Reports: Idaho hires Paul Petrino to coach football team

By Brian Murphy

Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino will be Idaho's next football coach, multiple outlets reported Sunday afternoon. KLEW in Lewiston posted a photo of Petrino at the airport with Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear.

Idaho has scheduled a 2:30 p.m. Mountain press conference to introduce its next football coach.

Petrino coached at Idaho from 1992 to 1994. The brother of former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, Paul Petrino also has been an offensive coordinator at Louisville and Illinois.

Petrino played quarterback at Carroll College in Montana. He was the NAIA Division II Player of the Year as a senior.

The Vandals had five finalists for their coaching vacancy to replace Robb Akey, who was fired in the middle of the season. All five had ties to Idaho program, having coached or played at the school.

Petrino, Central Washington coach Blaine Bennett, Idaho interim coach Jason Gesser, San Jose State offensive coordinator Brian Lindgren and Wyoming defensive coordinator Chris Tormey were the finalists for the position.

It will be Petrino's first head-coaching job.

Paul Petrino bio

Current job: Offensive coordinator at Arkansas (2011-present)

Idaho ties: Coached receivers, running backs and special teams at Idaho, 1992-94.

Other coaching experience: Carroll College, 1990-91 (quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator); Utah State, 1995-97 (receivers, special teams coordinator); Louisville, 1998-99 (offense); Southern Miss, 2000-02 (quarterbacks); Louisville, 2003-06 (offensive coordinator); Atlanta Falcons, 2007 (receivers); Arkansas, 2009 (offensive coordinator); Illinois, 2010 (offensive coordinator).

Playing experience: Four-year starter at quarterback for his father Bobby Petrino, Sr., at Carroll College from 1985-88. He set 16 school records, earned Kodak All-America honors and was named the Football Gazette NAIA Division II Player of the Year as a senior. In Petrino's four seasons, Carroll was 36-6 and won four Frontier Conference titles. He was an was a two-time All-American.

Education: Carroll College (Montana)

Maybe Potato2 is now a Vandal? Petrino was QB at

Carroll College.

Folks, dont laugh now but Idaho will be back in 4 years....

Back where?

Sure ugs, sure. Tell us more...

Φ That seems to be

a bold prediction. Let's see what ugly, the seer, gives us in specifics.

Which level?
Which conference (if any)?
Records in 2013-2014-2015-2016 (marking the progress "back")?
Next bowl appearance and which bowl?
Changes in the stadium/facilities?
Home attendance figures?
True fan travel numbers?
Directions to the bell tower?

The myoptic vision long-range goggles are in order.

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your jealousy of ugly is glaring.

Amazing is how ugly owns you and is your central sense of motivation for composing posts on your part.

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I am beginning to think there is a secret admiration and envy you have of ugly, as every post you make, whether or not the thread applies to ugly, you seem to weave a good solid bashing of ugly into your posts.

I saw that in grade school and junior high when some kids really liked other kids so they bullied the kids they liked the most because they wanted to have the 'power' of those they liked and didn't want the other kids to know it so they were mean to those they adored and respected the most.

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Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799

Who's obsessed here?

Razor? Or you thinking about razor thinking about ugly?

This guy must be desperate.

Back to the future. He won't last four years, after going 0-36 his first three years. This suffering, pathetic, sad program needs to be put out of its misery.

Oky, you have made your point

We got it.

You have an Extreme Hatred for Vandals and it appears also, ugly. Join the teeming throngs of Vandal Haters on these blogs. You aren't anything special and your posts is not a novel idea oriented post.

Your dislike of Idaho and ugly is kinda ho-hum and not really news or anything of any importance.

Possibly it is part of your 'initiation rites' to become a mindless member of the Gang That Couldn't Think Straight (aka, the Lost Souls Society).

I am curious if you even went to college, let alone any college in Idaho.

It is so often that we see people with Extreme Vandal Hatred, being people who have absolutely no connection to BSU or Idaho other than having moved to Idaho because the trucking company they drive for got relocated to Boise and they have bought some Bronco Gear at WalMart.

I am guessing you didn't get your Bronco Gear at Costco, as Costco requires a 'buy in' membership and is only for 'exclusive shoppers'.

Keep your chin up and keep volunteering for those 'long runs' from the Treasure Valley to anywhere, to get more miles. In time you will be able to afford a Costco membership and can be 'one of us'.


Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799

PS - Thanx again for responding to my posts. I like it when people take time to read ugly's writings. It means alot to us Vandals.

PPS - Are you one of the growing number of people who are addicted to ugly's posts?

PPPS - I am predicting you will respond to my posts and/or ugly's posts in the future.

PPPPS - What say you? you think Idahocoho has

donated to Bronco Stadium Expansion?

