Boise State tops New Orleans in men's basketball

By Brian murphy

LAS VEGAS — The Boise State men's basketball team raced out to a huge first-half lead and topped New Orleans 67-51 at the Vegas Holiday Hoops Classic at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon.

The Broncos made six of their first seven 3-point attempts with Jeff Elorriaga (4-for-4) and Anthony Drmic (2-for-3) providing the early offense. Boise State led by 24 late in the first half.

New Orleans cut the deficit to 10 points in the second half, but never really threatened.

The Pac-12 hosted the two-day, four-game event as preparation for its conference tournament at the same arena in March.

Drmic led Boise State (9-2) with 20 points. He also had eight rebounds, five assists and two blocks. Elorriaga had 14 points and Derrick Marks added 12 with three assists and three steals. Center Ryan Watkins had 12 rebounds and eight points as he continues his solid season.

Lovell Cook led New Orleans (3-8) with 15 points.

Boise State does not play again until Dec. 30 vs. Corban at Taco Bell Arena in Boise. The players are off until Dec. 28.

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Murph you're going to be all Bronco'd out man...

This young Bronco basketball team keeps getting better. I cant wait for conference play because that will be a tough test. San Diego St. looks better than even expected, New Mexico is having a great year etc...Lets see if this Bronco team can play in the postseason and get this team some experience.

I agree

I am not a basketball fan by any stretch of the imagination. But, I am a Bronco. And I will root for my school. I'm glad they have had some success this season, although they do seem inconsistent. I mean, they handily beat Creighton, then struggle with Utah and Idaho? That's just goofy!

But, I want them to let UNLV, New Mexico, and SDSU know that we aren't going to roll over for them. There will be no easy wins against us.

If Coach Rice stays as long as Coach Pete has, we should continue to improve our Men's Bball program.

rah rah

sis boom bah.

Friends and others...

Because I dont know where else to say it...

Have a Merry Christmas everyone...

To razor and funky and dex and 81 to eagledave, sunny, charliebub, RM, TBK, Apache, P2/3, ugs, sif and vndl, roberto feagle, weisberg, Chadd Cripe and Brian Murphy and the many others who view but dont always post or post often, its been a heluva year. Salud.

I sincerely wish all of you the healthiest and happiest Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) and wish nothing but the best for you and your loved ones in 2013.

Φ Thanks, JL.

Similar, if not exact, sentiments here.

Roberto Feagle, still chuckling at that one.

Still working on last year's resolutions (you know, the "combative factor" ... still reaching for "RMS-9" on the scale) and trying to unload some aging inventory from Razor's Discount.

Someone give me an update!

Thanks JL for the Christmas wishes. What is the deal with the blogs? Last I checked this was a pay site. did that idea die the death it should have?

Φ Careful, P2

If you use the terms "death, die, kill, expire, croak, off yourself, life got saved or not" you could come under intense scrutiny and possibly threats of criminal/civil litigation ... with lawyers, cameras, recorders, witnesses, probable causes, signed affidavits, and sworn testimony all around.

I think the Statesman online is 15 free page views per month (or 30-day cycle or something) before you are prompted to pay.

ps - Congrats to Ryan Clady for making the Pro Bowl.

Ohm, shut up already.

Pun via typo still intended.

Clear your internet cache like you should anyway and whatever.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

The very few are highlighted

By pointing out that the few who post all know each other, it just shows how few we are . . . and our opinions should not be taken as coming from "Bronco Nation".
That is why it's disappointing to see what comments are picked to be printed in the newspaper, by Crippe & Murph. It's great that we're opinionated, but pumping up each other doesn't make our points more valid, more true, or more shared.
Because these points are validated with "airtime" it looks to the players and coaches that "Bronco Nation" feels this way, and it's far from correct.
No disrespect to ya'll who share and know each other now, just making a point.

Dude, nobody chooses who gets to post...honestly.

Do you have some sort of point to make?


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.