Boise State football coach Chris Petersen downplays matchup with Wilcox; Huskies eager to face Broncos; Patti wins scout award

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State football coach Chris Petersen said Monday that the matchup against Washington defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox won’t be on his mind as the Broncos play the Huskies in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas.

Wilcox was Petersen’s defensive coordinator from 2006 to 2009. That was Wilcox’s first job as a coordinator.

“I’ve played a lot of people I’ve been close to,” Petersen said. “You just play the game. … Really, you don’t think about it much, even up to the game.”

Boise State junior Joe Southwick was the scout team quarterback as a true freshman in 2009, Wilcox’s last season with the Broncos.

“I’m not real sure what that means, or how that plays out,” he said. “My preparation won’t change at all. … I’m sure the coaches will have some advice on what to prepare for. It will be great to see him and catch up with him and see how he’s doing.”

Boise State offensive coordinator Robert Prince and quarterbacks coach Jonathan Smith were not on the staff with Wilcox. Neither were defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake or defensive line coach Andy Avalos. That might be enough change to limit any inside knowledge Wilcox might have of the Broncos.

Washington coach Steve Sarkisian met with reporters in Seattle on Monday. He said it’s too early to tell the impact Wilcox might make in game planning.

“I don’t think Boise in the last five, six, seven years has changed dramatically in any area,” Sarkisian said. “I’ve seen them a few times on film. They’re going to do what they do. Obviously Boise will have a few trick plays up their sleeve. … I’ll be able to answer that better when we get a chance to spend some quality time looking at the film.”


Petersen said it’s “a little awkward” to play Washington in the bowl and the 2013 season opener, but he isn’t sure how it will affect next year’s game.

“I have no idea,” he said. “Maybe that’s kind of the beauty of it.”

Washington went through a similar experience with Nebraska. The Huskies and Huskers met three times in a calendar year, including the 2010 Holiday Bowl.

“It becomes a healthy competition,” Sarkisian said. “That’s what makes this unique. Somebody is going to win Dec. 22 and somebody for nine months is going to be wanting that rematch to show they’re worthy of beating the other team and the other team’s got nine months to show that wasn’t a fluke and they can do it again. For both schools, it serves as great motivation.”

Sarkisian said the MAACO Bowl was the game the Huskies wanted. They beat out Arizona for the spot.

“You never know when you lose your last (game) the kind of taste it can leave in the bowl games’ mouth,” he said. “We were hopeful all along we could get in that game and were fortunate that we did.”


Petersen, on what he knows about the Huskies:

“I’ve seen them a couple times — not a whole game or anything like that. I know they’ve got a young team and they’re getting better all the time. I have heard that next year is their year, or now is their time. Just because we’re playing them next year, I’ve heard those things.”


Petersen said he was presented with any other bowl options:

“There was no asking or pushing to go do something different. They said this is where we’re playing and who we’re playing.”


Freshman Nick Patti became the fourth straight quarterback to win the Offensive Scout Player of the Year award Sunday, following Southwick, sophomore Grant Hedrick and redshirt freshman Jimmy Laughrea.

Patti took a different route than those guys, though, because he came in for spring ball and competed for the starting job.

Petersen said he was impressed with how Patti handled the year.

“He is an awesome, awesome person,” Petersen said. “All the coaches, his teammates — everybody likes being around him. … We also obviously like him as a player, but that’s the thing that has jumped out to me so far about Nick is that he’s just got that ‘it’ factor as a person. Now hopefully he’s got that ‘it’ factor as a quarterback and then we’ve really got something going. Obviously he does have good talent. We’ve seen that for a long time. We haven’t been disappointed since he’s been here. It will be good to see him go for real (in the spring) now that he has had all this experience under his belt."

Redshirt freshman defensive end Sam Ukwuachu said Patti was the offensive scout-teamer who caught his attention.

“Just how he commanded the offense,” Ukwuachu said. “If they were having an off-day, how he picked them up and said, ‘We’ve got to get the defense better.’ ”

Here is the complete list of team award winners.


