Boise State 27, Nevada 21 (final)

By Brian Murphy

First quarter

BSU — Chris Potter 17 pass from Joe Southwick (Michael Frisina kick), 6:12. Key plays: Senior tailback D.J. Harper rushed four times for 49 yards, including a 31-yard burst up the middle on third-and-2. He broke a tackle near the line of scrimmage. Drive: 9 plays, 80 yards, 4:16. Boise State 7, Nevada 0

Second quarter

BSU — Harper 2 run (Frisina kick), 13:54. Key plays: Southwick scrambled and lunged forward into a defender to gain 6 yards on third-and-6. Backup quarterback Grant Hedrick entered for three plays — a 6-yard gain for Harper on the option, a 20-yard reception by Hedrick on a pass from Potter and an 11-yard run by wide receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes. Drive: 11 plays, 66 yards, 3:44. Boise State 14, Nevada 0

BSU — Frisina 20 field goal, 3:37. Key plays: Southwick scrambled for 15 yards on third-and-10 from the Broncos’ own 14-yard line. He also hit Matt Miller for 26 yards and ran Statue Left, a 7-yard run for freshman tailback Jay Ajayi. But the Broncos stalled with second-and-goal at the 3. Drive: 14 plays, 83 yards, 7:13. Boise State 17, Nevada 0

Third Quarter

UN — Stefphon Jefferson 1 run (Allen Hardison kick), 11:08. Key plays: Tight end Kolby Arendse made a 32-yard catch, quarterback Cody Fajardo ran 20 yards and Jefferson gained 15 yards on consecutive plays. Drive: 9 plays, 86 yards, 3:47. Boise State 17, Nevada 7

BSU — Miller 52 pass from Southwick (Frisina kick), 10:52. Key play: Williams-Rhodes returned the kickoff 41 yards. Drive: 1 play, 52 yards, :16. Boise State 24, Nevada 7

Fourth Quarter

UN — Jefferson 8 run (Hardison kick), 8:26. Key plays: Jefferson ran for 28 yards on the play before the TD. Drive: 6 plays, 71 yards, 2:50. Boise State 24, Nevada 14

BSU — Frisina 30 field goal, 3:25. Key plays: Miller made a 20-yard catch on third-and-2 to give the Broncos a chance to score a TD, but a false start on third down at the 5-yard line led to the field goal. Drive: 12 plays, 49 yards, 4:55. Boise State 27, Nevada 14

UN — Fajardo 6 run (Hardison kick), 2:27. Key play: Fajardo connected with Zack Sudfeld on a 47-yard pass. Drive: 5 plays, 74 yards, :52. Boise State 27, Nevada 21.

Pregame notes

• Boise State nickel Dextrell Simmons (hamstring) did not make the trip to Reno.

• Boise State is wearing blue pants, white jerseys and blue helmets.

• Former Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease, now the offensive coordinator at Florida, was on the field for pregame warmups.

• Nevada did not warm up on the field before the game. The Wolf Pack did those drills at a nearby practice field.

Pac-12 Commissioner: Boise State a potential future expansion candidate

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said his league looked at Boise State during its last expansion phase and would consider the Broncos again if the Pac-12 decides to expand.

Scott made his comments before Friday's Pac-12 Championship Game. The quotes were first reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune.

“When we expanded in the past we looked at them (Boise State and San Diego State) because they are prominent schools in the West, with very strong athletics programs, in markets we are not in," Scott told reporters. "There’s a lot of criteria that we looked at last time, that I’m sure we’d look at again.
“If we were to look at expanding again, I’m sure both those schools would be on the list. But, we don’t have any plans.”

The Pac-12 has always been a dream destination for Boise State. Boise State President Bob Kustra has addressed the league on several occasions in the last few years, as the Broncos have moved from the Western Athletic Conference to the Mountain West and, in July, to the Big East in football.

Much of Kustra's comments have been on improving the school's academics so as to make it more competitive with the schools in the Pac-12.

"Even if it’s not immediate, I’ve said from the beginning that Boise State as it moves more and more toward a research university will be able to justify entrance into a future Pac-16. We just need to work on the research and work on the graduate programming," Kustra said in October 2011 when the Broncos were in discussions with the Big East about joining the league.

"The real fans out there who have followed Boise State over the years and have followed the Pac-10 over the years, I don’t think there’s any question that the ideal solution for a lot of those folks is well, you really ought to be in the Pac-10, now the pac-12. And who knows where it goes from there. And that day will probably come. And the reason it is going to come is we are moving fast on this development of a research university and new graduate programming," Kustra said at that time.

"The fact is if you look up and down the coast at Pac-12 now they are universities that have substantial research agendas, have large graduate programs and Boise state is still growing it. But somewhere in the next five to 10 years, we are going to be classified by Carnegie as research university and when that day comes it’s going to be a lot easier. If and when the day comes for us to align ourselves with a conference into the future that really does look a lot like Boise — that’s geographical, that makes sense in every other way. But again those days aren’t here yet."

When the Broncos announced they were joining the Mountain West in 2010, Kustra again addressed the Pac-12.

