Boise State to host Louisville in 2013, Kustra says

By Brian Murphy

The Big East will release the location of its 2013 conference games next week, Commissioner Mike Aresco told the Idaho Statesman on Thursday. Boise State will know which opponents it plays and which ones will be at home and away, though dates, times and television won't be decided until later.

Boise State President Bob Kustra said on Idaho Public Television's "Dialogue," that the Broncos would host 2012 Big East champion Louisville at Bronco Stadium in 2013.

Aresco also disputed a report that said the Big East's television contract could be worth as little as $60 million per year.

At $60 million, Boise State could receive as little as $3 million per year from the television contract.

The Mountain West's current television contract is worth $12 million per season.

"When you see reports on television and revenue, just ignore it," Aresco said. "We haven't talked to any networks yet about any valuations."

Aresco said the departures of Louisville (to the ACC) and Rutgers (to the Big Ten) created a delay in negotiations as the Big East turned to expansion and grabbed Tulane and East Carolina.

"We just don't know yet" what the television deal will be worth, Aresco said.

Aresco said six networks are interested in obtaining Big East television rights and that several non-traditional entities have also inquired.

"We should start generating valuations fairly soon," Aresco said. "There's still enormous interest in the Big East."

Aresco said it is likely that the league would end up with several partners, like the Pac-12 and Big 12 have done recently.

"I have a feeling we're going to seriously explore the multiple network model," he said.

As for future expansion, Aresco said adding a Western football-only member is "a priority" for the league. The Big East will have 12 teams in 2013. Aresco said the league could operate as a 12-team league in 2014 with Tulane and East Carolina replacing Rutgers and Louisville.

Navy is scheduled to join in 2015, giving the league 13 teams. If Navy were to join a year early, then the Big East would try to add a 14th member for 2014.

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Western Partner, Football only????

Could it be Idaho????? Stranger things have happened. They have a coach with a famous last name now.


That's rich Trucker55. Theres no way. Ever.

I don't think

you can call what Idaho puts on the field "Football".

Idiots abound in Bozo State

Idiots abound in Bozo State land....Go Huskies!

Bob (Soap Opera)

The local University, will be playing football next year in what conference? Three guesses Big Sky,WAC,(Disbanded) and they will play in the MWC.

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Yup its him

What else do you expect from a guy who lives in a trailer with a bunch of dogs that Paris Hilton would keep in her purse?

that and the fact

that he routinely responds to himself.

Hey Weisberg

Now these Dippsy Doodles think I am you.

It is kinda sad how they keep going back to always having to be detectives unraveling the Continual Mystery of posters being multiple screen names.

To the Out To Lunch Bunchers:

I am not weisberg.

weisberg is not me.

I do know who BDuck2009 is though, and it is not who you would even guess it is. It is too obvious, lololol. It is not me. But he might be one of you.

I will not spoil your investigation into the true identify of BDuck2009.


Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

How do you know, you a Commie hacker? 3:44, WHERE?


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weisberg - RE: Soap Opera - As The Blorange Bile Bubbles

I believe you will be proven correct in your premise that the Broncos will not be playing in the Big East for the 2013 season (logically deduced from your not listing BE as a possible conference - above).

My prediction is that sometime in the JAN-MAR time frame, Bronco Bob will announce that the BSU Broncos will remain in the MWC for the forseeable future, while in a waiting mode, improving BSU's academics to be able to gain acceptance to the PAC.

Bronco Bob knows he screwed up and has gotta get out of this mess gracefully - so - he will couch his 'turn around' in terms of having evaluated the situation, the BE is a wonderful opportunity, but so is patience, and the Real Goal for all Broncos is to get into the PAC which most Broncos have connections to PAC schools (families, friends, academic inbreeding, and recreational inbreeding). He will explain that he is making a tough decision to remain 'Patient' but that 'Patience Is A Virtue and he is not one to get such a wonderful university into a conference they may not be able to jump out of, without a huge money penalty, when the invitation to join the PAC comes to Boise). Or some other happy face stuff like that. He is gonna dump the blame on Aresco and the BE for having sold him a bad tuna sandwich to begin with. 'If only he had known' - we will be hearing that alot.

I also predict that there will be a consolidation of smaller conferences into a Super Conference with 2 large 10 team Division. The consolidation will come from the remnants of the WAC, the Sun, and CUSA - maybe a few other teams which will surprise us. I believe that will occur for the 2014 season. BSU will get one more year in the MWC.

I also, predict, that in 2013 the BSU Broncos will finally win the MWC conference title outright and not have to share it with so many other MWC teams.