Teammates voted linebacker J.C. Percy as the defensive MVP over the more heralded Demarcus Lawrence (defensive end) and Jamar Taylor (cornerback).

“It says a lot about J.C. — what he’s meant to this program and the year he’s had, because Demarcus and Jamar kind of play a little more high-profile positions,” Petersen said. “Those defensive ends are getting sacks and picking up fumbles and certainly the corners, there’s no hiding there. So for the guys to select J.C., those are the guys that really know what’s going on. It’s just a tribute to the career, to the season, that he’s had.”


Finals week at Boise State is the same week as the MAACO Bowl. The Broncos leave town on Tuesday, Dec. 18. The last two years, the game was the week after finals.

“We’ll get them all done for the most part before we leave,” Petersen said. “There may be a professor or two who doesn’t want that to happen and they’ll maybe take them there.”


Southwick on the matchup:

“From a player’s standpoint, you want to play the best team you can. I think we got that in Washington. It will be our third time going to Vegas. The good thing is there will be some familiarity to it. … It’s a great bowl. Personally, I’ve had a lot of fun the first two years I’ve gone.”

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Good bowl,

good matchup, good trip. Had fun the past two years, and expect more of the same this year--and an inspired game from the Broncos! And, thanks to coach Pete, his staff, and all the players for making it happen.

This is the way college football should be...

Play teams 2 times in a year just like basketball. As Wash coach says ya get a rematch. Would be great if college football ran longer and teams played 16 games and had 8 conference teams with everyone playing each other twice in conference play and then play 2 non conference games.
Give schools 8 home games a year for income. Tough on players but appears not many worry about that anyway. Give em a little money and they would be happy camper anyway if they are like me when at that age.
Another great year broncos and thanks to the seniors.


He sure doesn't sound a guy set to take the Arkansas job tomorrow, an event which is being reported as a 100% certainty by the Arkansas media and college football blogs which are correct easily 2-3% of the time.

well, it is arkansas

so it may have been written by an in-bred hillbilly. just sayin.

broncos69...where u been???

You and the rest of your unibrow, large forehead uncle daddies would know inbred hillbillys when you see them!! Be careful in vegas, dont get rufied!!

You know, Its been reported that since Boise St has been such a regular in Vegas these last years, there is starting to be quite the increase in demand for Roy Clark, Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, Grandpa, Minnie Pearl and your Uncle, Junior Samples to perform during Bowl week!! Lots of corn cobb pipe stands poppin up too...Vegas is the new Boise I guess...LOL!!!!

looks like it bumduck

we are always happy to go to the las vegas bowl and beat up on another bum from the pac 2. give us a couple of years and we will have beaten every team in the conference. some of them, like your ducks, we enjoyed it so much we beat them two years in a row. quite the story really. small town irrelevant program beats every team in the pac 2. we might even get dwight yoakam to write a song about it. footballs, quacky quacks & hillbilly music.

Poor bcluck

Next years Oregon replaces this years Ohio State......

Well you got one thing right donkeys81...

IRRELEVANT!!!! Thats what Boise has always been, and no matter how hard they try, jumping conferences twice, hiring PR firms, whining to congressmen and senators, crying unfairness...none of it has mattered...

The truth is...
Oregon is one of four teams in the BCS era to go to 4 consecutive BCS bowls
Boise has been, is and always will be on the outside looking in
BDuck and his football knowledge is always racked!!!

Rack me again baby and have fun in Vegas...dont get rufied!!!!

Another Bum from the Pac 2

Interesting coming from a fan of a team trying to find a conference. The UW and its fans have been discussing this as the start of a regular rivalry in the NW, which could be fun. Many of your players come from Washington State and many of us follow BSU. There also has been talk (from Larry Scott) that BSU and San Diego State are logical additions to make a Pac 14. As the Pac 12 $$ keeps rolling in from TV, the "Bum" in our names will go away and you will wish you were nice to us.

