Reports: Mountain West restructures TV deal, is bidding to hold onto Boise State

By Brian Murphy

LAS VEGAS — On the eve of its final game as a member of the Mountain West, Boise State is once again dealing with questions and speculation about its future conference home.

Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel reported that sources have said it's "inevitable" the Broncos will back out of their commitment to join the Big East in 2013 and return to the Mountain West.

Thamel wrote the Mountain West is "on the offensive," and has talked with at least one non-Western member of the Big East. The most likely candidate would be Houston.'s Dennis Dodd reported that the Mountain West and CBS have agreed to restructure the league's television contract. Under the new terms, the Mountain West would be able to sell secondary packages to other networks with CBS remaining the primary rightsholder.

If the Mountain West can increase the value of its current television contract — $8 million split between its members — and be competitive (or even best) the Big East's rights deal, then one of the major incentives for Boise State to leave would be removed.

No one knows what the Big East television contract will be worth, but reports indicate that with the loss of Rutgers, Louisville and seven basketball-playing Catholic schools, that its value is dropping.

Boise State has been silent, as has been the case throughout the fall. President Bob Kustra was not available for comment Friday. He was in Boise early on Friday to participate in commencement.

Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson is in Boise. Dodd's story indicates Boise State could make an announcement as soon as Saturday.

Boise State plays Washington on Saturday in Las Vegas.

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It would be foolish

to go back to the MWC/WAC......


Why do you think it would be foolish? If BSU could get a TV deal worth as much or more than the newBE then why wouldn't they return? Afterall, wasn't the BE adventure all about money?


CBS just shut down the MTN because of lack of viewership, do you really think the MWC/WAC is now going to get a TV deal worth 5 times their current deal? Understand that this "restructure" of the CBS/MWC/WAC deal was only about giving the conference the right to sell some tier2 games (this amounts to pennies).

Once you get by that, you have to look at the schools involved. The average football budgets of the MWC/WAC is HALF that of BSU. The MWC/WAC attendance is terrible, below 24K as a conference. Competition? BSU is 66-11vs the MWC/WAC (should we return for next year, the combined records of teams coming to Boise at Boise is 2-28). The are more reasons, but you get the point.


Thanks for your explanation. I'm very curious to see the terms of the restructured TV deal.

Dood's article sums up

why all of this "sources" crap is getting out of hand.

In his first paragraph;

"The deal could allow the conference to become the dominant non-BCS league going forward in the playoff era."

Then about halfway down:

"The potential of the new restructuring was not immediately known Friday night."

And then his final paragraph (which should have been in the first paragraph)

"The MWC restructuring was a result of CBS shutting down the The Mtn. Network. The conference-centric network shut down on May 31. The restructuring apparently is a “make good” to the conference after the network folded, according to a source."


I get it...what an bunch of oxymorons...give us real news...this is just headline material.

A reality break

It's been suggested 1000 times and refuted 1000 times, Boise won't be invited to the PAC in our lifetimes. They won't be taking Wazzoo's place or becoming the 13th member and for that matter neither will BYU. Boise St has three problems: Too small stadium to either go independant or join the PAC. Utah had to agree to upgrade their 48,000 seat crib to join and I'm certain Colorado had to do the same thing. It's awful hard to bring in a BCS school for less than $800,000-$1.5 mill, do the math even with a sell-out at double the price the money isn't there. Point 2 and no I don't give a rip about Univ Idaho, that's not where I'm coming from, but to be the only team in a BCS conference that is NOT A NATIONAL UNIVERSITY won't wash. BSU is 62nd in the Regional University-West, while area schools are all ranked in the National Schools category, Utah 120th, BYU 70th, Utah St 180th. In the PAC most schools are members of the American Assoc of Universities a group of high muckety-mucks that get billions of research dollars. Those non AAU schools are on a short leash to qualify. The third problem is market size. I know Pullman is a one stop cowtown, but they have been grandfathered in, they don't have to do a thing. Dennis Dodds at CBS claims New Mexico and Colo St are are lobbying Boise and BYU to join them in a new conference. This idea is too stupid for a national writer, the two B's left the MWC because the pathetic little puppies like UNLV, New Mex, CSU and YES San Diego St could not pull their own weight. A tail wagging the dog story or you two clowns get credibility we lose ours.

Never say never...