“There is something about reputation and the academic level that you operate at and the size of your research budget — and we’re not there yet,” he said. “I won’t be around, but the way this place has been moving the last 10 years, there’s no reason why somewhere along down the road a fan couldn’t stand up and say that and the president would say, ‘You’re right.’

“But today, I can’t honestly say that."

dang no #6

That'll hurt some.

Dont worry Pac12....Boise is East bound....Boise moved their

pawn and then lost their Queen....

If the PAC is a potential

future conference, staying the course in the Big East is even more important.

This will be a fun thread


Φ Huge

Simply huge. There's the future course.

The door is wide open and the time the Broncos go through it will happen sooner than the cranky naysayers will ever admit.

Scott's comments about BSU and SDSU were great: "When we expanded in the past we looked at them (Boise State and San Diego State) because they are prominent schools in the West, with very strong athletics programs, in markets we are not in," Scott told reporters. "There’s a lot of criteria that we looked at last time, that I’m sure we’d look at again. If we were to look at expanding again, I’m sure both those schools would be on the list. But, we don’t have any plans.”

Sure they don't have any plans. I'm the commish and don't have any plans. Right. I just mentioned the plans we don't have.

Love it!!!

I think it's safe to say...

He was just being nice. Sorry, but there is no way that SDSU or BSU is on their radar. They are both a terrible fit in every aspect..academically and athletically. But dream on if it makes you happy.

Sad day

Sad, sad day for the Pac 12 to even be thinking of this. BSU is by all accounts the worst academic university in the West. Good football program, horrible, horrible academics. And don't start with the "our academics is getting better" stuff. Being listed in US News as an "up and comer" isn't getting the job done. It's a football factory with a school attached. BSU doesn't belong anywhere in the conversation of the Pac.


It would appear the PAC commissioner disagrees with you......


Φ Anyone who reads Scott's comments,

and doesn't take note of "markets we are not in" has not been paying attention, period.

what market

I'm sure the PAC12 is dying to add a school with the worst academics in FBS so they can get access that lucrative Boise TV market!!! LOL


Here's a tip, read the article......

Φ He clearly

doesn't understand markets and marketing.

BSU's market and marketability extends far more than the 6" between his ears.

I read it ....

It looks like the San Diego UT reporter(obviously asking the question for San Diego State's behalf)asked Scott about future expansion with San Diego State and Cupcake State. Scott did not bring them up - the reporter did. Then Scott replied in a kind and political way to her question. If you are reading anymore into that I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Kansas. Better get Maaco where you belong - you'll finish behing Northern Illinois in the BCS - how emabarrassing is that?

Poor pony

It's amusing to see you waste time on the Broncos. Every post you make is validation of both your stupidity and the Broncos success. Thanks.

Just, wow.

In a way, you can't help but laugh. The same old trolls with absolutely nothing in their sad pathetic lives, with their heads in the sand, still spewing nothing but hate and lies typed into a keyboard. Meanwhile, getting ran over by a freight train of success, coolness, and a hundred other adjectives that makes BSU football so amazing and fun.

Was sad to see Zig Zigler pass away this past week. He described these types of sad sacks to a tee.

The haters are already crying

It's funny. It's worth it just to see them ball their eyes out.

rk needs help

"by all accounts the worst acacemic university in the west." you don't get around much. i'll give you some help. sac state, idaho state, san jose st, fresno state, wyoming & san diego st just to name a few. and before you get further worked up, yes i realize i named some fcs schools. your statement "worst in the west." get a grip.

Φ Great drive!!

And DJ busting through the line was great effort. The umpire did the quickstep to avoid getting steamrolled.

Φ Catch me if you can,

by SWR.

Anybody else notice

that Nevada now has full size goalposts.......

First thing i noticed

...very interesting.

Φ Yep,

that and not one penalty (so far) in the first half.

BSU looks terrific in every aspect. Joe is sticking his helmet into traffic ... great to see.

game so far

looking pretty good. obviously nevada is not a great team but i like our play selection, joe's running and only two bad pas-ses.

Φ 81

BSU - 243 total yards
Nevada - 90 (and only 2.8 yards per rush)

D goes for the shutout in the second half. Final, 34-0.

Larry Scott calls Kustra immediately after the game and offers BSU a Pac-12 invite.

outstanding prediction by razor

far better than any prediction by ugly.

Φ I forgot about

the part when Carnac emerges from behind the curtain, opens the first envelope, and foresees ugly riding the diseased yak to BSU's acceptance ceremony.

ugly protests, to no avail, that his 14th consecutive 9-3 prediction was not really a prediction.

Φ See how well

coach K adjusts to that nice drive by Nevada.

[Edit: Never mind. Nevada's STs and D just came through. 41-yard side-to-side KO return by SWR; 52 yards from Southwick to Miller ... one play 8 seconds. Nice.]

Φ JC Percy

Defensive PoY.

SWR is one tough guy.

Joe cant take his eyes off Miller

It's every critical passing down. The last 3rd and 4th down he wouldn't look anywhere else.

Φ Yes,

very much locked in on Matt. Gotta look off first.