My Huskies did get killed by 4 teams and God forbid WSU, but we were the only team to beat Stanford in league and we beat Oregon State. Now, I am sure your pass happy Broncos will probably win as we are very young, but don't be surprised if we prevail. I am not sure we are the Bums you make us out to be.

Comments like you have made (even to a Duck, which is somewhat understandable) are out of line. Is your post indicative of the average BSU Fan; I hope not. I remember the large number of BSU fans that came to Seattle a few years ago and they seemed OK. Plus, many of my friends have had family members go to BSU.

OldHusky....Yes many Bronco fans are even lower than the

average Vandal fan of days of old....Broncos get alittle hussie when losses are in....

The Huskies are good, but even you must admit it was funny when WSU came from 18 points behind in 4th qurter....being an aggie, I had to root for WSU....

Washington is a long ways behind the James era, but their team this year is not all that bad. I have watched 4 of their games and they only blow it themselves....they are talented. They made Stanford look silly, but then so did Arizona to Washington....

Washington will beat Boise State....

Washington will only lose if Price tries to win it himself, much like what Nelson Riley does....



Φ Why


Certificate is already posted.

Ah yes, but theres more to earn....



no disrespect intended for your program. last i looked we have never beaten uw. my comments were aimed at bumduck.

Well, it is ok to bash "bumduck"



I can see Chip Kelly and Jim Rome rolling their eyes at the realization that you are on their side.


I've been reading those reports, Cal okay and somewhere okay, but Ark, goodness, goodness.......


It would be beyond shocking if he went anywhere but Cal, Oregon, or Stanford (especially with the Oregon job possibly on the verge of opening up). But in this business, coaches make dumb moves all the time. I don't believe the Arkansas rumors.....but they are out there and those reporting them seem very sure of themselves. Of course, this is going to be an annual thing as long as he's here - last year it was a "done deal" to both UCLA and North Carolina.

This is all smoke and mirrors to get a better contract

Every year, SOS.

It will result in Coach Pete's contract and those of his coaches being modified to get them more money.

Coach Pete is not going anywhere.

Just sit back and watch it all unfold and then read in the February time frame how the Idaho SBOE has approved a modification to his contract giving him a little more money and the same for his coaches.

Regarding Patti. The kid should leave BSU after this semester and transfer for Spring Training with some other team.

The writing is on the wall, Nick is just bench filler and an extra passing arm for the receivers during the weeks at practices.

Now that the Broncos went 10-2 for the season and will win the MAACO Bowl, under Swick's QB performance; it is gonna be real hard to sit Swick next Fall and bump Patti ahead.

Patti is also facing the other new 'QB' Sensation (Ryan Findley) who hasn't got here yet but is supposed to be better than Patti and is 6'5" and advertised as 220 lbs.

Patti will once again, be 'odd man out'.

If Patti wants to play at the FBS level, he needs to find another team to do it with.

It might be slim pickins' for him now that he has completed his Red Shirt year, regarding choices for transfer.

Yes, Masoli transferred from Oregon to Old Miss, but Masoli was a proven and tested performer on the field.

Relax Fellow Broncos. Coach Pete is going to be our coach for next year and probably many more. Not to worry.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

I actually agree with you, VNDL

"Regarding Patti. The kid should leave BSU after this semester and transfer for Spring Training with some other team.

The writing is on the wall, Nick is just bench filler and an extra passing arm for the receivers during the weeks at practices.

Now that the Broncos went 10-2 for the season and will win the MAACO Bowl, under Swick's QB performance; it is gonna be real hard to sit Swick next Fall and bump Patti ahead.

Patti is also facing the other new 'QB' Sensation (Ryan Findley) who hasn't got here yet but is supposed to be better than Patti and is 6'5" and advertised as 220 lbs."

Southwick wont lose his job after improving during the season. And, Findley would redshirt next year in order to take over in 2014. Of course, that is under the assumption Findley doesn't get pulled away by another school. Until he signs with Boise State on National Signing Day (or whatever it's called), nothing is final.

The Broncos will lose Maaco....The Broncos are good but they

have had a hard time beating opponents with 4 or more wins....