If not, you might want to provide the website where any Bronco Fan that wants to help in creating an even larger Bronco Football atmosphere and training center for their ultimate pursuit of a National Championship for all residents within the boundaries called Idaho....

VNDL, with the tone of today's Bronco Fans on the three main blogging sites, do you believe that an NC is anywhere near one of their goals?


You might also suggest and give him instructions on how to become a BAA member explain how easy it is to become a member.

All in all

a good hire.

Still, without a firm direction by the UofI administration, this will be a near impossible job.

Expect a bunch of JC recruits if they stay independent, hopefully they can somehow get into the Sun Belt.


Yes, I think Petrino is a very good hire for Idaho. I'm hopeful Gessor can remain part of the program as an assistant coach. He did well with the team in the weeks he oversaw the program. Meanwhile, I think the events that have taken place over the past several months and few years has shaken the UI administration. I think they now have religion...anyway I hope so. Moreover, I can also envision the football program competing in the Sun Belt while the olympic sports compete in the Big Sky. I think this scenario will generate more revenue than will the move back to FCS thus allowing UI to keep its remaining teams (golf, tennis, swimming and diving) alive.

Φ Isn't it great?

A thread where we can discuss Vandal football. They don't come along very often. Could be that irrelevance factor.

ugly and whoever other Vandals who show up on this thread should be including their Vandal Athletic Big-Time Booster Association numbers. Because they are big-time and important Vandals. And are proud to travel to all Vandal games. Because they are rich and prosperous and can afford it. They are better and superior and like to show it. All others should hold them in highest regalement.

ugly fancies himself as the Boldest of Bold Prognosticators and surely can muster answers to the questions below. He may require the nod from Fearless Leader, but should manage that. After all, ugly knows more than Kustra, Petersen, all officials (including replay), Aresco, Pilson, hosts of others on the inside of college athletics, and pretty much everyone else. He probably is planning a coup to overthrow Fearless Leader right now. ugly has magic goggles.

Here ugly, you can handle it. These are serious, well-intentioned questions from which all blog participants can derive benefit.

Re: your post that Idaho "will be back in 4 years":

Which level?
Which conference (if any)?
Records in 2013-2014-2015-2016 (marking the progress "back")?
Next bowl appearance and which bowl?
Changes in the stadium/facilities?
Home attendance figures?
True fan travel numbers?
Directions to the bell tower?

razor....let Ugly answer your questions this way.

Moscow is a town of about 24,000 people, including students at the University. If you drive a 60 mile area from Moscow and its Idaho borders, you may have a population of 80,000.

WSU has Spokane and also not too far of a drive from the Tri-cities.

A 60 mile area from Boise is around 650,000....

Idaho is in a helpless position for anything big in FBS. My opinion, if Petrino cant get things worked out then it may be time to dismantle the football program....

Idaho could focus on basketball. Look at what Gonzaga has done.

Idaho could also focus on the olympic sports. Heck we have at least two gold medalists--Armstrong and OBrien....

Most of the students at Idaho are from the Treasure and Magic Valley areas....That is why you have Bronco Fans that have folks wearing Idaho shirts or cars with bumber stickers supporting the University of Idaho....We are from the Treasure Valley and went to college at Moscow....

That is why Ugly, VNDL, SIF, Galena, and others, are Vandals and some of your best Bronco Fans....

Φ Terrific explanation

of ugly's prediction that Idaho "will be back in 4 years". Population density, check. Helpless position, check. Olympic gold medalists, check. Idaho shirts and "bumber" stickers, check. But no answers to the questions, no checks:

Which level?
Which conference (if any)?
Records in 2013-2014-2015-2016 (marking the progress "back")?
Next bowl appearance and which bowl?
Changes in the stadium/facilities?
Home attendance figures?
True fan travel numbers?
Directions to the bell tower?

ps - When is your planned coup against Fearless Leader? It's obviously been in the works for some time, with your recent "exertions" and all. We're hoping to have a meeting soon after this date (12/21?) to commemorate the event.

pps - "Idaho is in a helpless position for anything big in FBS." Does this mean that "back" could mean "dismantle"?

Vandals will find its rightful place..... the next couple of years, and it is back in the Big Sky.
This is not a prediction based on hatred for the program.
I admit that I hated them back in the late 80's and the 90's where they were so arrogant and annoying, but what is the point of scorning them now.
That would be like harassing your best friend's toddler brother.
I think Vandal player and fans alike will be happier with success in the Big Sky that perpetual failure in the FBC. That is human nature.

I'm tired of it

I'm tired of all of the naysayers. I don't care if you guys say the area is too small; if WSU is able to function 6 miles away, why can't we? Go back to the Big Sky? Good luck convincing us that it's a good idea. Our athletic department is losing less money that BSU is in recent years. BSU still gets the same 3 million dollar subsidy that we do. I also don't care if you guys think putting together a solid team isn't possible; winning a bowl in 2009 proved that it can be done.

