Gear Tuesday: Lighted band lets you be seen


Darkness comes early and leaves late in winter and if you're a runner, walker or cyclist, you want to be seen by motorists.

The LED Marker Band from Nite Ize looks like it will catch the attention needed in the dark.

Description: glow or flash modes; lightweight; 1 x 2031 3V lithium battery included; and 100 hour battery life.

Cost: $11.99; look HERE

Photo provided by Nite Ize.

Good Idea

Zimo, Lately, I have nearly hit or seen (barely) walkers and runners at night wearing dark clothing and no lights. I sure hope folks will look at products like this and make themselves visible.

I agree!

I walk every night in the Northend. My dog has nearly been hit several times by a bicycle going full out down the street with no lights and in silent mode.

Maybe they think the pervs in the park won't see them.


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