You don't really know what will happen. The SI article hinted that having a large market isn't the final criteria...instead, an avid fanbase will suffice because by scheduling the game the PAC #? would create inventory. In the event of BSU...all they need to do is fill the stadium and be competitive and that alone will create an inventory of games for the PAC Network. I think the academic stuff is history and someday I can see BSU in the PAC #?.

Are you a betting man?

I get the feeling you haven't been out of the basement often enough. Do the math what were the market sizes of the PAC invitees #16 Denver, #30 SLC , the largest two markets available to the PAC, (after the Texas, OK turndown) SLC the largest market without BCS representation . That was no accident

Murphs Link

Nope, I don't bet. After reading Murph's SI link it occurred to me that academics, market size, and blah, blah, blah doesn't have to be the final criteria to determine whether or not you are invited to a club. When you consider other factors such as "television inventory" to broadcast on the PAC #? Network that BSU could easily be assimulated into the club and add value because: 1) BSU has a loyal fanbase 2) The fanbase fills the stadium (looks good on TV) and 3) BSU is always competitive and this peaks everybody's interest. Therefore, I don't think you can claim BSU will NEVER be invited to the PAC $?.


I live 20 minutes from Stanford. Despite having over 3 million people in the Bay Area and a top 10 football program, the Cardinal can't fill thief 50k stadium, have little following for tv, and the lack of passion on the local sports talk radio stations is legendary. I'm not equating BSU to Stanford in anything other than football. I think it could be a great rivalry.


I noticed the same thing back at Thanksgiving when I went to the East Coast for Thanksgiving with our daughter in Pittsburgh and spent a couple of weeks travelling all over the East Coast and Big East Country.

Most CFB fans back there follow the SEC, Notre Dame, Big 10, but not the Big East, which is in their back yard.

I didn't run across any CFB fans who knew anything about BSU Broncos other than that was the Clown Team with the Blue Turf (I was kinda embarrassed to say I was a fan of the Broncos - and I was wearing a Bronco hoodie and a Bronco hat most of the time - I swapped them out for Pittsburgh Steeler's stuff when I got to a sports shop in a mall).

The Boise's State University Broncos, although we love them dearly in Idaho, just are not the big national powerhouse that many Common Bronco Fans think they are. Maybe someday, but not now.

All we can do at this point is support them, join the BAA, and hope they can get past Washington the first game of next year and then Tenewssee-Martin the second game and Southern Miss the third game (Southern Miss hasn't won a game in like over 2 years or so; Southern Miss might be a trap game).

If it wasn't for the Vandals who belong to the BAA and buy tickets to go fill up Bronco Stadium, there really wouldn't be many Bronco Fans, if one stops and really is objective about it.

As ugly and SIF and I have been saying for a long time, now; the BSU Broncos need Idaho Vandals more than Idaho Vandals need BSU Broncos.

Without the continued support of the Broncos football team by Idaho Vandals the BSU Broncos would be just a shadow of what it is now.

I encourage all Idahoan Vandals to join the BAA and continue the Vandal dominance of the BAA and the ability to claim leadership and the majority of support for the BSU Bronco Football Team.

And, in all fairness, if we didn't have the BSU Bronco Football Team, Idahoans would not have any legitimate chance of ever winning a BCS National Championship. BSU is Idaho's College Football Factory and Vandals are proud of it.

Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799


I wanted to know if your under-cover research amongst the Common Bronco Fans (CBF) could confirm a rumor? I was told CBF's actually drink wine out of a box. Did you observe this?

SIF - T-Bones are on sale for $7.95 a pound at Simerlys

I saw this advertised this morning driving though Wendell. It blew me away.

I am sure glad we raise our own beef.

I have heard how expensive meat is getting to be, but it has been quite a few years now that we have actually bought cow meat in a store.

In response to your question about the wine:

I apologize about not posting more about my experience living with Common Bronco Fans in their trailer courts, but I have been so busy getting taxes ready and other year end stuff, I have not posted much.

I did notice that CBFers do drink wine from boxes. The strange thing is not that they drink wine from boxes, as much, as it is that they don't use gla$ses or cups. They just hold the open spouts to their mouths and drink it 'over the shoulder' style like the Hill Billy's do with moonshine jugs.

Most CBFers that I saw usually had red stains all over the fronts of their shirts by about 7:00 PM.

