....
This is why "dare ain't no PAC 12 " have to act like a gentleman to be asked to play with the BIG BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BSU --Small Time!

You mean like....

USC with their Bowl bans and revoked National Championship due to violations? Or Oregon and the current investigation to NCAA violations?

Your argument has no validity. The Big East conference Boise State agreed to join is NOTHING like the current slate of mediocre schools. As such, Boise State should be under no obligation to proceed with the conditions of their agreement, as the Big East didn't ensure the schools remained. Since this could constitute as a "breach of contract", there would be no dishonor in backing out.

This is not the same situation as TCU, who backed out of their move to the BE when a better conference invited them. In that situation, there were no defections.

Excuse me, Miss, but

everybody is playing the money game. BSU could act like a gentleman and it still would not make any difference. Nobody wants to have anything to do with them.

Look everybody

the vandal fans came out to play. How nice.

Small Time?

EF - The only difference between BSU and the rest of us is that they have to go through this in the pulic eye. I'm guessng that if any of our lives received as much attention we'd be considered small time as well.

If I follow your thinking, every college that has changed or will change conferences (Utah, Colorado, TCU, BYU, Rutgers, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Texas A&M, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, SDSU, Utah St, SJSU, Houston, Temple, SMU, UCF....) is a "Bangkok hooker". Wouldn't that make the "gentlemen" you call the "big boys" the Bangkok Johns"?

"...I take that job very seriously..."

Let's hope that our illustrious President takes his job so seriously in fact, that he hung up the phone with MWC and got on the phone with the Big 12 and the PAC-12. All of that flowery language and TV money was very nice, but if we want to get better, we need to go to a conference where being #1 or #2 isn't so darn easy. The "back door" into the BCS is about to close, and if we ever want to be on the other side of it, then we need to get into one of the main 5 conferences. The two closest to us are the ones that make the most sense.

Mtn West

The great thing about it is there are 30k plus that tailgate and put there butts in the stands for games and only a hand full of you idiots that think they no all that comment here.


How about an English version of your comment?


What don't you understand?

BSU should

Boise State should go back to the WAC where it belongs. Oh wait, it just did.

Ugly and I were right about Part ! of our prediction

we predicted a month or so ago, that BSU would never go to the Big East (Part I Prediction) and would bug out of the Big East with news of quitting the Big East Conference released to the public sometime after Christmas.

Our Part II prediction is that the MWC will morph into a new super conference with several divisions and a conference championship playoff between division champs.

It appears that the prognostications of the Out To Lunch Bunch, in regards to BSU and the Big East, have not come to pass.

As a gentleman, I won't rub their noses in it, only bring to their attention how off base they were and how it reduces any credibility in any future prognostications about BSU Bronco Football on their part(s).

When BSU Bronco Football Fans need to find out what the Real Scoop is with Bronco Football, it is best to seek out Vandals who can provide accurate information and predictions regarding BSU and Bronco Football.

We 3-Dimensional Thinking Vandals do this as a Public Service for our less able Bronco Brethren.

I am glad ugly and I have been of service to this blog by providing accurate predictions that somehow always seem to pan out and become realized.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Kudos to Ugly & VNDL

When this news was announced I thought about your predictions and you were correct. I think the issue around stipends and the future(s) of UCONN, Temple, Cincinatti, S FLA and etc will change the landscape once again. I'm curious to see how it ends up. I'm particularly concerned about stipends and fear for the programs that can't afford to pay one. I read a piece a few days ago that stated, "nobody within the NCAA is saying no to a stipend".

SIF....Thanks, that is just one of the many, many

civil services that I do for the Boiseans....

You are correct about cfb being the next bubble to burst. The attendance at most bowl games look pretty shy again--as they were last year as well. And to brag about ratings of 3.2 should not make too many advertisers too excited, unless they are dumb and love to give monies away for tax advantages.

There will be more conference alignments.

SIF - I think you will be correct in your prediction that

the CFB bubble is going to burst.

I would like to hear more of your thoughts on the matter of what the CFB Bubble is and when and how it will burst. And, the end results of the 'bursting radius'.

If you get time, please lay it out so we can all chew on it and possibly have some good civil discussion about it.

The same with your thoughts on the stipend matter.

I have found myself vacillating about stipends a couple of times in the past several years. They might be good if done fairly. But then again, what is 'fair' in CFB?

It would be fun to discuss them in a civil manner, though.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799


First and foremost...I'm not much of a predictor...when I was young the only thing predictable was that we'd buy ornaments for our Christmas Tree from Simerly's. The stars and angles were always fragile so it seemed every two or three years we'd have to make a trip to get one. If they didn't have one then we'd go to the Western Auto Store.

On a more serious note...I didn't really start thinking about a bubble until watching the 60 Minutes interview with the University of Michigan Athletic Director. He talked about the demands for him to putting a quality football team on the field and how important it was to provide an entertaining gameday experience. Towards the end of this interview he stated that only 23 to 25 FBS athletic departments (football funds most athletics) were either making money or breaking even.

Think about that statement...only 23 to 25 are breaking even OR making money. So, I began wondering how many are making money and how many are breaking even? In the interview he hinted ONLY that Alabama was making money. So, does that mean 2 are making money and 23 are breaking even?

Next, I began thinking about the membership of the BIG 5 conferences (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12 and SEC) to figure out how many are breaking even. I'm going to use future conference membership in my statistics that will include Maryland (which dropped 8 athletic programs due to budget issues while in the ACC).

Anyway, including Notre Dame there will be 65 schools. That means at least 40 programs are being subsidized.

It's unlikely that many more teams will be invited to join the BIG 5. I'm thinking that maybe UCONN may be invited but I guess it remains to be seen whether the Big 10 or the PAC 12 goes to 16 teams and whether the Big 12 chooses to expand and whether or not the BIG 5 conferences raid each other.

So, if your still following my thoughts...there are still 58-60 schools (depending on where UCONN or Cincy lands) left on the outside looking in. All of these programs have to grow or go bust. So, the question is...when do they go bust?

In my mind funding CFB is like funding public transportation. All is good while ridership is growing. But, when ridership peaks and your program depends upon growth to attract future grant funding then you have the proverbial "house of cards".

I think CFB is the same kind of race...only the difference is fighting for TV dollars in lieu of grant monies. In the meantime, once they begin paying players a stipend...that is opening pandora's box and the whole spirit of college football is washed down the drain. In my opinion they should just call it the "NFL Development League".

Rocky Mountain High

Boise State needs and must anchor a Rocky Mountain Conference with BYU,San Diego State and the other MWC teams. Great News...we will build our own success in the years to come. Forget the BCS...old news...winning and National exposure build programs. We have a long ways to go but this is a much better vector.

TV Revenues

Getting back to the original story, the new CBS contract is really interesting. With this kind of network backing and the flexibility to market some games to other networks, BSU should be poised to take advantage of its solid niche TV following.

amateur hour

You'd be bananas to feast in my mangroves.