More good news for snow lovers, catskiing at Brundage starts Saturday, Dec. 22

Thanks to abundant snow in the high country, Brundage can start its guided backcountry snowcat season earlier than usual because snow conditions normally don’t allow the trips to begin until the second or third week in January.

A single seat costs just $249 plus tax. Those booking private snowcat trips can ski or board for under $170 per person. Guests of Brundage Mountain SnowCat Adventures will also be treated to some new backcountry experiences over the course of the season.

Brundage also reported the Forest Service has approved a revision to the boundaries of the SnowCat program. The expansion adds 470 acres of terrain in the Six Mile Ridge area. The new runs provide coveted steep, north-facing terrain with approximately 1,200 foot of continuous vertical drop.

Natural features make this terrain unlikely to be used by snowmobilers. The expansion will also extend the Blue Moon Bowl runs by 50 percent to a total length of 1,500 vertical feet. Those longer runs were permitted, but were not accessible by snowcat roads in the past, Brundage reported. Crews hope to build snow roads into the Six Mile Ridge area in the coming weeks as more snow arrives. For more details on catskiing go HERE.

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