The CBF kids drink their milk the same way. Gotta learn the style/form at an early age, I guess.

I went to an art class with a CBF housewife student. She is a Junior Art Major at BSU. She is taking a 3 credit cla$s in Advanced Oil Painting. She takes 3 credits every semester, come rain or come shine. She is a dedicated BSU student. She started in 1987 and expects to graduate in 2019.

She was very thoughtful and unselfish and wanted me to have the full BSU Art Major experience.


guess what she did for me????

She let me paint the aqua marine colored oil paint into the # 5 blocks.

It was great. I did the # 5s and she did the # 8s in a tan shade of oil paint.

The plan is to let it dry and a few days later she will do a couple more numbered blocks, until she gets that painting done. Then she will go onto another one. She has a whole big catalog book of them to choose from.

This painting was of a duck swimming on a pond. I did most of the aqua marine water. And, I stayed in the lines, for the most part.

She is gonna give it to her husband for Christmas, so it should be done and framed by now. There were only a couple of numbered blocks left to paint when I completed my # 5s.

She is excited to finally be a Senior in 2015, because she will then get to do her Senior Project. She already has it planned out.

It is gonna be a matador fighting a bull in the ring. She is gonna paint it with acrylics on black velvet.

She got the idea from going to Tijuana last Summer with her husband.

It was great living with the a CBF colony in their trailer courts.

I did get tired of all the deep fat foods boiled in lard, though.

The first thing I did when I got out of there was to go take a shower and go to Murphy's on Broadway for a good meal.

They (CBFers) are nice people though. Not all that bright, but still real nice and for the most part;

fairly clean.

Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799

Our Grocery Outlet has $5/lb T-bones now and then.

PS Don't forget ME. I cannot drink alcohol and I've cut back on diet pop and don't even make artificially sweetened Kool-Aid much can spike your glucose, even with 'zero-calorie' sweeteners.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Freddy Meyers

Has Crystal Light on sale and it won't spike your glucose. It goes good with t-bones if you don't like to drink alcohol.

No Fred Meyer in Malheur and sorry, sugar-free DOES register...

in your blood glucose reading as it isn't metabolized yet remains in the system to be eliminated as I understand.

Could not find a cheap t-bone this month and I got food for Christmas, bought my own socks and underwear as I correctly figured the relatives wouldn't be able to swing them this year.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.


Again, I can't thank you enough for providing a synopsis of your reseach and for confirming for me the rumor that I heard that Common Bronco Fans drink wine from a box. We should be cataloging your research so that we can keep track.

I do think there are some Distinquished Bronco Fans (DBF's) on this site who are confused by your research. I have a feeling they think you are categorizing them as a CBF...therefore they think you are calling them names.

So, I was thinking that perhaps you should provide a Class called Bronco Fans 101 to educate people about the difference so they won't be so offended. I also think the CBF'ers will become more inspired to becomed DBF's.

Just my 2 cents...

BAA #7192124

PS - My family always had Parr's Meat Locker prepare one of our cows for the family freezer.

SIF - If you and a few others understand

the difference between a Distinguished Bronco Fan (DBF) and a Common Bronco Fan (CBF) is that DBFers belong to the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA, while CBFers do not belong to the BAA: then it appears that those that supposedly 'don't get it', are more than likely ones that just don't want to get it, because they really do not want to contribute any money to support the BSU Bronco Football Program and expansion to Bronco Stadium.

It is really that simple.

Or, they are people who are filled with an Extreme Hatred for Vandals and resent the fact that Vandals are the majority of the membership of Bronco Nation and the majority of membership of the BAA. Thee are usually carpetbaggers who didn't grow up in Idaho and have no real connection to BSU, let alone to Idaho. They just hate Idaho because they think that is the cool thing to do, even though Idaho and BSU don't play football anymore and probably never will again.

So, in essence - Vandals are both the majority of the CBFers and the majority of the DBFers.

As we have discussed many times on these boards and it has still not been proven in a dispositive manner, Vandals are the backbone of the Bronco Football Program.

Without Vandal support for the BSU Bronco Football Team, there really would not be much of a Bronco Football Team to begin with.

We all know that to be a fact.

