Boise State football will play Big East home games vs. Louisville, Rutgers in 2013

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team will play home games against Louisville and Rutgers and a road game at Cincinnati in 2013, the Big East announced Tuesday.

Those three crossover opponents from the East division are the three returning Big East co-champs. Louisville (ACC) and Rutgers (Big Ten) are leaving the Big East after 2013 and were sent to Boise — like TCU of the Mountain West last year.

In the West division, Boise State will play Houston and Memphis at home and travel to San Diego State, SMU and Temple.

The Broncos are the only team in the West to play the three powers from the East division. San Diego State plays Cincinnati at home and Louisville and Connecticut on the road, which is a similar degree of difficulty to Boise State’s. The Aztecs and Broncos — Mountain West co-champs — were the top two teams this year who will play in the West division next year.

The West and East division champions will meet in the Big East championship game at one of the participants’ home field.

Of Boise State’s 12 opponents next season, six are in the top 55 in this year’s expanded BCS standings produced by Jerry Palm of The rankings are in the schedule below. Boise State plays four of those teams on the road.

Dates and TV information for the Big East games will be released at a later date.

Here’s Boise State’s schedule:

Aug. 31: at Washington (BCS: 48th)
Sept. 7: vs. Tennessee Martin (FCS)
Sept. 28: vs. Southern Miss (119th)
Oct. 26: at BYU (55th)
Vs. Louisville (21st)
Vs. Rutgers (32nd)
Vs. Houston (91st)
Vs. Memphis (101st)
At Cincinnati (34th)
At San Diego State (36th)
At SMU (78th)
At Temple (84th)

Here’s the full Big East schedule:

East Division

Home: Connecticut, Houston, Rutgers, USF
Away: Cincinnati, Louisville, SMU, Temple

Home: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Louisville
Away: Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, USF

Home: Louisville, Rutgers, San Diego State, USF
Away: UCF, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple

Home: UCF, Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State
Away: Boise State, Cincinnati, Connecticut, USF

Home: Cincinnati, Houston, USF, Temple
Away: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Louisville

Home: Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, SMU
Away: UCF, Connecticut, Houston, Rutgers

West Division

Boise State
Home: Houston, Louisville, Memphis, Rutgers
Away: Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU, Temple

Home: Memphis, San Diego State, SMU, USF
Away: Boise State, UCF, Rutgers, Temple

Home: Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU, Temple
Away: Boise State, Houston, Louisville, USF

San Diego State
Home: Boise State, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple
Away: Connecticut, Houston, Louisville, Memphis

Home: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Temple
Away: Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, USF

Home: Boise State, Houston, UCF, Connecticut
Away: Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, SMU


Boise State has sold about 3,100 tickets for the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas, which includes tickets for the band and player comps.

That’s about 1,900 fewer than last year — when 5,000 bought tickets through Boise State but 15,000 showed up.

In 2010, Boise State sold 7,700 tickets and about 20,000 fans showed up in Las Vegas.

“The last two years, there’s been a lot of blue and orange in that stadium,” MAACO Bowl Executive Director Dan Hanneke said. “We expect the same this year and I know there’s going to be a lot of purple and gold (for Washington). When we sit there as the bowl itself and see all those colors, it’s fantastic.”

Boise State faces a potential financial liability on this year’s bowl tickets. The Mountain West pools bowl money and pays its teams’ expenses but requires each team to generate a predetermined amount of revenue through ticket sales. Boise State’s target is about $225,000 — or 4,091 tickets.

Boise State’s tickets sold (not counting band and comps) is about 2,200. That leaves a shortfall of 1,891 tickets — or $104,000.

Tickets cost $62, including fees. The face value is $55. Boise State fans can help the athletic department meet its obligation by buying a ticket through the ticket office (426-4737) for donation to a Las Vegas-area military member.

Boise State and Washington each received 11,000 tickets. Washington is supposed to provide an update on its sales this afternoon.


Boise State ranks third in the annual Academic BCS — rankings from the New America Foundation that combine football and academic success. Here is the release.

In today’s paper, I had this information on Boise State’s football graduates:

Boise State’s 14 December graduates include cornerback Josh Borgman (communication), junior wide receiver Aaron Burks (communication), cornerback Jerrell Gavins (communication), junior offensive lineman Spencer Gerke (criminal justice), defensive tackle Greg Grimes (communication), offensive lineman Joe Kellogg (business), defensive tackle Darren Koontz (business), junior wide receiver Kirby Moore (communication), offensive lineman Brenel Myers (social science), linebacker J.C. Percy (finance), wide receiver Chris Potter (business), nickel Dextrell Simmons (communication), tailback Drew Wright (criminal justice) and offensive lineman Faraji Wright (communication) — all seniors unless noted.