Washington is the Pac12s 6th best team, not the fifth....Arizona clobbered Washington....

Washington is not a great team, but they are speedy and Broncos always have a hard time with teams and the qb options....

it will be a good game though....

So you suggesting that a kid

that was an "Elite 11" QB that was scout player of the year should transfer because another kid that is coming in is taller?

Come on RM! get real

Well, no

I'm not saying that's the only reason. But, it's apparent Southwick will be the QB next year. Is Patti going to be ok with being a backup again next year, expecially when Hedrick is still on the team? I dont think he would, but I havent talked to him. He has been practically treated as the heir-apparent to KM, and having to wait another season may not fly.

On the other hand, Findley plays very well. He has a highlight reel on youtube,and the kid can play. He has a great arm, isnt afraid to run, and is difficult to tackle. Think Tebow, but with a great arm. He's not perfect, but give him a red-shirt year and he'll be the next starter.

Patti, in all fairness, has the same great playing abilities. I just wonder whether his inability to actually get on the field will cause him to think about moving on. I think he loses out when Findley arrives at the school.

Φ Don't bet on it.

"Patti may be great, but I think he loses out when Findley arrives at the school."

Who is to say that Petersen won't put in special packages for Nick and ease him into the offense that way? Injuries, don't want any, but not out of the realm.

Nick could possibly start for 3 years, because it sure doesn't look like Laughrea is next in line.

This is all ridiculous conjecture with zero foundation.

[Edit: My quote is accurate prior to your edit.]

Come on RM

Haven't you read Coach Petes comments on Patti? First he's a great guy that teammates love. Teammates don't love selfish "me" guys. Second, Patti has impressed coaches and teammates with his leadership and coachability. Patti will do what he's asked and even if Joe wins the job again next year, not a given, Patti will get good reps and learn even more. Findley may be great, but its not because of a YouTube video. Those videos are nice but don't mean s#!t. We don't know if he can even play at this level.

This conversation is ridiculous to have now. So much happens between now and next fall, let alone 2 falls from now.

Φ JL, ridiculous

The usual source of ill intent, ridiculous claims, and strife-intending diatribe ... consider that.

Guy should have been a script writer for some kiddie show ... one in which self-congratulation at just being noticed is the running theme.

Accurate razor

I can't see his posts because they switched back to blocked when it turned over a few weeks ago. But after reading RMs post I get the jist, which is good enough. I'm all for fun speculation but just making stuff up just for attention are these losers (ugs and his bu++ buddy) MO.

By the way, as educated Bronco fans everywhere understand, Patti will have every opportunity to win the job and I expect a close race. Competition is important. And a close race is good for the team, good for the fans, and bad news for opponents.

ugly - it is a Green Light for us little mice to get some cheese

The can't see what we post ad have blocked our posts.

We can run wild now. They can't see us.


What say you razor, JL, B1234567, B81, Windex, RMS.

I love it when you read our posts and respond to them.

I love it when you don't read our posts and still respond to the.

As we have been telling you guys - it is people like you guys that are addicted to reading the writings, ideas, thoughts, and pronouncements of True 3-D Thinkers (aka., Idaho Vandals.)


Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - I predict that none of you guys in the Gang That Couldn't Think Straight will respond to this post. I will be correct in that prediction, I just know. This will bring my average of correct predictions on these blogs to a little over 99%. Or you could simply respond to this post and prove me wrong and a 'faulty predictor'.

VNDL....I did post a response and it did go to

spam, and was blocked....

I wrote on Orson Well's 1984 and his term of 'Big Brother is Watching You'....

I am reading 1984 online, interesting stuff for an author in 1945....

I see paralells between 1984 and todays Broncos....

PS. Keep up the good work. Your past 8 predictions have come true. That is, 8 for 8 or 100%....

Φ The dumbest post ever made ...

and ugly takes the prize.

How effing stupid can you be ugly? How many times can you face-plant and still get up with a semblance of a face?

Orson Wells (it isn't "Well's" no matter how many times you try to make a plural or possessive of "well"). You "wrote" on "Orson Well's" 1984 ..."? Sure you did you blithering idiot.

