Northern Illinois gains on No. 15 Boise State in USA Today Coaches' Poll; Petersen votes Broncos No. 14

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team remained ahead of Northern Illinois in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday, but the Huskies cut into the Broncos’ lead in points as the two teams jockey for a possible Bowl Championship Series berth.

The Broncos (10-2) held at No. 15 in the poll with 569 points — 90 more than last week. The Huskies (12-1) moved up two spots to No. 16 — with 118 more points than last week.

BCS analyst Jerry Palm said Boise State needed to gain on Northern Illinois in the polls to have a chance to hold off the Huskies in the BCS standings.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl-bound Utah State is No. 20.

Also interesting in the Coaches’ Poll: Northwestern is No. 17 and Louisville is No. 18, which means one of them could jump Boise State and Northern Illinois. Nebraska fell to No. 21, which could help the non-BCS teams.

Here is the full poll.

In The Associated Press Top 25, Boise State climbed five spots to No. 20. Northern Illinois is No. 16 and Utah State is No. 18.

In the Harris Poll, Boise State finished No. 15 — one spot ahead of Northern Illinois.


USA Today has posted the ballots of every coach here.

Boise State was as high as No. 14 (19 ballots) and as low as No. 22 (three ballots).

Here’s coach Chris Petersen’s Top 25:

1. Notre Dame, 2. Alabama, 3. Oregon, 4. Florida, 5. Stanford, 6. Georgia, 7. Kansas State, 8. LSU, 9. Texas A&M, 10. South Carolina, 11. Oklahoma, 12. Florida State, 13. Clemson, 14. Boise State, 15. Louisville, 16. Northern Illinois, 17. Oregon State, 18. UCLA, 19. Northwestern, 20. Michigan, 21. Utah State, 22. San Diego State, 23. Rutgers, 24. Nebraska, 25. San Jose State.


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Notre Dame (60) 12-0 1,500 1
2. Alabama 12-1 1,424 2
3. Ohio St. 12-0 1,302 4
4. Florida 11-1 1,279 5
5. Oregon 11-1 1,250 6
6. Georgia 11-2 1,213 3
7. Kansas St. 11-1 1,129 7
8. Stanford 11-2 1,094 8
9. LSU 10-2 1,051 9
10. Texas A&M 10-2 1,025 10
11. South Carolina 10-2 907 11
12. Oklahoma 10-2 851 12
13. Florida St. 11-2 789 13
14. Clemson 10-2 691 15
15. Oregon St. 9-3 638 16
16. N. Illinois 12-1 534 19
17. UCLA 9-4 440 17
18. Utah St. 10-2 379 20
19. Michigan 8-4 306 21
20. Boise St. 10-2 276 25
21. Northwestern 9-3 266 22
22. Louisville 10-2 248 NR
23. Nebraska 10-3 227 14
24. San Jose St. 10-2 157 NR
25. Kent St. 11-2 117 18
Others receiving votes: Penn St. 83, Vanderbilt 67, Wisconsin 62, Texas 51, San Diego St. 22, Fresno St. 20, Baylor 15, Cincinnati 15, Oklahoma St. 15, TCU 14, Arkansas St. 13, Southern Cal 11, Tulsa 9, Rutgers 6, Ball St. 2, North Carolina 1, West Virginia 1.


Here is the full USA Today poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Notre Dame (56) 12-0 1,470 1
2. Alabama (3) 12-1 1,417 2
3. Oregon 11-1 1,313 4
4. Florida 11-1 1,287 5
5. Georgia 11-2 1,216 3
6. Kansas State 11-1 1,190 7
7. LSU 10-2 1,111 6
8. Stanford 11-2 1,047 9
9. Texas A&M 10-2 1,039 8
10. South Carolina 10-2 947 10
11. Oklahoma 10-2 890 11
12. Florida State 11-2 853 12
13. Clemson 10-2 769 14
14. Oregon State 9-3 663 17
15. Boise State 10-2 569 15
16. Northern Illinois 12-1 495 18
17. Northwestern 9-3 444 20
18. Louisville 10-2 409 23
19. UCLA 9-4 408 16
20. Utah State 10-2 334 22
21. Nebraska 10-3 328 13
22. Michigan 8-4 278 24
23. Wisconsin 8-5 115 NR
24. San Jose State 10-2 110 NR
25. Texas 8-4 97 21
Others receiving votes: Kent State 84; Vanderbilt 75; Cincinnati 46; Tulsa 32; Fresno State 31; Rutgers 29; San Diego State 23; Arkansas State 20; Oklahoma State 15; Mississippi State 9; Arizona State 8; Louisiana Tech 2; Southern California 2.