That said, I'm not saying that the cards have been stacked against us by the administration for a very long time. Unless they make the changes, it'll be the same old thing until we're forced back to the FCS.

I would suggest

that the UI supporters here go the the Tulane web site, follow the links and look at the new on campus stadium being built there. 30K seats or so, not too big and a fairly reasonable price tag. If someone could entice a few wealthy UI alums to make a donation, maybe there is a way to skin this Cat, so to speak.


I think most have already been there...lot's of us follow Tulane football since their new coach is a Vandal.

Not much to follow of late

but I am hopeful. I am an alum. The on campus location will be great and I think it's a model for a fairly small school hoping to make the program work.


I've followed and have been a fan of Tulane for a lot of years. I was really excited when they announced plans for a new football stadium. I think the design is great and it's on my bucket list to visit. I think hiring Curt Johnson as headcoach was a great hire. He has developed a lot of talent in the NFL and the fact he's a New Orleans native is a bonus. Finally, I think the Big East was smart to invite Tulane because the New Orleans media market probably represents most of LA.

Φ Herbie goes ballistic

over NIU getting a BCS game.

"Absolute joke" and "I can't believe we're having this discussion".

Whoa, there, Herbie!

Yup, and blows right past

any discussion of a 5 loss Rose Bowl team.......

Where did Herbie play..... :)

Φ Little sisters

who took the wrong year for their bowl game probation?

What's up with the Bugeaters giving up 70?

Now Herbie is banging, yet once more, on the rule of two teams max.

yes idaho will be back

"Folks, dont laugh now but Idaho will be back in 4 years...." Yes indeedy, as a Big Sky bottom feeder

OldBSUBlue, you are

being extremely optimistic...Sunny...



OldBozoBlew: How do you

OldBozoBlew: How do you like your crow...medium well?

U of I

Might have a future if Idaho is wise enough to join the Big Sky.

Good News!

UI's olympic sports are slated to be in the Big Sky in 2014.

Chadd! Please tell me this isn't true....

The long-awaited announcement for Arkansas fans should come Tuesday.

But don’t be surprised if there’s another smokescreen or two along the way.
As of Saturday evening, multiple sources have said that Boise State coach Chris Petersen is expected to be named the new Razorbacks coach Tuesday. Considering the Hogs will play Oklahoma in basketball that evening at Bud Walton Arena, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he could be formally introduced to the fans then after an earlier press conference for the official announcement.
That’s assuming, of course, nothing changes. After the Dana Altman experience of 2007, Arkansas fans have seen just about the strangest of the strange things happen when it comes to new coaching hires. That was when the Creighton coach was hired to replace the fired Stan Heath, took the job and backed out the next day.
This one doesn’t figure to go that way.
Petersen, the 48-year-old coach of the Broncos, has compiled a gawdy 83-8 record in seven seasons at Boise (a 91.2 percent winning percentage). He took over the reins from Dan Hawkins, who accepted the Colorado job and left a team that Petersen guided to a Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma in 2006.
In Petersens’s most recent contract features nothing prohibitive (from the Idaho Statesman):
• Petersen’s buyout is $750,000. The school’s buyout of Petersen is $250,000 per year left on the deal, plus any guaranteed money left in the deal, plus the pro-rated amount of his longevity incentive for the year he was fired. If Petersen leaves, he must do so after the end of the season, including a bowl game. The buyout applies to three kinds of jobs: FBS head coach, assistant coach at a school in Boise State’s conference or a conference Boise State has contractually agreed to join; or NFL head coach.
• Petersen must provide written (or e-mail) notice at least 24 hours before interviewing for a coaching job at another college or with a professional team.
The only part that may cause some pause to Razorback fans is the leaving after a bowl game at the end of the season. The simple matter is most college coaches’ contract have that clause and most athletic directors ignore it unless the team is in a position to be in a BCS bowl game where it matters. Most bowl projections call for the Broncos to be in the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22.
As for the 24 hours’ notice, it really depends on if Petersen and Arkansas athletics director Jeff Long have talked directly and what exactly constitutes an interview. For full reference to that, look back at all the fancy footwork in the recent Les Miles’ smokescreen that everyone had to endure for a couple of days last week. That, quite simply, provided a distraction for Long to focus on wrapping up some final details with Petersen’s representatives.
After all, Petersen reportedly has been Long’s first choice all along. All the rest of the names and other rumblings have simply been well-placed smokescreens, according to some folks in a position to know within the UA.
The bottom line is none of that will matter.
These days, contracts in sports are simply the starting point for negotiations.

This is old news

Its sparked panic and glee throughout the last few days. Twitter was frantically trying to keep up last night after a fake Joe Southwick wished Coach Petersen the best. It's not true. Coach Pete has told his recruits he's staying and Coach Pete seems to be someone who keeps his word.