Tailback D.J. Harper, fullback Dan Paul, linebacker Tommy Smith, cornerback Jamar Taylor, wide receiver Tyler Jackson, tight end Chandler Koch and wide receiver Mitch Burroughs previously graduated.

That leaves just five of the 23 seniors who won’t have their degrees by kickoff next week — and all are on track to graduate in May.


Brett McMurphy of breaks down how the money from the new college football postseason will be distributed — and it doesn’t look good for the Big East.


Bruce Feldman of CBS reports that former Boise State offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin will interview for the head coaching job at Arkansas State.

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Peterson Rumor

The rumors continue, this one has Chris Peterson interviewing at U of Wisconsin.
He may be playing Rutgers more often then we think.

Old old news


BTW be smart, "" is not CNN......

Well Im glad they're interviewing this

Coach PetersOn guy. He seems like a wanted man around every major conference. Wake me when they interview Coach PetersEn.

Thank the creator. CNN sorta stinks.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Rumor Boise State Coach

A rumor only,not a rumor The Athletic Director at Wisconsin likes him, as does the Athletic Director at Southern Cal likes him.The bottom line,he is still coaching the local University, as of today.

Sports Illustrated (Communication Degrees)

Ah,memories-Still the favorite degree of Football student athletes.

Did anyone else notice

that BSU doesn't really play 5-6 games east of the Mississippi river.......

Sorry, couldn't resist.....

Chadd had this on his twitter

"total travel miles by BSU in 2012:7787. Total miles next year:6522.''


Those were computed by a reader...And I believe they are one way only.

Here's the total miles

2012 = 18,834

2013 = 15,564

Φ tfunky

Do you know Pete Townshend?


My emails keep bouncing back to me that I send to you. I noticed funky gets about half of mine too...gotta be something on my end again. Have some thoughts about the game...will send tonight.

PS Leave it up to funky to get the miles thing accurate! It was one of my predictions...

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from you was 10/15. Check your settings and be sure to turn off:

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If you presently have these options enabled, it could be that too many disdainful village idiots have voided your outbox ... or outhouse or whatever comes first.

Go Broncos!

From "The Who"?


If he does, please thank him for me.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Ah, yes another high quality

Ah, yes another high quality about the Tennesse-Martin game. You clowns might as well play ISU. Go Bengals!

Whoops slackwater

BSU faces 21 Lou, 32 Rutg, 34 Cinci, 36 SDSU, 48 UW, 55 BYU. Little tougher than what your team faces, huh?

quite a bit more difficult

given that harleythecoward does not have a team.

He has one

A few months ago over on Murphs Turf he had no choice but to finally admit why he obsesses with the Broncos so much. Your first guess would be right on the money.

Bozo IQ< better

Bozo IQ< better start preparing for the "Meat Hook Bowl" next year. Go EVERYONE WHO PLAYS BOZO STATE"!

Whoops JLug...Southern Miss

Whoops JLug...Southern Miss 119, Memphis 101, SMU 78, Temple 84 and Tennessee Martin 1008! No BCS because the schedule is a joke! Dream on losers!

I wont buy my bowl tickets through Boise State

for the same reason most fans I know dont; lousy seat selection. I learned my lesson after the first Fiesta Bowl and will never do that again. Say what you want about the Broncos being on the hook for 100gs or whatever. Fingers can be pointed in every direction. The bottom line is as a fan who travels with a large group, we want to the best VALUE for our experience. So we'll sit somewhere between the 40's and pay equal or less than what we would buy from Boise State. Sorry the school or bowl officials or the NCAA doesnt quite get this.


This is a huge problem with the bowl system. Not sure what, if anything, the bowls are going to do about it. Ten years ago, you could get away with giving schools lesser seats. But with the Internet options out there, fans nationwide are doing what you're doing. Thing is, there's no incentive for the bowls to change. If anything, it works better for them if fans buy on the secondary market because that ensures the local tickets get sold.

Thanks Chadd

Well said. And you're exactly right. Not sure its going to change anytime soon for the bowls or for us. When purchasing for 10+ I am always going to buy the best seats at the best price. I know it puts the school in a tough spot, however.

BSU fans show up for the game

in droves whether they buy tickets from BSU or on the open market. Last year it looked like ASU didn't sell many tickets to anyone other than players families and the band. If Washington has sold 4000 tickets + open market tickets, it should be a much better atmosphere this year. See you in Las Vegas.

