When words cannot explain the unexplainable


That’s the one word I keep coming back to today, since no other word seems to apply.

When so many lives – including so many young lives, cut so tragically short – are lost in a hail of senseless violence, our language falls short on adjectives.

Heartsick, then, it is.

Heartsick for the victims. Especially the youngest victims. Twenty students. Shot dead in a grade school. When the facts are so unfathomable, is it a wonder our language proves inadequate?

Heartsick for the mothers and fathers -- who will now endure an unending nightmare that, as a parent, I cannot even imagine.

Heartsick for the children who survived – and were told, as they were escorted out of Sandy Hook Elementary School, to close their eyes to the violence that had unfolded around them. If only it could be so easily forgotten.

Heartsick for the community of Newtown, Conn. A community that, like too many others, will now have its name linked to horrific and random brutality. Like Aurora, Colo., earlier this summer. Like Portland, Ore., just earlier this week.

Heartsick. I wish there was some other word.

But I wish more that there was no need for some other word. That there was no need to try to write about something unthinkable, to try to explain the unexplainable.

Usually, in this space, we try to explain things that can be explained. We try to analyze policies and trends, politics and science. We write about schools as a place of learning, not as the scene of massacre.

We write about concepts and controversies that, at least, have some clarity to them. We can and do debate them, but debate them from some basic starting point of understanding. When the concepts are more clear, the words come more readily.

There is nothing clear about what happened Friday in Newtown, Conn.

Even as the facts emerge, as they always do, there won’t be any easy explanation.

So not only am I short on words today, I’m short on providing much of a call to action.

Pray for all involved, for everyone touched by this? I know I have.

Hug your kids a little longer than usual, even if you – or they – think they are too old for that sort of stuff? I know I will.

What I won’t do today is participate in the discussion – the inevitable and appropriate discussion – about gun violence.

Not today.

Not when words come so haltingly.

Not when hearts need time to heal.

Well said, Kevin,

well said....Sunny...



You've said it as well as it can be said.

Thank you, Kevin, for

Thank you, Kevin, for helping us by your printed words try to understand or grasp what we cannot.

What to say?

How to live inside the mind of the children that experienced this tragedy? How to live in the mind of the teachers and staff... the Parents... the first responders... the community... and even the rest of us?

It can't be un-done. It can't be un-seen. It's Reality.

How should all survivors learn to accept tragedy?

I echo all the above posts.

I echo all the above posts.

N/C sorry


Heartsick for a country

that has a deeply entrenched violence culture nurtured by popular media

that honors militarism as a patriotic value

that considers mental health as a shameful condition

that fights the control of assault weapons as a matter of freedom

and then wonders why Faulkner's quote — “The past is never dead. It’s not even past” remains in play.

The thing lacking in this tragedy is any information about if

this school had a security guard? With 700 students you would think a 'armed' security guard would have been there.

Even in small-town eastern Idaho we have 'armed' officer(s) that are at the schools.

Just curious if this school had one or not. If so, then what did he do as nothing has been reported.

PS. Prayers to all involved with lost loved ones and all their families.

As seen on TV...

The shooter broke through a window and entered...the principal and two other staff members moved forward and tried to stop him, leaving two fatally shot and the third wounded and retreating. The shooter then moved rapidly to the classrooms that he apparently intended to enter and continued shooting.

Let me ask you one thing...

Should we expect to have armed officers at EVERY school in every city?

Do gunmen normally enter any schools, especially elementary schools?

NO, THEY DON'T...let's use a bit of reasoning here.

The school is normally LOCKED...recent pre-incident policy. The parents can't even visit without permission. This elementary school is also one of the best in the nation and had implemented security training for the staff without possibly knowing that this would happen.

The staff did an ADMIRABLE job...you couldn't ask for better trained staff.

I understand your question but I don't understand why you haven't paid enough attention to even ABC News, where I heard this information.

Do you watch the news? That is an honest question as well. You claim to have gone to TVCC with me yet you aren't as knowledgeable about it ad me and I myself don't like the news...only my opinion.

Thank you for asking, I'm happy to help.



We have over 2 million troups worldwide in areas of civil wars and wars that we may have even started as NATO, UN, etc.

We need job creation, so an officer at each school does not bother me. Why not. Maybe with tasers and billy-clubs and not guns themselves.

What bothers me the most is the possible libor scandal connections with three killing events. The CNBC two kids were killed after their father (Kevin Krim) broke the libor scandal. Then, the father of the Aurora Theatre shooting son was also to testify about libor scandal(Robert Holmes). And now rumors have it that Peter Lanza was to testifiy as well as he is the executive accountant for GE that is part of the scandal. If Peter was also a person to testify, then that makes three folks connected to libor and killings.

When we send drones to kill and are bailing out central bankers, no conspiracy theory backed by evidence surprises me anymore....

FEMA and NDAA for America coming....

PS. The only thing I care about is those poor kids, teachers, and parents that have to go through this. Hopefully libor is just a coincidence and nothing else. I am also bothered by the split second reaction for gun control.I see one agenda after another.

Libor? Labor? Libel? I don't recognize what you are saying.

Please cite and make a broader explanation of this, I cannot understand.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Because of the legislator's refusal to fully fund public schools

The resource officers in many districts were cut to save money. Talk to the guy you voted for with the R behind his name.


Kevin, you forgot being heartsick for the perpetrators of these tragic incidents.

It is heartsickening to think of a person living in such a mental condition that would bring them to do something so atrocious. And for their families living in that environment. This is the Liza Long story.


I am pretty confident the mass media will mangle the message of this incident.

Read Krauthammer's piece in the Post today.

Much incite from a mental health worker.

They are called ASSAULT rifles for a reason.

Unless you are a gang member or a meth dealer, nobody needs that kind of weapon to protect their home.