It was George Orwell who wrote "1984".

Orson Wells ... George Orwell ... pretty close for a dumbbell who can't find a bell tower in the dark.

Thanks Razor

For a second there I thought Tom Cruise actually wrote "War of Worlds (World's for those in the Magic Valley)"

Good stuff

razor - I just don't undrstad your addiction to anything ugly

or VNDL.

I just don't get it.

First you say that ugly makes the dumbest post you ever read then you analyze and pick apart his post word for word.

If his posts are so dumb - they why do you constantly read them and respond to them.

If one applies Jeffersonian Lithuanian Logic to this situation, would it not be deduced that you are the World's Dumbest Reader ever made.

Think about it.

That is how the logic works out. Even Common Bronco Fans can follow that logic. Yet I predict there will be some of them that will respond and 'just not get it'.

Just sit back and watch the fish feeding frenzy and get ready to 'reel 'em in'.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - We all know it was Kitty Wells (Orson's Mom) who wrote Under The Spreading Chestnut Tree and it was published in 1984. Everybody knows that !!!!! Sheesh - what a noob.

No question about it

These two received the same education (if you can call it that).

PS Come on, every Vandal knows it's Kitty "Well's"

It's a Brave New World

not 1984. I was reading that classic novel by Cliff Huxtable earlier this year.

His Dad

sang White Christmas and was from Spokane.

I knew his Grandaughter in Moscow.

She was kinda fat and a little 'slow'.

So she only did one semester at Idaho, academically folded, and then got into something with food and cooking and bar tending down at the BSC Bar Fly Seminar/Program in Boise, when BSC was the Flagship school for producing Bar Flies.

BSC became BSU and the old Bar Fly Program went away and was replaced by the History of Communications Program a few years ago. Bar Flies are still very prevalent at BSU, it is just that they operate more 'in the shadows' and use The Cactus Club as the main classroom.

B1234567 - Okay, here's a history question for you

Was Tenese Earnie Ford really from Tenesee or was he originally from Placerville in the Boise Basin?

He was a good singer getting his start doing opera in San Francisco at Carol Doda's club, and an even better actor, playing a Marine private in a unit living in quonset barracks. He was a hero and they did a movie about his life. It was called 'To Hel! and Beyond'.

He married Marylin Monroe before she married Yogi (the catcher of the New York Dodgers).


razor....hold the, '1984 by Orson Wells' and

it actually comes up with his version. That is where I downloaded the book and have been reading it....Yes I have the actor and author mixed and my mistake....and yes,

1984 and Animal Farm by same author? and War of Worlds another....

But the parallels are similar in America now and America then and also Germany....

We are repeating history on a very dangerous level....the printing press and the weimar republic....hyperinflation is truly at our corner....

I am reading these books because they reflect the times of those days that were are doing all over again....

What does this have to do with Bronco Football? Everything !!!!

The move to the Big East is going to consume anything they gain from tv and even is a financial collapse that we will read about in 2015....

Big Brother is Watching You....

I took out some cash yesterday and it was interesting....a big bank and I asked how much cash can I cash out? You would be surprised how little there was in a bank that hows $millions in electronic numbers....

For the record

In the United States, banks are required to only carry a minimum of 3% of the total sum of their customers checking accounts. Few banks keeps more than this on hand for security reasons. This is why you should make sure your bank is an FDIC institution.

Shouldn't be surprised, been this way for some time.

RM - It sure didn't take them long to cower you

into not standing behind your own opinion.

Grow a pair and stand up and share your honest opinions. That is what these blogs are for.

So what if other people don't agree with your own opinions.

But, I guess it is more important for some to be 'liked' and 'accepted' and 'part of the group' than to have an opinion and openly share it with the boards.

There are many I don't share their opinions with, but I respect them when they lay their opinions out with reasoning behind their opinion.

You should ask yourself the question of why is it if people have opinions different than your own, they get labeled as 'stupid' or a 'dipshidiot' or etc.