Other predictions of mine:

A. Coach Pete stays at Boise for at least 7 more years.

B. Swick is the starting QB for the Broncos in 2013.

C. Patti is the starting QB for a IAA Team from the South near Florida and his home in 2013.

D. The BSU Broncos have an undefeated season and get real close to getting an invite for the Natty Game, but get 'screwed' by BCS politics.

E. Ajayi rewrites the rushing record books for BSU in 2013.

F. razor is diagnosed with Adult Onset Dwarfism and shrinks to about half of what he is today. His wife becomes concerned and worried and takes him into the doctor when she notices he has become a chew toy for one of their Great Danes.

As always, Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Invitation to join the PAC

You will be waiting a long time.

BSU will need at least a BILLION dollars to get to the level of the bottom of the pac-12 in the classroom maybe.

ALL programs on campus need help , not 1 is rated in the top 100 in USNWR collge rankings.

The non-football sports would need $250 million to get to the average in the PAC-12.

Plus the biggest reason that BSU will not EVERY get the call, The TV money will not go up with BSU is the league.

The few TV sets in Idaho is way below the other 12 schools.

Good luck the the league of the week

Maybe Bronco Bob should read this

It is the link that was provided in the main article of this thread.

Why would it not be credible?

Why should it be ignored?

BE Commissioner Mike Aresco said this: ". . . . When you see reports on television and revenue, just ignore it," Aresco said. "We haven't talked to any networks yet about any valuations . . . "

Two things greatly concern me about what Aresco said:

1. Why does he want us to just ignore the article (which I have no reason to believe was written by using fairy dust as a factual basis). Why would CBSsports not tell the truth and Aresco wants us to not listen to them but 'he' Aresco is the guy to believe? In life when people tell me, "hey I'll be honest with you . . . or, to be truthful, yada yada yada. Why do they have to tell me that they are being honest and truthful with me? That is when my red warning flag goes up. Same thing here, why does he want readers to just 'ignore the reports on television revenue being much less than the amount he has been trying to portray? Why should I trust him?

2. Aresco also said, "" . . . We haven't talked to any networks yet about any valuations . . . ". That is even more of a concern for me than # 1 is. Here we are, very deep into the process of jumping to the BE and now we find out that he hasn't even had any negotiations about any valuations? Yet he portays the picture of how much more money BSU is gonna get by joining the BE. AND - Bronco Bob just goes blindly along, never wondering why so many other teams have left the BA, recently.

It is no wonder that folks from other states just sit back and laugh at Bronco Fans and especially President Kustra for being a bunch of naive desperate pawns who are desperate to get into the Big Boy games and a Big Name Conference.

Okay, so how much money is BSU really gonna get from TV revenue for joining the BE as compared to how much BSU is currently getting from the MWC?

Anybody got any data on that question?

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - And to think that BSU prides itself in its Business Management Programs, while it is appearing more and more that Bronco Bob can't manage himself out of a wet paper bag.

PPS - I predict that the members of the Out To Lunch Bunch will respond to this post, just to try and hurt my record percentage of successful predictions on these boards.

VNDL....the Aresco comment puzzle me too....

I thought the tv contracts were a done deal, or at least known. Sounds as though the Big East could have further problems with no tv contracts yet, and their AQ to the Orange Bowl gone in 2014....

If the Broncos back out now, they owe BE $2M. If in July, it is up to $5M. If during season, or only after one year I believe it is as high as $20M....

Time will tell....

I wouldn't turn and cough for CBS Sports NOR ESPN.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Sour Grape Vandal Hobbits...and their Arrogance

Ahh, what bitter whine thoust swill, ye Big Sky bound hobbits!


It is wonderful to see the Vandals probably going back to the Big Sky.

The majority of Vandals have been wanting Idaho to go back to the Big Sky for a long time now.

Apparently you are new to this board and do not realize that I and many other Vandal posters support the Bronco Football Team and view Vandal football as just mindless entertainment and something for our baby frat rats to do between functions on a Saturday afternoon in the Fall.

The problem has been there are many mega rich Vandals who want the Vandals to stay in the FCS and chase the Broncos. They are basically holding Idaho's football future hostage, by threatening to remove their financial support if Idaho were to go back to the Big Sky.

It would be aweful if the Vandals EVER had to play the Broncos again in football. Absolutely aweful. But it is the Golden Rule - he who has the gold - rules.

Vandals are joining the BAA and supporting the Broncos because we know the Broncos are our (Idahoans) only real hope of ever getting a National Championship trophy to Idaho. That is why you find out that 3,000 of the 5,000 members of the BAA are Vandals and not Broncos. Research it at the BAA office by Bronco Stadium.

People like you would not understand how people like us can be Idahoan Vandals. Some people are Idahoan Broncos and they understand clearly.

Again, I agree that it is wonderful that the Vandals might go back to the Big Sky.

Also, I think it is wonderful that BSU is s nationally recognized Football College and Factory.