Bogus PI penalty

And shoddy tackling and angles. Put a knife in these guys Coach Pete and let's end this game.

Φ Southwick

has come up pretty big in this game. Not perfect, but no mistakes. BSU, no turnovers.

Φ Did Burks

transfer when nobody noticed?

Or Kirby

I don't care what anybody says, Coach Pete refuses to put teams away when given the chance. This game shouldn't have come down to getting an onside kick.

Edit: And a last second knockdown. Ridiculous.

Gotta agree

We are two different teams almost every game.

Is it youth? Is it being conservative?

Stumped. A win is great don't get me wrong. Just thinking the Broncos seem inconsistent an awful lot...

Φ Guess we'll just have to take it.

And, give kudos to UNR. They did much better in the second half and put up a strong effort.

10-2 is looking pretty good. That won't make the BCS showcase, ahhh, better than most. This is a "better than most" year.

ugly is now wrong, wrong, wrong again ... and I like that. Given that he is under explicit instructions from Fearless Leader, ugly plugs along ... aimlessly.

I seem to remember some 6-6 predictions

At the start of the year. Can we now call 2012 a reloading year?

Φ Cannot disagree.

Those 6-6 predictions, mostly by the ultra-contras, weren't exactly crazy.

BSU kept pulling it out ... and that's one heckuva testament to Chris Petersen and his staff.

Well done Broncos!!

On the contrary, we were fortunate

to win, take away that fumble recovery by Percy in the end zone for a touchback and Nevada wins. I'm tired of seeing Chris Ault eat Coach Pete's lunch at half time with his adjustments. We were in a fog the whole second half on defense, and couldn't even slow down their running game--an embarrassment. Let's move on to the the Big East and leave Nevada behind, at least until coach Ault retires.

Actually to be fair

If UNR had scored on the play you mentioned the Broncos might have been more aggressive on later drives. Can't say they would have won. But the fact that Coach Pete doesn't put away a team when given opportunity is frustrating.

Φ bub

After the personnel coach Pete lost? Are you kidding?

Nevada is very adept on offense, particularly on the run. Who won the game?

Boise State won the game, right?

How could anybody be unhappy with 10-2, regardless how it looked? It wasn't pretty all year long and it STILL WOUND UP 10-2.

Chris Petersen's finest year.

Wait razor...

We said it was important to win the bowl game and go 11-2. But, you're right razor; with all the NFL departures and injuries and suspensions I would day he's done a great job this year.

Gavin's hurt?

I saw him on the ground after a punt, but ABC went to a commercial and never followed up. I didn't see him in the game after that.

Burks and Moore and Huff

Where were they today?

Huff played

But don't remember a catch.

Φ ugly's ultimate failure

results from yet another crackpot prediction.

Too bad for the resident "myoptic visionary". Fearless Leader may want to revoke that promotion.

Its been so nice to not see

...any of the little homeless looking dudes comments. It's about the only thing the Statesman allows for us users.

Φ They never post about

actual football (the play on the field) do they?

It's always attempted divisiveness and denigration about whatever BSU is doing. Big pots (and posts) of mold and mildew are all they are.

Maybe there should be a poll on the blogs. Who is the most offensive poster? Who is the most useless? Who lies the most? Who uses the most verbiage and repetitiveness while stating nothing? Who tries hardest to fake allegiance to the Broncosphere®?

I know, I know. When it's a two-horse race on any of those questions, you'd say why bother? I'm taking odds that it would be 57-43 with an O/U of 212 (boiling) votes.

ugly owns you it seems like

you spend most of your time posting about how much you can't stand reading ugly's posts - yet you read every word and only as grounds for you to criticize and demean him.

Face it. Ugly's predictions have been more on target than yours.

You are so jealous of ugly you have to smash him every time you post.

You and JL predicted, after the loss to Michigan State that the Broncos would go 7-5 for the season because they didn't have much talent.

Ugly predicted 9-3 for the season and called the loss to San Diego, four months before the game was played. If Nevada would have won then ugly would have been 100% on the money.

You and JL and several others in your Out To Lunch Bunch spend over the first half of the season finding fault with Southwick and how 'Swick' should be benched and he was a 'loser' and certainly not a good QB.

Now look at you guys - 'Swick is the best thing since sliced bread.

I sit back and just really find it funny how much you guys hate ugly and just pick apart everything he says and engage in personal attacks on him.

He has never once attacked you guys.

ugly is a member of the BAA.

ugly has contributed money for the Bronco Stadium expansion project.

ugly is an Alumnus of BSU and contributes money to the academic side of BSU.

What do you clowns do? Nothing - absolutely nothing.

ugly is a Vandal and a Bronco. SIF is a Vandal and a Bronco. I am a Vandal and a Bronco.

All 3 of us are members of the BAA and contribute money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium.

Every time you post your deleterious comments trashing ugly, you give credence to those of us who think you are just a jealous person because ugly seems to know more about Bronco Football and CFB than you do.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - I predict that razor or JL or B12345 will respond to this post attacking either me or ugly due to their Extreme Vandal Hatred and jealousy that Vandals seem to know more about Bronco Football than they do.