Idaho formally casts four votes for Romney-Ryan; no boycott talk

Idaho's four members of the Electoral College cast their votes Monday for the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan presidential ticket during a short ceremony overseen by Secretary of State Ben Ysursa and Gov. Butch Otter.

Electors in the 50 states and District of Columbia all voted today.

There was no mention by the Idaho participants of the suggestion by state Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, R-Cottonwood, that Idaho and other GOP states boycott the Electoral College. Nuxoll mistakenly argued that denying the process a quorum would have thrown the election to the U.S. House, where Romney would have won.

"We just wish the result had been different," said elector Damond Watkins of Idaho Falls, who was at Romney headquarters in Boston on a disappointing election night. "We’d have been on his (Otter's) desk, dancing around."

Travis Hawkes, Romney's Idaho finance co-chairman, also was in Boston, saying he became concerned when President Obama won Virginia. Hawkes also was named an elector at the state GOP convention in June.

But the GOP electors took comfort in Idaho's big vote for Romney, who carried 64.5 percent of the Idaho vote compared to Obama's 32.6 percent. They also take pride in Madison County's 93 percent vote for Romney.

Idaho last backed a Democrat in 1964, when Lyndon Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater, noted Ysursa.

The other electors are Jason Risch, a Boise lawyer and son of U.S. Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, and Teresa Luna, director of Otter's Department of Administration.

After voting, the electors each signed six copies of a certificate, one of which will be opened by Vice President Joe Biden in a joint session of Congress Jan. 6.

Joked Risch: "Can I write a note to him?"

Otter recalled the opening of his first of six sessions in the U.S. House in January 2001, when he observed outgoing Vice President Al Gore count the Electoral College ballots that made George W. Bush president, despite Gore's larger popular vote.

"That was an interesting thing to watch," Otter said.

The electors then posed for photos in front of the fireplace in Otter's ceremonial office with Otter and Ysursa. The entire event took 10 minutes.

Idaho Electoral college

I do know that one third of Idaho voters are Democrats who have been successfully gerrymandered by Repubs out of meaningful votes. If Repubs. want to change the electoral college as other red states have third of the EC votes would go to Dems., not the Senate. You guys keep dreaming of ways to take away our rights to vote. Keep it up, you'll lose more and more elections when state voting committees get sued.

Saturday Night Live

This makes me laugh....LOL
Maybe Gov (I've got my heathcare, who cares if you don't)Bourbon er a Otter can get his buddy John Mcgee on the 2016 ticket....this would at least be more entertaining than this race with Mitt Phoney and Lyin' Ryan....
The best...Ann Romney spending a whole 15 minutes at Spurwing CC fundraiser and then leaving with a check and a to-go box.......LOL

Happy Holidays To All!

How much sanitizer to you

How much sanitizer to you think she used on the flight out? I'm thinking full dunk tank in Purell.


Waaaaaaaaaah!!!! Maybe if we lie on the floor and kick our feet and pound our fists enough and make a big pouty face we can change the will of the people.

"But the GOP electors took

"But the GOP electors took comfort in Idaho's big vote for Romney"

Yes, and the nation took as much interest as when Otter has the vapors. It's somewhat amusing to see so many fringe thinkers congregate into an isolated nook of America and convince themselves they matter. Fact is, they don't.