It has been said many times by many people that student enrollments at BSU are increasing with the winning of games by the Broncos, the more successful the Bronco Football Team is, the more enrollments at BSU. I believe it.

There are many weak minds that chose their college academic challenges based on whether or not the school has a good football team or a Chick Fill It in the SUB.

I thank the Good Lord that Idaho is not that way and students obviously do not go to Idaho because it has a good football team. But, what is the reason for their going there:

The answer is we Vandals want to have a great academic challenge and be able to get wonderful jobs and look down our arrogant noses at those who are just wasting oxygen on our planet and attending Boise's State University.

Do I support the BSU Bronco Football Team - absolutely - they are our only path to getting a BCS National Trophy to Idaho.

Do I support BSU as an academic college - absolutely not.

Yes, I am arrogant and proud of it.

After all I am a 3rd Generation Vandal. Our daughter is more arrogant than I am as she is 4th generation and her husband (our-son in law) is a 5th Generation Vandal.

Yep we are just a bunch of proud arrogant Vandals thanking our lucky stars that none of us have to ever get food stamps to get our turkey's for Thanksgiving and collect scrap metal and cans to be able to get propane for our heaters in the winter; but instead have to be torn by having to make the hard choice as to which CD we will have to cash out to be able to go to Tahiti for two months for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years.

As always, Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

AQ (if this is really you)

While the length of your posts are consistent, the tenor of your posts seems to have changed over the years. In the past your posts have been thought provoking and logical. Now they just seem to be spiteful and contentious. An apt metaphor might be Wiesburg after a shower.

Sterotypes are great for organizing information. They free our minds up to attend to important things, but they are not always accurate. I know several BSU alumni near me that are very successful in the business world. My property manager is a great guy.... and a vandal (probably rich too).

Down this way the University of Santa Clara dropped football in th 1990's. College football is expensive to maintain and it creates a Title 9 nightmare. The USC Broncos are thriving in the absence of a football program as the school has rallied around other sports and their academics continue to excell.

BAA # 1093935

eagledave - yes this is really me

Spiteful and contentious?

I have not changed my tenor since I got here almost 4 years ago.

1. I have said many times that I don't really follow Vandal Football and would like to see it return to the Big Sky or be eliminated altogether, as I do not see it as a long term asset to the University of Idaho's Constitutionally mandated mission of being Idaho's university and Idaho's Land Grant University. Football should be fun entertainment for the students and alumni and not a Big Business venture putting the academic or financial future and status of the University of Idaho at risk.

2. I have said many times how I support the BSU Bronco Football team financially as a booster and a supporter - only - because I believe the BSU Broncos have a legitimate shot at someday winning a National Championship. For no other reason than that. They represent the State of Idaho and I am an Idahoan Vandal and not just a UoI Vandal. Big difference to those that understand it. If the BSU Broncos wins a National Championship, it is the same as the entire state of Idaho winning it. Research and study the Nebraska experience about University of Nebraska in that state.

3. I do not equate the success or failure of the BSU Football Team as any reflection for or against the academic offerings and status of BSU. If BSU went away, I would not care.

4. I believe President Kustra has been headed down the wrong track by wanting to go to the Big East. It appears, reading through some of his recent lines, that he has also realized the tenuous position he is placing BSU in and appears to be moving toward an exit strategy.

How is that being spiteful or contentious?

Just because I don't scream Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah everytime Bronco Bob or Coach Pete utter a word, does not mean that I am not a BSU Bronco Football Team Supporter.

You are always at choice to either read or not read any of my postings.

I write from the heart and am honest in my true feelings, whether they are about my positions and/or opinions that are popular or not.

I am not a Crowd Follower.

I am told by some people, behind the scenes, who follow these blogs but don't post, that they still find my posts 'thought provoking'. Apparently you do not. Right on. Not everybody likes to read what others have to say and/or agrees with their opinions.

Are you not provoked by the thought that maybe there is something about the BE that might not be 'beneficial' and has been the catalyst for many other long time BE teams to bail from the BE?

Doesn't that one question, alone, provoke your thought(s).

And there are many others.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Edit: Oh yes, just remembered that I am on record as having said that since BSU lost the first game of the 2012 season, that the rest of the season was meaningless for being competitive for a National Championship and the Broncos were going to take advantage of the remaining 11 scrimmages (12 with a bowl game) to get better, learn from mistakes, play young players giving them game experience ad come out of the gates going for an undefeated season in 2013. Apparently, there are those that do not think it is 'thought provoking' to think about whether or not being competitive for a National Championship as the PRIMARY GOAL and PURPOSE of the Bronco Football Team and just winning conference championships is not okay - competing for a Nation Championship is where it is at. Given the nonAQ status of the BSU Broncos, the will HAVE TO GO UNDEFEATED any season in order to compete for a National Championship during that season. Even just one loss results in a 'blown season' as far as my goal orientation for the BSU Broncos is. Apparently, the Vandals on these boards seem to understand the concept of having the PRIMARY GOAL of winning a National Championship be the purpose of the BSU Bronco football team and ergo, their fan support.