That is what really irritates many CBFers who do not understand the reality of the situation.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - I have been following your thoughts about the CFB bubble bursting and I think you are right on. But then again, that would make for an interesting discussion and debate on this blog, but there aren't many of us who could weigh in intelligently, on one side or another., pro burst or con burst.

SIF-slaughtering a cow was a last resort for a dairy farmer...

and my grandfather left the business in the early seventies after kidney disease made it hard to continue, passing on around 1978. The other grandfather retired quite early from being a cowhand as he needed a new heart valve and had a few heart attacks before receiving an artificial valve in the early 1960s.

The other farmers in my family tree have been crop farmers.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Geography of College Sports

Boise St 385,000 fan base
Utah. 350,000
BYU. 700,000
USC. 2,100,000
#2 in the Intermountain west is great, but I don't see it's enough of an advantage to offset a low TV market. Expansion has followed the market size lines. No not Big East expansion


Just saying...

There are over a MILLION in the television markets here not 385K

That is because this areas TV is relayed across the state and eastern Oregon, not counting the Nevadans and other bordering states that can receive our signals, on radio as well.

At one time KTVB had a satellite station called KTVR in La Grande, which was donated to the former OEPBS public television network (now OPB).


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Um, where did this article

say anything about BSU joining the PAC? I guess I missed it. Don't know why you're bringing it up, or for that matter, what your point is. How 'bout condensing all your BS and tell us what you're basically saying, and what you mean. You're bouncing all over the place, and not making much sense. You sound like an attorney...Sunny...

A few things

* Utah did not have to agree to upgrade it's stadium to join the PAC

* Bronco stadium is bigger than the one at WSU and within 7K of the one in Corvallis.

* The only academic requirement to join the PAC is that a University be in good standing. (yup that's it)

The article(s) written today were done only to stir the pot. CBS restructured the MWC TV deal to fix things from the MTN going down.

Why did God make so many......

I have no desire to waste a keystroke on the pit called UofU but you have laid down the gaundlet.
* If we work in a law firm and along with the 11 other partners you have simple law degrees. 25 years down the line things are going great and there are too many new law school grads so you up the ante and put the new hire requirement at a doctorate, do you then fire all the partners because they don't rate. No, the requirement is on new attorneys.
Chase Peterson and Chris Hill both stated they were asked to improve facilities including the stadium. Do a Deseret News search for statements made when they held the invite press conference. Nobody cares how big existing stadiums are, the schools are already in friend and with the TV money paying $1 million to bring LSU into Wash or Tenn into UCLA, ND into USC is nothing.
* The league bylaws may state "in good standing" but the goal is 100% AAU membership you can check the PAC-12 site under academics. The league wants to be 100% just as the BIG10.
* Rewritten contract from $1 to $1.5 mill per team or whatever it is compared with the Big10, PAC's or B12 at $18-20 mil per team, like wow.

I have no idea what your first point is...

But, you can do all the searches you want, Utah did not have to agree to expand it's football stadium to join the PAC. Also, you may state what you "think" the goals are for the PAC, but it does not change the "fact" that they have no academic requirements in their Charter or By-Laws for new members.

The MWC/WAC deal was "restructured" to allow the conference to recoup some revenues lost from the loss of the MTN. It does not amount to millions and only makes up for the pennies the MTN was bringing in.

Brain, The news is just


The news is just breaking in Houston and I can tell you there is a lot of excitement. UH has torn down its old stadium this week and a brand new 40,000 on campus stadium will be built in time for the 2014 season.( next years game will be at Reliant Stadium) Fifty million will be used to renovate our basketball stadium. Man, I hope this happens. Our university, with its 39,000 students is a sleeping giant that is ready to spend what is necessary to compete at a national level. Thank you for your reporting.

What news? Blake...


houston joining Mountain

houston joining Mountain West / Bosie returning

Oh, you mean "sources"

say. That's not really news, it's speculation....

If HOUSTON joins, fine but BSU is definitely here.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Mein Gott, Herr Batmann...TOLYA


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Bye bye MWC/WAC


Heard on ESPN radio: BSU staying in MW, NOT going to Big East.

Probably the death blow for that conference.

Great news for all BSU teams *other than Football*

So-so news for football.

And still, seriously- only a temporary option. The MWC has been crumbling slowly for years, so there's no guarantee things get any better.

I think the Mountain West Conference will be okay for the while.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.