Boise's City Council goes where Idaho's Legislature won't

An editorial sneak preview. Since I have a column running Thursday, this won't make the paper until Friday. But here's the draft.

On Tuesday night, a City Council of six showed more courage than a Legislature of 105.

The Boise City Council voted unanimously to stand up for their consitutuents, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

This ban on discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodation goes into effect on Jan. 1 — which, if sorry tradition holds, will be just about the time the Legislature returns to town with no intention of entertaining a statewide anti-discrimination law.

In a perfect world, Boise’s principled and practical ordinance would inspire (or shame) legislators into action. More likely, it will instead provide a template for other Idaho cities to follow.

Whatever it takes. On this issue, we’ll celebrate our victories where we can find them. And we await the day when such legislation is commonplace.

Our society isn’t quite there yet. So Tuesday was an evening of significance and emotion.

Collectively, Boise’s City Council spoke with one voice, on the side of human dignity.

An overflow audience rose to givde the council a well-deserved standing ovation.

How much longer will the Legislature turn a deaf ear?

105 legislators

To be fair, wasn't it just Curt Mackenzie's committee that made the decision to kill the bill?

Mackenzie's committee would not even allow a vote

Mackenzie's committee is at fault here because it would not even allow the subject to get to the floor.