Here’s my AP ballot. The last few spots were difficult to fill. I kept Georgia ahead of Florida because I didn’t think they should be punished for earning a spot in the SEC championship game and losing by a few yards. I put Northern Illinois ahead of Boise State because the Iowa/Michigan State losses are similar and the Fresno State/Kent State wins are similar but Boise State has one more loss.

1 Notre Dame
2 Alabama
3 Georgia
4 Florida
5 Ohio State
6 Stanford
7 Oregon
9 Texas A&M
10 Kansas St
11 S. Carolina
12 Oklahoma
13 Florida State
14 Clemson
15 Oregon St
17 N. Illinois
18 Boise State
19 Utah State
20 San Jose St
21 Wisconsin
22 Nebraska
23 Michigan
24 Penn State
25 Louisville

Dropped out: Kent State, Northwestern
Also considered: Tulsa

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Bad News for the Broncos....Im sure computer will complete the

leap frog of NIU over Boise State....

Thats ok if Boise gets USC at Maaco. That game would have a big nationwide draw....

Also, if Boise and Bob the Builder head East, Coach Pete could head that way to under a new school....lots of rumors floating....

as said many times, rumors usually have some half-truths and they usually end up being true down the road....

I seriously have to ask

Are you that stupid? Honestly. I mean, you lied yesterday about the fumble but to think you really are this dumb amazes me. Let me get this straight, ugs....

So, the rumors Coach Pete was going to Virginia, Minnesota, Stanford, UCLA, USC all had "half-truths" and ended "up being true down the road"?

So, the rumors this year is Pete is headed to Arkansas, Auburn, Cal and Oregon are all half truths? So Petes going to coach 4 teams this year?

And where are you getting USC in the Maaco? Its been UW or Arizona for some time, with UW 95% likely.

You seem so starved for attention you need to lie and make outlandish comments?

JL....You need to read and comprehend first....

I did not say Coach Pete would be at all those schools....said with rumors, they had to have started somewhere, that other colleges have gotten the wind of the rumors....

he may be at one of them in a year or two....

and the fumble was not at the 2 yard line....

Did you watch TCU game? Was that field goal good or not? They said not, but it obviously was....

You said it was a TD

Did you or did you not? The only dude that has a problem comprehending is you.

Please, lie some more. This is entertaining...

Edit: Uh Oh ugs...

Boise Fans....the Nevada fumble was clearly a TD....I have

Submitted by ugly on Sat, 12/01/2012 - 10:52pm.

purchased panoramic software where I can see and view all angles....

Just like TCU field goal was good. But the first photos showed maybe not, but the best ones showed the FG for TCU was good....

Just like our landing on the moon in 1969....It may have been fabricated by Stanley Kubrik....if you watch Space Odessy 2001, you will see very similar lunar photos....

Dont trust all cameras.... was a touchdown....

The Nevada player appeared to be shuffling football at about the 2 yard line. The ball was not loose until he crossed the goal line, therefore a TD....Look up the you have a video link to that play?

btw, it does not matter anyway. Even if Nevada would have scored that TD, they probably would have still lost the game by 3-7 points....the tone of the game was always in Broncos favor.

Have you seen 2001 Space Odessy? Filmed in 1969....One of Stanley's masterpieces, other than 'A Clockwork Orange' of course....

You need to get out alittle more often and expand your thought and reading horizons....

Ugs you are one funny clown

The ball was not loose until he crossed the goal line? I have yet to see Ault or anyone from UNR say that was a touchdown. Because it wasnt. Oh ugs, I almost feel sorry for you.

Its too bad, as much as you frequent the blogs you could be a good poster. But acting like a clown and your buddys itch gives you zero relevance. You have no credibility.

So how does one expand their "reading horizons" by watching a movie?

JL....a movie wont expand thought....In 2001 I was talking

just about the lunar scene of the movie and of the USA landing on the moon....

conspiracy theorists think it was staged....

I dont. but it is interesting.

Φ Sure thing.

And ugly stars in the remake: "A Crockwork Orange".

Ball out waaay before the goal line. Not even close to a TD.


ps - Those myoptic vision goggles need upgrading.

razor....A Clockwork Orange was a book we read in lit

cla$$ at is actually a sick book with many truths about the sickness of society....I hated the book....

better books on people with weird twists were.

