With Big East on verge of collapse, what will Boise State do?

By Brian Murphy

The Big East's seven Catholic schools could announce their intention to leave the league as soon as Thursday, according to multiple reports. The schools — St. John's, Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall, DePaul, Marquette and Villanova — do not sponsor FBS football and are considering creating their own league.

Gary Parrish at CBSSports.com is reporting the schools will breakaway. ESPN.com and USA Today are reporting that the schools are likely to make the move.

What happens next is anybody's guess.

Here is a good look at the road ahead for the league from Pete Thamel at Sports Illustrated.

Would the basketball schools be able to keep the Big East name, a contract with ESPN or the tournament at Madison Square Garden?

And what happens to Boise State, which is slated to bring its football program to the league next year. Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com laid out the options for Boise State.

Dodd reports that at least one potential rightsholder was interested in only televising Boise State home games.

So what are the Broncos' options?

• Remain in the Big East: The television contract could still generate more money than the Mountain West deal and give the Broncos greater exposure across the country. The league could still swipe a few teams from the Mountain West. The Big East has BCS AQ status in 2013 — unlike the Mountain West – so the Broncos are likely to play at least one season in the Big East.

Even if the basketball schools leave, the Big East could still have a league that sponsors football.

• Return to the Mountain West: The league is willing to take Boise State and San Diego State back. It would give the conference 12 members, allowing it to stage a conference championship game and renegotiate its television contract with CBS. The Mountain West could grow even more, taking UTEP and Tulsa from Conference USA in an attempt to weaken that league. (Or it could attempt to grab Houston and SMU from the Big East.) The Broncos would also have to bring its non-football programs back into the Mountain West from the Big West.

• Go independent: BYU signed a television contract with ESPN and has been able to schedule enough attractive games to make independence work. Idaho and New Mexico State are moving to independence next season. The Broncos have always had a good relationship with ESPN and should be able to sign a decent TV deal. Scheduling and bowl agreements could be problems, and coach Chris Petersen has always valued winning conference championship.

Dodd's story makes it clear that there is a television market for Boise State football.

The Broncos would have no problem getting games with BYU (already scheduled), Idaho and New Mexico State. But coming up with nine more games could get ugly.

• Join the Big 12 (or Pac-12): If Kustra isn't burning up the phones to both conferences then he is not doing his job. If only it were that easy, however. The Broncos are way down the list of teams the Big 12 would consider and the Pac-12 has given no indication that it wants to expand again. The Broncos' lack of a TV market, its overall athletic program and its academic ranking and reputation are all impediments to a move to either league. The Broncos' main (only?) selling point is a stellar football program that draws ratings and has a (limited) national following.

What do you think? What is the best option for the Broncos and what will they do?

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Kustra burning up the phones?

Doesn't bsu have an AD? Is he just a 300k puppet? Why do I NEVER hear about him doing anything?

If you have been paying attention

at all, you would realize that it's the presidents that deal with realignment not AD's........


Why do you need to hear what the Boise State AD does?

You guys who hate Kustra make me laugh. And I love it.


I like the Pac-12 because of the regionality(?) of the match ups. I can't see them adding Boise State, though. I thought a couple of years ago that the Big 12 would have been a good fit with Colorado, Missouri and Texas A&M leaving and pick up TCU, BYU and BSU. Not quite as regional as the Pac-12 (academics aside). I think BSU will eventually be back in the Mountain West with BYU and SDSU and a TV contract no worse than the Big East.

Kick Washington State out and add BSU

Washington State offers nothing....

Silly and sillier comment

Post something intelligent.



jus sayin.....

Will never Happen

WSU has almost 100 years of history with these schools, a top 125 national research school, top 20 vet school. Plus a state with over 8 Million people to watch tv.

BSU has no history with the league schools over 10 years, a regional college ranking lower than Westerm Washington and NNU. ZERO top 20 grad programs and a state with only 1.5 million people

Plus with the change from the Pac-10 to Pac-12 the old Pac-8 schools are not moving. It would take 8 of 8 votes of the old pac 8 schools for 1 to leave.

It's easy to get robertofeagle into a frenzy

All someone needs to do is bring up PAC 12 and the Broncos. The dude literally loses his mind every time.

The PAC 12 would take Utah

The PAC 12 would take Utah State or even U of I and Montana over BSU. Football is only one of many factors that the conference is concerned with. And at the very least, U of I and Montana used to be in the PCC with the rest of the PAC 8 teams. I don't know of anything that Boise State offers other than football.


Hold on. Let me by your next round of shots. Please. I love entertaining posters.

