Five Boise State football players named to All-Mountain West first team

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Five Boise State football players — including four members of the standout defense — made the All-Mountain West first team, released Tuesday.

All are first-time honorees.

Junior center Matt Paradis was the lone Bronco on the first-team offense. Senior defensive tackle Mike Atkinson, sophomore defensive end Demarcus Lawrence, senior linebacker J.C. Percy and senior cornerback Jamar Taylor made the first team on defense. Percy is the first Boise State inside linebacker to make the all-conference first team since Korey Hall in 2006.

Sophomore wide receiver Matt Miller, junior offensive tackle Charles Leno Jr., senior offensive tackle Brenel Myers and senior cornerback Jerrell Gavins made the second team.

Boise State’s honorable-mention selections were senior tailback D.J. Harper, sophomore safety Jeremy Ioane, senior linebacker Tommy Smith and junior defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe.

The Mountain West’s award winners were Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr (Offensive Player of the Year), Fresno State safety Phillip Thomas (Defensive Player of the Year), Hawaii kickoff returner Mike Edwards (Special Teams Player of the Year), Fresno State wide receiver Davante Adams (Freshman of the Year) and San Diego State coach Rocky Long (Coach of the Year).

Carr led the Mountain West and ranked ninth nationally with a rating of 160.64. Thomas led the nation with eight interceptions, including three for touchdowns. Edwards ranks sixth in the nation in kickoff-return average and scored three touchdowns. Adams led the Mountain West in receptions (89), receiving yards (1,168) and receiving touchdowns (13). And Long earned a share of the Mountain West title, a first for the Aztecs, by winning at Nevada and at Boise State with a backup quarterback.

Nevada had the most first- and second-teamers with 10. Fresno State and Boise State had nine. San Diego State had seven.


Notes on the Broncos who made the first and second teams:

Paradis — Anchored the line that produces 173.1 rushing yards per game and ranks seventh in the nation in sacks allowed (.75 per game).

Atkinson — He contributed 37 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and a game-winning interception return (vs. BYU) in nine games before tearing an anterior cruciate ligament.

Lawrence — Junior college transfer led the Mountain West with 9.5 sacks in his first season. He recorded a sack against five of the seven Mountain West teams he played.

Taylor — He has 47 tackles, 2.5 sacks, eight pass breakups, three forced fumbles and three interceptions.

Percy — He leads the team with 101 tackles, the most since Hall in 2006. Teammates named him the defensive MVP.

Leno — He moved from right tackle to left tackle this season, so he has provided the back-side protection for the Broncos’ quarterback for two years.

Miller — He leads the Broncos with 60 catches for 679 yards and five touchdowns. He isn’t as flashy as some, but his value to the Broncos’ pass game is immeasurable.

Myers — He wasn’t even expected to start when the season began but he locked down the job at right tackle and, after showing promise in the past, delivered the consistent play coaches wanted to see.

Gavins — He made 29 tackles and two interceptions this season. He and Taylor are the top reason that Boise State ranks seventh in the nation in pass efficiency defense.

Of the nine, four are from Idaho (two), Montana or Canada. The others are from California (two), Florida, South Carolina and Texas.

Here is the full release from the Mountain West.


Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit and Tom Rinaldi will be the announcing team for ESPN for the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas.

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Φ Great job Broncos!

Atkinson for "Rumble of the Year".

Great Job!

The BSU Football program has made BSU one of the best Universities there is!

Go Broncos!!!

Football (athletic) programs

Football (athletic) programs don't make Universities, academics make Universities who then make football traditions. Therein lies the problem with no conference invities from PAC 12, SEC, etc. Go Huskies!

Rumor has coach Pete on the next flight to Madison.

But seriously, not a bad gig. Pete would have to give it serious consideration if the Badgers make him a offer. I am not as confident as I once was that coach Pete won't leave.

Good one...

Not happening.

Quick post from Badger

Quick post from Badger country....gotta admit Coach Pete's name has been brought up by multiple sources here as second in line on our AD's list if Paul Chryst says no. While I would love to have him coach my Badgers, I doubt he'll leave. With all the rumors about Chip Kelly going to the NFL next season, that's the only place I would see Pete heading

Youre right, hes not leaving my friend

The Oregon AD would hire from within. They love their OC and would give him the job if Kelly goes to the NFL.

I think all Bronco fans are stuck with Coach Pete for awhile. Sigh.

Coach Petersens best coaching job was this year. He has a nice young group, will end up with the best recruiting class since 07 and his family loves Boise. He said no to UCLA, no to Stanford, and no to Cal. All places he could compete for a national title. Wisky is a fine program, with great fans. But he won't go there. That's good for both of us. And I think Chryst would take the Badgers and make them even better.

Apparently Chryst said no

Apparently Chryst said no and Coach Pete is interviewing in Madison on Monday. Still think he ain't coming but well played by him to get some more $$$

Did you get that info from


Φ Maybe here?

"Another source close to the UW Athletic Department said Alvarez has been in contact with Boise State coach Chris Petersen and an interview could happen as early as Monday.

Both UW sources spoke on the condition of anonymity, because they have not been cleared to speak publicly on these issues."

Here you go cah

The latest

I know fan is short for fanatic

But geezus theres a lot of boneheads out there...Cal fans, Arkansas fans and now Wisky fans. Cah NOT included. Hes just reporting whats being said. Anyone of these so-called blogging sites (hogcountry etc...) who posts from "sources" that turn out to be false should be scorned. And anyone who believes all the bullc$it without real evidence should be horsewhipped.

I will say Barry Alvarez on the Dan Patrick Show this morning did say he was going to reach out to Chris Petersen to see if he wanted the job. Thats the closest thing to anything about the rumors of an interview.

“I haven’t talked to Chris Peterson (sic),” Alvarez said. “I always felt Chris was pretty locked in at Boise. …I may ask to see if he’s interested. “

B Alvarez

He was just on Rome and said he's never considered Coach Petersen because he doesn't think he will ever leave Boise.

JL - I tole you so and I tole you so, many times

Coach Pete has it 'made in the shade' in Boise and he is not leaving.

So, stop already with the 'chasing your tail' routine and wringing your hands and calling for the horsewhipping of posters who are playing your game and you are playing theirs, too.

How many horsewhips you got, anyways?

You are acting like those other posters you loath so much and want to see hanged, quartered, and mutilated by hunger wracked Bronco Thunder Thigh Dancers.

Don't you know when to just ignore the rumor mill and understand that is how the game is played by the inner workings of the CFB coaching network to gain leverage for contract extensions and upgrades at the end of every season?


What a noob.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - What a Zit Head.

PPS - I predict you and/or the other members of your Out To Lunch Bunch will respond to this post and help me increase my successful prediction percentage. Thanx in advance.

When did Coach Pete

change his name to Bret Bielema? I just saw that he got the job at Arkansas. A name change is the only sane explanation since it was a done deal that Chris Petersen was going to leave BSU for Arkansas.

Coaches play musical chairs

We should worry more about the defensive coach leaving. Coach Pete should of learned a lesson with Koetter and Hawkins.

ooooo, all conference... the conference of turds, large foreheads and uncledaddies means zilch...big in a reaL CONFERENCE AGAINST REAL TEAMS turds!!!!

Coach UncleDaddy Pete...

...missed his chance at the big time when Florida, Ohio State and Michigan were hiring...when Chipster bolts Helfrich will get the job and poor lil ole pete will be outsmarted again...

Oh well, better stay at turd U instead of being run out of the game like Hawkins and Koetter!! LOL and rack me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Chipper

Going to beat it (ala PC) out of town before the hammer comes down.....