Petrino announces complete Idaho coaching staff

By Brian Murphy

New Idaho football coach Paul Petrino announced his coaching staff Wednesday, one long on Northwest connections and previous relationships.

"I wanted to have people that I felt comfortable with, had either worked with me before or with people that I really trust," Petrino said. "It's like a family tree."

Petrino retained two coaches from the Vandals' previous staff — Patrick Libey and Al Pupunu. Libey will now coach defensive line. Pupunu will remain the team's tight ends coach.

"I got the two best coordinators I could get. Both coached at the highest level you can coach at — in the Big Ten and the SEC. I need them to be great generals," Petrino said.

"Then I wanted to go find the hungriest, brightest, up-and-coming soldiers I could find. ... I understand we're going to be good, we're going to win and people might want to come and take the coordinators. We'll bring those young guys along and train them and they'll step up and we don't miss a beat."

Here is a list of the new Idaho coaching staff:

Many of the new Vandals’ coaches have ties to the Northwest and/or worked with head coach Paul Petrino before. “I got the two best coordinators I could get ... I need them to be great generals," Petrino said Wednesday. "Then I wanted to go find the hungriest, brightest, up-and-coming soldiers I could find."

Offensive coordiantor, Kris Cinkovich (previous job: Arkansas wide recievers)

Defensive coordinator, Ronnie Lee (Indiana State RBs)

Quarterbacks, Bryce Erickson (South Albany (Ore.) High)

Running backs, Jason Shumacher (Arkansas director of high school relations)

Offensive line, Jon Carvin (Illinois graduate assistant)

Tight ends, Al Pupunu (Idaho tight ends)

Defensive line, Patrick Libey (Idaho secondary)

Linebackers, Mike Anderson (Washington def. assistant)

Cornerbacks, Mike Mickens (Cincinnati def. assistant)

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the Vandals who infiltrate the blogs to now comment on the latest from the UofI? This seemingly is a positive development for UofI and where are they to trumpet the cause?


[Only waiting to bash BSU in one way or another ... trolls.]

yeah, you'd think harleythecoward

would be all over this. and you'd be wrong. that would require some analysis, some conceptualization and it's far easier to suggest firing the president of boise state, predict a 3 loss season and so on.

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Bronco IQ<81...What did you say punk? You are the brilliant wit with all the insight and are also a complete moron with no experience or knowledge of D-1 football. But that never stopped any jerk from BJC to expound on Idaho's football program. So, go forth with you third rate education and analysis. Go Vandals! Go Huskies!

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But 81 has forgotten more about college football than you can ever hope to know.

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Oh really? And that is because what? Did he play D-1? Doubt it?


I truly believe that Harley himself did infact play many games of Div.I football. You see, it's virtually impossible to be as ignorant as he is without taking many blows to the head....Sunny...

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Maybe you should get back into Anger Management. Nobody is starting anything just ease up take a deep breathe. Given Idaho is in Limbo with no prospects of competing or not bleeding red ink, it's a great thing that they were able to find a new coach. The staff looks better than what I would have guessed it's a great day man. When they do drop back into the Big Sky they might become competitive, you should be happy.

This is great news for the

Idaho Vandals....

Go Vandals!

I'm very excited about CPP and his staff. I think Idaho's going to be competitive next year and I'm looking forward to traveling to Moscw for a few games...especially against Northern Illinois and Temple.

Good remake

I sure hope that Petrino works with the AD to get this program back on firm footing. Discipline good, honest recruits would be a great start. Sounds like the staff is a good group.

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on the coward apparently. truth hurts.

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