Monday morning QB outdoors: Foothills trails are freeze-dried


If you've got relatives at home and everybody's chomping at the bit to do something, a walk in the Boise Foothills would be great.

I just walked some trails and they're frozen solid. Views are great across the valley.

Bundle up. It's chilly out there but you'll heat up climbing some of the trails.

Most areas got a good dumping of snow over the last few days. Bogus Basin got a much-needed 9 inches of new snow and has a depth of between 21 and 29 inches.

Tamarack Resort reported 18 inches new with a base from 22 to 50 inches. Sun Valley got 9.5 inches new and is posting a 24- to 56-inch base. Brundage Mountain 14 inches and has a base at 44 inches and a summit reading at 72 inches.

Snow is building in the backcountry. Here are some depths: Banner Summit, 61 inches; Big Creek Summit, 49 inches, Deadwood Summit, 96 inches; Trinities, 72 inches.


Idaho Fish and Game announced it will still be stocking the Boise River in January. Check out the Idaho Statesman's outdoor section in Sports on Wednesday.

Views of the Owyhees are dynamic this morning - Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

Thank goodness they are not also vacuum-packed :)

It has been horridly cold in the western half of the valley and the wind was merciless...I'd prefer the actual break and moderation that tends to come with an actual snowstorm!


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