Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Utah State 41, Toledo 15 (final)

By Brian Murphy

First quarter

Note: Toledo linebacker Dan Molls, who leads the nation with 166 tackles, was injured on the opening kickoff. Molls suffered a concussion on the play and will not return. ... Toledo running back David Flulellen, who rushed for 1,512 yards and 13 touchdowns, left the game with a left ankle injury and will not return.

Scoring summary

Tol — Jeremiah Detmer 37 field goal, 13:06. Key plays: The Rockets used a flea flicker on the first play — a 36-yard completion from quarterback Austin Dantin to wide receiver Bernard Reedy. A dropped pass on third down led to the field goal. Drive: 6 plays, 49 yards, 1:54. Toledo 3, Utah State 0

USU — Chuckie Keeton 62 run (Nick Diaz kick), 3:07. Key play: The touchdown came on an option play to the right, with Keeton fooling the defense with a fake handoff and fake pitch and jumping into the end zone from about the 5-yard line. Drive: 6 plays, 85 yards, 2:29. Utah State 7, Toledo 3

Second quarter

Tol — Detmer 37 field goal, 9:57. Key plays: Wide receiver Alonzo Russell broke open for a 29-yard catch on third-and-10. Back-to-back penalties for delay of game and false start stalled the drive. Drive: 9 plays, 49 yards, 4:54. Utah State 7, Toledo 6

USU — Diaz 27 field goal, :00. Key plays: Kerwynn Williams ran for 6, 5 and 15 yards to give the Aggies a chance for a late score. Keeton added a 40-yard completion to Chuck Jacobs and a 20-yarder to Matt Austin. Drive: 7 plays, 86 yards, 1:39. Utah State 10, Toledo 6

Third quarter

USU — Diaz 44 field goal, 11:12. Key plays: Austin made a 34-yard catch on the second play. On third-and-10 at the Toledo 30, Utah State was flagged for holding but Toledo declined the penalty and allowed the field-goal attempt. Drive: 9 plays, 49 yards, 3:48. Utah State 13, Toledo 6

Fourth quarter

Tol — Detmer 29 field goal, 7:28. Key plays: Linebacker Robert Bell stripped Williams one play after the Rockets were stopped on fourth-and-1. However, quarterback Terrance Owens threw incomplete twice to force the field goal. Drive: 6 plays, 17 yards, 1:39. Utah State 13, Toledo 9

USU — Williams 63 run (Diaz kick), 6:57. Drive: 2 plays, 70 yards, :31. Utah State 20, Toledo 9

USU — Williams 5 run (Diaz kick), 4:55. Key play: Williams busted a 56-yard run. Drive: 3 plays, 62 yards, 1:31. Utah State 27, Toledo 9

Tol — Reedy 87 kickoff return (Owens pass failed), 3:29. Utah State 34, Toledo 15

USU – Joe Hill 24 run (Diaz kick), 1:42. Drive: 2 plays, 56 yards, :42. Utah State 41, Toledo 15

Potato Bowl?

Was that today?


Now go back to your GameBoy.....

Φ Nice job by

Utah State. They looked like a conference champion and ultimately proved they are an excellent football team. In many respects, USU resembled another team we know well.

Toledo was very game, but losing its top O and D stars was too much. Really bad breaks for them.

What can be said about Arizona-Nevada besides epic collapse by the Wolfpack at the end?

"epic collapse by the Wolfpack"

There's a lot of things that will be said about the extraordinary Arizona / Nevada game.
* Exciting!
* Nail biter!
* Right down to the wire!
* Air show!
* Almost 50 points each team!
* Could go down as one of the best bowl games of the season...we'll see.
* What a bowl game!

"Epic collapse by the Wolfpack"? Yep.

AZ scored 14 points within the last two minutes of the game. Scott threw not one touchdown pass, but two, and college football’s postseason got off to one heck of a crazy start as Arizona rallied past Nevada 49-48

Congrats to Utah St. Congrats to Toledo and the accomplishment if a young team and very young coach. Congrats to Boise State for hosting a fun bowl. Congrats to Treasure Valley for coming out with impressive numbers to support the bowl. And a big thank you to all the sponsors that made it happen.

All the more reason

to not play Nevada anymore.

Φ Calling the numbers guy.

Totally off this topic, what the heck.

Hey, tfunk, you should know this. When was the last time an NFL team outscored its opponents 78-0?

Seahawks: 6 vs Bears; 58 vs Cards; 14 vs Bills (with Bills ending streak with late 1Q TD).

Sorry razor

Not really an NFL dude.

But if I had to bet, I'd look at the 76-77 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Φ Points "for"

not "against" in succession. The Bucs may well have given up that many. Haven't seen anything in the archives that has scores from way back when.

Maybe that's why McKay came out in favor of "execution".

New verbal....

Derrick Thomas

Butler CC

Running back

6' 215

Φ Out of Alabama

How dare BSU try to establish footing east of the Mississippi ... what with those 5 or 6 games in the East every year? Or was it 9?

This will help keep BSU out of Kansas, as well.

Haven't you heard razor

We play so many game "east of the Mississippi" that we are just going to recruit all our kids from there, just have them stay home, and save on travel costs.....

Φ Well, then

how will they be able to rakes leaves on behalf of and serve foot-longs at Costco to emaciated, drunk, petulant Vandals who have wandered from beneath their bridge supports?

I didn't say

ALL the details were worked out yet....

u guys

are nuts and good for a great hearty chuckle. My next question for VNDL is his observation of common Bronco fans drinking wine from boxes. I know his response will be hilarious!