Animal Farm
The Lottery

Especially, The Lottery. It is only 4 pages but has a post warII and post depression theme in it about the mentality of society.

People are Strange as Morrison sang....

As predicted here often ....

NIU will beat out Cupcake State and deservedly so. USC is NOT going to Maaco - beep beep!

Agreed on both points

I knew you had some common sense pony...

Any insight on the Computers?


Φ Top 16 is very unlikely.

Only thing up at this time is Sagarin-Elo which has NIU at 32 and BSU at 43.

I think we all knew

that a BCS spot was an extreme long-shot (well, except for ugly).

I think we all knew the bowl matchup would be UW or Arizona (well, except for ugly)

I think we all knew we would hear multiple reports of Pete leaving (well, except for ugly)

I think we all knew silver would nose-dive over the last 12 months (well, except for ugly)

Time to have a little fun with the bowl and look forward to the challenges of a new conference and new (improved) competition.

BSU4342....On Silver nose-dive....lets look at history....

Year (s)......Average $/oz

In the same time period the US Dollar has devalued 30%. Also, true inflation hjas increased at least 6% per year if you count all goods such as feul and food....

Actually I'm just fine with

the Broncos not getting a BCS invite this year. The guys are to be congratulated for what they accomplished this season, especially based on the fact that it was a reloading year. But as evidenced once again yesterday, they can't seal the deal when up against stiffer competition. It shouldn't have come down to the wire, and it's extremely exasperating that it did. Like the one announcer said, the Broncos "put the hay in the barn too early." IMHO, we're not deserving of a BCS invite this year, but next year may be a completely different story...Sunny...

Boise Fans....

Good luck today at 6:30 PM....

The Bowl Projections after 6:30 will be pretty accurate.

You want ...

fries with that?

Now thats FUNNY

From one idiot Vandal to another!

These goofballs are so intent on hating all things Boise State, they don't even realize when they are busting on one of their own.......

Φ Right

That is pretty funny.

Keep swinging, I'm counting.

So NIU to play FSU

In the Orange Bowl...

Kstate and Oregon will be good...


NIU and FSU in Orange....and,
FLorida and Louiville in Sugar....

Boise State is better than NIU, but the computer never liked the 57 wins and 88 loss schedule Boise had. If they would have won SDSU, then definitely a BCS Bowl....

If nothing else,

this ought to put an end to Bronco fans claiming they are discriminated against in the polling.

The pony's are in a three way tie for the lead in a sub-A league and neither of the teams they are tied with, one of which beat the Broncos on the Bronco's own turf, even show up in the rankings.

If the Broncos are in at 20, SDS and Fresno deserve to be 19 ad 21 respectively.

This year the polls accurately

reflect BSU's position in relation to other football programs. This does not mean that BSU's omition from the BCS games in past years was justified. While not being a league champion, a talented BSU was passed over for an at large birth.

2012 N Illinois 12-1 BCS RNK- 15 BCS AVG -.2513
2011 Boise State 11-1 BCS RNK- 7 BCS AVG - .7408
2010 Biose State 11-1 BCS RNK- 10 BCS AVG - .6137

The biggest loser in this years BCS Bowl might be


With Louisville in and possibly NIU because of a rumored BCS#15, that puts the BCS #11 Oklahoma out. and Oklahoma won their final game....

Boise, someone has more to whine on anti-BCS stuff, its OKy....

Good for you

I wish more voters were like you... it makes no sense that the loser of Florida-Georgia be ranked below the other one because they had to play Alabama and the other didn't. Why bother with rankings if nobody thinks about them?

bcs is hogwash

i'm a bsu fan.... the last two years bsu had a team worthy of the bcs.... but it's easy to slip up in college football and they didn't make it.... this year we don't have a bcs caliber team.... so i'm proud of this years team and thankfull for the bowl we accomplished....
but the bcs shouldn't have that only 2 teams from a conference rule.... and they should spread the money more (maybe have 3 more big money bowls to include the teams that are getting screwed)....
and not have joke teams included.... louisville, rutgers, kent st., and northern illinois couldn't even beat bsu.... so why is louisville and NIU in the bcs? if bsu played NIU's schedule our D would have allowed 0 points all season....
i feel sorry for the deserving left outs like georgia, oklahoma, lsu, texas a&m, south carolina, and clemson....