Christmas wishes from the First Dog (and my Gracie)

You don't have to be a fan of the First Family to admire this: They are dog lovers.

How do I know? Because you put what you love on your Christmas card — and Bo, the First Dog, has graced their cards two years in a row.

This year's card features Bo in a scarf, standing in deep snow in front of the White House. It was painted by Des Moines artist Larassa Kabel.

It says a lot that the dog was chosen for the 2012 card, even after Sarah Palin criticized the 2011 card for failing to have a Christmas tree or mentioning Christmas (it showed Bo sleeping in front of a fireplace in the White House library).

"Palin told Fox News that she found it 'odd' that the card emphasizes the dog instead of traditions like 'family, faith and freedom,'" the Los Angeles Times reported.


Here's the thing: People like me consider our dogs — and cats, and other pets — to be part of the family. This survey shows I'm not alone. I have more faith in my dog Gracie than most people, and that's why I give her a lot of freedom (perhaps too much).

Bo joined the First Family in 2009. The $1,600 Portuguese water dog — a hypoallergenic breed — was a present from the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and his wife, Vicki.

"He is the smartest dog on the planet," the First Lady told David Letterman in March, according to the Huffington Post. "He is my son. I have two girls and a boy ... He's very well-mannered, he's very even-tempered. He has a busy schedule, I mean appearances... we're thinking about getting him an agent."

Today I was tickled when I stumbled across this video of Bo on First Lady Michelle Obama's lap as she read "A Visit from St. Nicholas" to a group of children.

By the way, here's the photo of Gracie that used on my Christmas cards:

Good girl, Gracie!


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