Energy efficiency institute at BSU near funding

Its not official yet but Idaho Power and others are in talks about funding for the Idaho Energy Efficiency Research Institute at Boise State University.

You might remember a couple of years ago when the Center for Advanced Energy Research launched an initiative to establish the institute to develop energy efficiency concepts through research in applied technology and consumer behavior. It would train energy efficiency technicians, engineers and architects and be a place where existing energy-saving technologies could be evaluated.

The goal also is to transfer the ideas to the marketplace. Idaho Power sources said it is in discussions with John Gardner, a sustainability expert and professor of mechanical engineering at Boise State, who heads the institute.

The partners include, Boise State, Idaho State University, the University of Idaho, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Power, the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, J.R. Simplot Company, Micron Technology, National Resources Defense Council and Idaho Office of Energy Resources.

Idaho Power?

Isn't that the same Idaho Power that wants to run it's COAL powered facilities and remove incentives to reduce power usage. Or is that the Idaho Power that wants to reduce alternative energy production?

IPCo is incorporated in MAINE? Or they were.

Maybe they got a bad batch of Vermont mayuple siruple.



Idaho Power is a solid corporate citizen...

Good work BSU, ISU, and U of I. American Public Research Universities make a difference. Thank you Idaho Power, INL, Simplot, Micron, the Boie Metro Chamber, et al for supporting Idaho's Public Research Universities.

If they really were efficient they could do it for FREE.


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