Idaho Power wants to expand program that allows customers lower bills when they produce power

Idaho Power would exchange credits for payments to customers who produce more power than they use under a proposal to expand its program.

Idaho Power currently offsets excess power from 350 customers with wind, solar, hydro, biomass and fuel cell technologies through its net metering program. The program would be doubled from a total of 2.9 megawatts to 5.8 megawatts allowed.

Under the program the residential and small commercial customer is limited to 25 kilowatts in generation. Other rate classes can connect up to 100 kilowatts of generation but the connection and credit are calculated differently.

Under the plan their electric meters spin backwards, providing a credit for energy produced against charges for energy used.

It wants the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to approve the new program by October, 2013.

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IPC's request is TERRIBLE for customers


You should read Idaho Power's filing more closely. Yes, they want to increase the cap for the net meter program, however, the rest of the proposed changes are absolutely terrible for customers. All current net meter customers' bills will increase significantly. And there are many who will end up with a larger electric bill than if they did not put solar panels on their house. Unbelievably messed up.

Idaho Power likes to talk about their support for renewable energy. They could not have written a proposal that discourages renewable energy more than this filing.

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