Every wondered about those kind of people?

And you want to be a part of their group so bad that you will cower on your knees shaking in your boots, if any of them chastise you for having the audacity to have your own personal opinion that has not been approved by them first.


Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

What are you talking about?

Just because I dont respond back does not mean I am cowering to anyone. I stand by my earlier statement. The other guys disagree, and that's fine. I'm just not being a jerk about it. It's just my thinking. In this case, I agree with some of what you said. Only time will tell who was right. Maybe Patti stays and becomes a greater QB than Kellen. I dont know.

I guess I'm just more cynical than most when it comes to human nature. I always think a young kid who is constantly showered with praise will always take a selfish position. Look at players like Terrell Owens and even Titus Young. As such, I am reluctant to think a kid that is receiving attention will stick to their commitments and be man of his word. An example of this is Chris Seisay, who decommitted from Boise State to go to Oregon. I wasn't surprised, but I didnt care. I didn't think he was that good anyway. Besides, right after this happened, we got a commitment from Jack Austin, who (in my opinion) is a far better player. So, it worked out for us.

Personally, I think Finley becomes the next starting QB in 2014. On the flip side, I've also stated I wouldn't be surprised if Finley gets pulled away by a "bigger" school. After all, those schools would have more exposure than little ol' Boise State. Again, I'm looking at worst-case scenario. I'm just negative. I admit it. I've earned the right to be cynical.

As for me cowering, I never cowered in my life. I sure as h*ll wont do it over a disagreement. I disagree with B443S42U, TBK, razor and JLandon as much as I agree with them. It doesnt mean anything. We still get along. It's not going to change the fact that we all can sit around a table at The Ram drinking beer and eating fried shrimp (ya, I'm looking at you, razor). It's just a couple fans talking about stuff. We're not going to war over it. Some guys are more in tune with what is going on with the players, and have better insight. That's fine. I still have an opinion.

For the record, I still think Southwick is the worst QB this team has had since 2007. I also think DJ Harper isnt good enough to be an every-down back. I also think Rob Akey was a good coach, who got stuck with crappy players. These are my opinions, and I'm sure lots of folks (including those listed above) may disagree with me. Guess what. I'm not changing my opinion.

Well put RM

You and I disagree on many things, we also agree on many things (including, I'm sure, the resigning of Scutaro:)

BTW, if what I have been hearing is true, you'll be a happy guy on opening day next year.

BSU cannot pay Petersen, its a new world

I am a BSU fan and hope things go well for you. But Cal will be paying their ex-coach 8 million to fire him; what will they pay Petersen? Cal is a prime job. Also, I wonder if Petersen is excited about your new league. Oregon, or Nike U, has the money too.

Petersen may be different and love the city of trees so much he will turn down millions. Heck, you have lost coaches before and are an attractive program so I would not worry about it; wish him well.

You can always tell

when the Village Idiot gets liquored up........

I live in Phoenix

Findley will redshirt next year, he isn't ready yet. He's not even the best QB in Phoenix, let alone ready to start for BSU. He's maybe the 4th best QB in the city.


hogcountry is hogwash. today they have article stating Coach Petersen backed out, "changed his mind."

Φ Yeah, and the goof writer,

Hodges, can't even spell "gaudy" in referencing coach Pete's 83-8 record (gawdy? ... as in gawd-awful "reporting"). He cites no evidence that Petersen ever talked with Arkansas. "Multiple sources" and social media, huh? That's pretty credible.

Loved your comment on that site: "Petersen was never a candidate. The story is complete garbage."

rare appearance

on another blog. couldn't let it go unchallenged.

Φ Interesting numbers regarding

this year's bowls.

Riddle...what wears blue and orange to Vegas every year??

Unibrows, huge foreheads and otherwords, The annual pilgrimage by Boise State and their fans to sin city...Dont get rufied...!!!!

Another riddle

What school loses once, and gets left out of the Pac-12 Championship AND the BCS National Championship in the same season?

(Hint: they crashed mightily on a blue football field two seasons in a row)