I don't know of anything that Boise State offers other than foot

Don't forget the trucking driving school. That is one program the pac-12 members universities does not offer.


Don't think the Broncos offer that. Are you still stuck in 1982 like half of your buddies here?

they don't have a truck driving school anymore, do they ROE?


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

You continue to whine about dumb stuff

Boise State hasn't been around long enough to establish a "powerhouse" academics. It doesn't take away from the fact they are a legitimate IHL (Institute of Higher Learning). Give them $100M every year like the big schools, and they will be.

Since 1936

They have been around since 1936? correct What do you need another 50 years?


They only achieved university level in 1974. So, while schools like Ohio State and Washington are older than the entire state of Idaho, Boise State is relatively new.

You expect Boise State to compete academically with something that's been established a lot longer? Boise State is grower by leaps and bounds. They are constantly growing in facilities, student admissions, and available programs. Rome wasn't built in a day, so I'm surprised some of you people expect Boise State to be on the same level as the big ones. Give them 20 or 15 years, and they'll get there. In the mean time, our football and basketball programs will continue to bring in additional revenues to help fund that growth.

Φ Who is

Roberto Feagle?

He does those Dos Equis


Gotta love Dose Sheckies.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

There you go again Razor!

To whom is kidding to whom!

Stay the course....

Returning to the MWC/WAC would be a disaster for the athletic department.


Whole thing is already a disaster, and it's about to get even worse than this, open your eyes, all in the name of greed and watching out for what you wish for

Given the fact that there is no such thing as.....

long range planning in the world of NCAA football - just go to the Big East and focus on winning. The only thing we know for certain is that next year will bring more uncertainty, more movement and more opportunities.

the pac 12

is simply not a realistic scenario. If Kustra is wasting any time bothering Larry Scott, he may as well call the Mike Slive (SEC commish) or Roger Goodell to see if BSU can join up with them, too. Success as a football program is very important to fans, but plays a diminished role in dicussions between university presidents . . .


How do you diminish the role of $250,000,000 that football brings PAC universities each year?

Academic Guidelines

Boise State, DOES NOT meet the Academic Guidelines for the PAC 12, END OF DISCUSSION.


The PAC has NO academic requirements in their charter for adding institutions.

There is nothing to meet.

Sorry Dude

Stare reading, the newspapers the last few years regarding what the PAC 12, requires academically from their new members Professional schools Graduate schools, etc etc that says enough, please get informed Dude.

No need to be sorry weisy

Go read the PAC charter, there are ZERO academic requirements to join the PAC.

If you have a link that states otherwise, please feel free to share it.......


Local paper.

In other words weisy

you have no link.....

Of course, I could have told you that.....

It's a lost cause

trying to argue with Weistard.

You believe

therefore it must be so?


Local paper.


Local paper.


Local paper.

Repeating Lame Lies

Men admit when they're wrong. Little girls stomp their feet and cry "IS SO!", "IS SO!", "IS SO!".

What Weisturd meant to say

What Weisturd meant to say he has heard IDADUCK spewing that same thing, so it must be true.
Back in your hole Weisturd.

You know, you post that

You know, you post that within 15 minutes every time someone brings up BSU/Pac-12/academics (sensitive subject apparently), and while it's true, that doesn't preclude the university presidents from considering it. And they do. Regardless of what's written in the bylaws, you'll never get enough Pac-12 presidents to overlook BSU's academic standing when voting on membership. It won't happen.

I'm curious....

How many of the presidents do you know?

More than you.

More than you.


You sound like a 3rd grader. Pretty much proved what the rest of us already know; you are a whiny itch.

The "rest of us?" I've

The "rest of us?" I've posted mayyyyyyybe 15 comments on here in the nearly 4 years I've lived in the valley. Don't pretend to know what I think, or how I act. You have no clue.

But isnt that just what you did

...with your comment?

You're out of your league here. And you called some other poster "sensitive"? That's rich.

Well, no, actually. I didn't

Well, no, actually. I didn't whine in that, or any other, comment.

Out of my league? Wow. What, do I need a special membership card to participate in the circle jerk?

Φ For the side of the fence

on which you've placed yourself, you probably should post your BAA number.

I have no affiliation with

I'm not on any side of any fence - I have no affiliation with any university in the state of Idaho. It's absurd that just because someone doesn't see eye to eye with you, they're automatically scum.

Φ We have many varieties

of scum here. You aren't anywhere near autoscum. That's earned.

Whatever the case, my

Whatever the case, my biggest crime was to disagree. Whatever happened to civil discussion?