Free parking in Downtown Boise on Saturday

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday, while you're wrapping up — or starting — your holiday shopping, you can park for free in various garages and lots around Downtown Boise. (Metered street parking is free as usual.)

Here are the garages and lots offering free parking, according to the Downtown Boise Association:

Public Parking Structures operated by Ampco Parking:
Capitol Terrace
Eastman Garage
Myrtle St Garage
City Center Garage
Grove Street Garage

Surface Lots operated by Car Park:
Fulton Lot - 8th and Fulton
Barber Lot- Capitol and Front
Boise Plaza East Lot- 10th and Bannock
Hoff Lot- 8th and Jefferson
Garro Lot-8th and Bannock
Shotys Lot- Myrtle and Capitol
B of A Lot- Capitol and Front

Surface Lots Operated by Republic Parking:
1080 Front St
6th and Idaho
510 W. Main St
560 W. Main St
116 S. 6th St
8th and River St
5th and Main St
618 W. Idaho St
10th and State St
5th and Front St
10th and Idaho St
11th and Idaho St
Capital and Fulton
6th and Jefferson
210 N. 6th St
500 W. Idaho
416 W. Idaho
5th and Idaho
Wells Fargo Garage

Surface Lots Operated by Diamond Parking:
1010 W Jefferson St
176 S Capital Blvd
507 W Idaho Ave
6th and Grove St

Parking is why I don't spend

Parking is why I don't spend my thousands of dollars on down town. Seriously. If you don't want my business, I won't spend my money or parking downtown.

THe ma;; and a million other retailers have free parking. Why shoud I go downtown?

That's bogus

Parking isn't why you don't spend your "thousands" of dollars downtown, it is because you are cheap and lazy. There is plenty of free parking in close proximity to downtown if you are willing to walk a few blocks. The reality of the situation is you are too lazy to walk, and want the convenience of parking as close to the front door of whatever establishment you choose to frequent (Walmart). It has nothing to do with parking, there is plenty of parking available downtown and if it were all free nobody would be able to shop or park anywhere in that area. I would have bought the argument that there isn't the variety you seek at other locations in town, but don't make excuses for your laziness!

Oh, yeah, you spend

your "thousands of dollars" elsewhere. I'm sure the K and W marts love to see you walk in the door. You need to go to a real city and see what it costs to park "downtown".

I do. It's free to park in Ontario and I have a bike.


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