Solid schedule

So nice to see a schedule that doesn't include 3 or 4 in-conference scrubs. Goodbye forever, San Jose St etc. Unfortunately two of the better teams on the schedule will be gone after these games. Cute of the BE to give them both a little "what for" with the roadie to Boise...

San Jose St is ranked

San Jose St is ranked brainiac. Horrible example.

Actually, San Jose St. is a perfect example

They had the best season in the history of their program....

Their average home attendance?



Hope everyone checked the link in the article to
Looks like the big East will be getting the same money from the new bowl series as the MWC.
Better hope the TV contract is a dandy.

Actually the Big East stands

to make much more BCS money than the MWC.......


Thats two lame posts by you today. Time to take a break for awhile.


Did we read the same article? I read the worst case scenario would be 3 to 4 times better than the MWC. What's not to like about that?

Harsin now a head coach

Good luck Bryan.....

Φ In turn,

this probably signals the end for Mack Brown at Texas.

The Communications

The Communications Deoartment has to be proud of their 535 football graduates over the psst ten years...

Φ Thank you,

Perfesser Enebrius, for yer psst ten years of subservience in the Deoartment.

New commit

Kendal Keys


WR out of La Mesa CA.

Offers from:

Arizona St.
Oregon St.
San Diego St.

This years recruits

are shaping up to be another strong class. Coach Pete and his staff are doing a good job of staying focused in the ever changing world of college football.

incrementally better

As Boise State has moved from conference to conference, their schedules have gotten better than if they had remained in their old conference. The first year (2011) in the MW included TCU, Air Force, and SDSU instead of San Jose State, Idaho, and New Mexico State. In 2012, even with the departure of TCU, MW conference games included Nevada, Fresno St, and SDSU instead of WAC games against Texas St, Texas-San Antonio, Idaho and New Mexico St.

San Jose State may have had 10 wins this year, but in 6 of those games they won simply by tying their shoes and running on the field. Next year in the Big East will be incrementally better than being in the MW in 2013. It may not be great today, but getting better each year for the next 10 years will move this program forward more than standing still and hoping to leap into one of the top four conferences.

I can't believe the comments you print in paper

In today's paper you printed a reader's comment about our schedule not containing any joke teams "like San Jose State" . . . Yet they were RANKED at the end of the year, along with Utah St, and Louisiana St was ranked for parts of this year. That is 3 WAC teams, the conference we insisted our school bolt from to join the Mountain West, where we were the only team in the Top 25 from this "new improved" conference.

Then we insisted our school bolt to the Big East before having knowledge of the CONTINUALLY changing college landscape. We need to LEARN before we pout and complain. AND IT'S NOT HELPING that the two people we count on to be educated about these things, you and Murph, ARE PRINTING OBVIOUSLY WRONG INFORMATION IN POSTS FROM UNEDUCATED FANS.


Cripp and Murph: show some forethought and sense of responsibility which your position demands. Please. You're making us look bad and contributing to our uneducation about the big picture outside of Idaho about the college football world that we are entering. We need to show as much class as our amazing coach does in his program. That is why Boise State gets national respect, and we need to back it up as Bronco Nation that we ARE to be respected for doing things right. That means feeling appreciative, realistic, and lucky, not proud, rude, or entitled.

Φ Macs

Please take no offense. I believe the online Statesman is as "automated" (meaning devoid of human interaction) as it presently elects to effect.

When Murph or Chadd submit an article or blog start, it's likely perused/edited quickly and then "put out there". I know Murph and Chadd check periodically ... we see poster-identified corrections and some responses to direct questions. Other than that, neither are moderators. They've both stated that "blog policy and enforcement" are not what they do. They are paid to cover sports and report for their editors and readers. They aren't paid to sit in front of a screen reading and responding to (and policing) comments. We might like for them to do that, but that isn't how McClatchy wants them spending time.

You've obviously been on the block long enough to note that little is vanquished regarding erroneous and outlandish comments by users (now subscribers). This is where the automated part comes to the front. Hire a comment service (complete with tracking), take out the human element (since it's text only) and install your customizable filters ... and you are 95% good. Dumb stuff and wrong stuff, as long as not profane, really isn't an issue. Let the subscribers battle it out among themselves and the filters will keep it acceptably civil for publication purposes.

I did read that comment you reference. Point made.