If I did not think the BSU Broncos had a legitimate chance of ever winning a National Championship, I sure as heck would not belong to the BAA and support the Broncos with other financial contributions.

I do not reinforce or reward failure - only reinforce success and winning. If we start sitting back and accepting that the Broncos finishing in a 3-way tie for this year's MWC championship is somehow a Big Accomplishment, we are not really expecting anything other than that from the Broncos. If Bronco Nation, collectively, expects the Broncos to go out and bring back a National Championship to Idaho - they will - in time.

Here's a little Thought Provoker for you - Do you really believe that the Broncos finishing for a 3-way tie for the MWC championship is the same thing as 'The Broncos Won The MWC Championship'? Are you really proud of that - knowing there were two other teams in the Bronco's conference that are just as good as the Broncos and the Broncos have not proven, convincingly, that they are the best?

But, I guess if people set their expectations low for themselves and those entities and things (BSU Broncos) they hold 'dear' they will be rewarded with mediocrity. and not championships in their lives.

Maybe that is why Broncos deliver pizzas to Vandals and mow their lawns. I dunno.

Think small - be small.

We're all grumpy after five years of this. Take a number.


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brevity is the soul of wit

I guess we'll know the Broncos 2013 conference schedule next week, but there will still be many questions and much speculation.

More cupcakes...

then Walmart can sell in a year! College of Idaho is looking for a home and home! Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

Maybe with Sonny Dykes in place

Cal will drop their game against Portland St. on 9/7/13 and schedule a home and away with Boise State for 2013-14. Boise could drop the Tennessee-Martin game they have scheduled for 9/7/13.

Television Contract is .....

what reported and BSU's share would be $3 million. Their offer is for the new Big East Conference not the old conference and should be expected to be a lot lower with out the big name teams.
The Big east Conference still has a higher rating than the Mountain West. Bronco supporters need to keep that in mind as the low Strength Of Schedule contributed to BSU's low computer rating. teams in the Mountain West will have no shot at the playoffs unless they go undefeated and the other conference winners have multiple losses. If BSU stays in the Mountain West then they can forget a big time bowl game. But the good news is the Las Vegas game will eventually be renamed the "Bronco Bowl".

I agree Kustra needs to go, perhaps to Idaho as they continue to spiral back to Middle Earth with their new coach Perrin Patrino.

I really think BSU should get a new president and play independent until a new POWER conference can be formed. And of course when I use the term POWER that does leave out over half of the MWC and Idaho.

"Multiple sources"

According to multiple sources...

Coach Pete is now the coach at Arkansas

Butch Jones is head coach at Colorado

Joe Paterno passed 2 days before he actually died

West Virginia is still in the ACC

UConn is no longer in the Big East

Jon Gruden is coaching Tennessee


Charlie Sheen is be in rehab.......




Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Louisville on the Blue

I'll be flying home for that one.

Φ Prediction

I predict the final score will not be 9-3 or 3-9.

This is my prediction that there will be either more or less than 12 points total (and shown on the scoreboard, which is lighted) between the two teams. I also predict that only two (2) teams will be playing in this game. My final prediction is that the officiating crew (these are men dressed in some combination of black, gray, and white colours (because they are Victorian Formal) will continue to be male-only and will wear some combination of black, gray, and white colours.

My second final prediction is that the all-male officiating crew (which is less than 9+3 but greater than 9-3) will not be allowed to don the Nike-proposed 2013 Unofficial Penguin Motif for this game.


This game should be a highlight of next season. Have to wish for a Louisville win against Florida.

Louisville lists 6 QBs on their roster with Stein (filled in when Bridgewater was down) the only senior. Bridgewater is really good and his stats back it:

ps - I also predict that Chris Petersen, the Current Head Coaching Leader of the Boise State Broncos, will be the Head Coach of those aforementioned BSU Broncos prior to the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, that is documented (prior and subsequently) in papers or microfiche, or on someone's dongle, in the Official Archives of What Actually Occurred Before and During 2-for-1 Happy Hour and Before Last Call.

Not a bad home schedule


Certainly better than we've ever had....


houston, louisville, memphis & rutgers. 3 out of 4 likely to be televised. cincy, smu, sdsu & temple on the road. again 3 of 4 likely to be televised. could be a good year.


Think about a road trip to San Diego next year....

i'm automatic

thought about that last week.

Louisville...big deal.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.