As far as, "we insisted our school bolt to the Big East before having knowledge of the CONTINUALLY changing college landscape", don't you see that as a dichotomy?

Oh, it's moderated alright!

It's just that Richert and Darlene Carnopis do more of it than most anybody.

Darlene patrols these blogs as well.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.


Leading up to this season, San Jose St. has had one winning season since 2000 and was 8-29 the last 3 seasons. They are 0-10 vs BSU with an average score of 46-14. And even with the best season in the history of their program, they could only average 10K in attendance.

You probably need to be educated as well, But that is cool, that's why Murph and Cripe are here......just for you.

10,000 is probably decent attendance for SJS...been there?


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Nice award for our LB coach

Oops I meant . . .

I meant the comment they choose to print in the newspaper. Sorry. & San Jose State has been steadily growing for yrs, like Utah St as well. We didn't almost lose to them a couple times the last few yrs with Kellen because we had a bad game. They're a good team, that's why.

San Jose St, "steadily growing"


Do you have an example of this growth?

Ugly - we know Louisville is a game that's 'in the bag'

The Broncos play Louisville next Fall. That will be a guaranteed 'gimmee game'.

Louisville barely beat Southern Miss a few months ago by 4 points (21-17) while BSU stomped all over Southern Miss (40-14).

Southern Miss will be loaded for bear when they come to Boise to play next Fall and looking for possibly their first win in a couple of years, as they didn't win a game during the 2012 season and went 0-12, probably as a result of being mentally deflated by their loss to the Boys In Blue and knowng they were facing a future Big East Team and a proverbial legendary National Powerhouse team.

It should be a good game. I like seeing the BSU Broncos win football games.

BSU is playing Southern Miss, too - so that is gonna be at least 2 wins for the Broncos.

I expect the Broncos to go undefeated during the 2013 season, as I don't really see any real legitimate competition out there that could possibly make the Broncos have a hard game, now that Nevada is no longer a future game and the future teams are just a bunch of 'also rans'.

If BSU beat Southern Miss in 2013 by 26 points (40-14) and Louisville beat Southern Miss by 4 points (21-17) - I predict that:

A. The BSU Broncos will beat Louisville next Fall by 22 points (26 points minus 4 points), and,

B. The BSU Broncos will beat Southern Miss next Fall by 39 points (17-4 = 13 + 26 = 39)

It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

The MAACO Bowl should be a snoozer with the Broncos dominating the Huskies and the game over by end of First Quarter.

The Broncos had a good training year in 2012 and are in great shape to come out of the blocks ad make a serious run for the National Championship in 2013, barring any unforeseen meltdowns and stumbling episodes that have kinda plagued the Broncos these past several years, but I don't think it wil happen to the 2013 version of the BSU Broncos (at least I hope not).

Maybe that is all behind us and we will see a Great Undefeated Broncos Team like we have grown accustomed to in the past years.
It is time for the BSU Broncos to cast off the Ghost of Kellen and get back on track with a fresh approach.

But, in all reality, maybe Kellen was the zenith and the parabola and The Best It is Gonna Ever Be? I sure hope not.

I hope not. It would be great to see the Broncos get back to their old habit of being a potential national powerhouse team and not have to share their conference championship with almost half of the other teams in their conference.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member @ 63799

VNDL....Glad to see you at back at the boards again and

providing detailed predictions backed by mathematics....

Next years Broncos will be defined by the Maaco game against Washington. If Boise handily beats Washington, then your prediction of a possible NC for 2013 could be true. Boise has the one AQ year in Big East and another easy schedule.

If Boise loses to Washington in Maaco, then I believe that this will define their 2013 season as next years Broncos wont be quite as strong as this years Broncos due to the loss of 5 key Seniors and only 3 replacements to those positions, thus a minus 2 (3 replacements - 5 keys)= -2....

Nevada really blew their game. They had it. But it shows and they had done that 3 other times this year.

The Broncos score quick and then hang on to win games. They did this at Nevada and then hung on to survive albeit a questionable fumble as ball broke plane of goal line....

I will save my predictions until Broncos v Wash at Maaco....

ugly and more of his "famous predictions"

"Washington is a good college....
Submitted by ugly on Thu, 12/13/2012 - 6:20pm.

I predict Washington over Boise by 2 touchdowns....

For those mathematically challenged, that means 12-16 points....

Boise is good, but Washington will be ready."

Could this be yet another in an infinite chain of ugly's crackpot predictions that will soon be declared "not really a prediction"?

Perhaps ugly will be so "insighted" so as to predict what the true meaning of "predict" is.