Boise State football team's offense searching for big-game breakout; updated bowl projections; Lions teammate rips Titus Young

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team has played four bowl-bound teams this season. The offense has produced 45 points in those games — 11.25 per game — with a high of 20 against Fresno State.

Nevada, which is headed to the New Mexico Bowl, is the fifth bowl-bound foe on Saturday in Reno.

The Broncos have shown some high-scoring potential in the last month, but they have yet to do it against a good team.

“We need to be more consistent,” coach Chris Petersen said. “Again, there (that word) is. Yeah, you usually don’t play as well against the best teams. But do we need to play better? We do.”

The Broncos have scored a season-high 49 points and 42 points while emptying the bench early in their past two games, a sign of improvement. And they have scored at least 40 points in each of their past three road games.

But against their best opponents, they have failed to make key plays on offense. Petersen remembers that goal-line stand by BYU, the penalty that wiped out a touchdown against Fresno State and the missed opportunities in the red zone against Michigan State.

“The better teams will convert those,” he said. “That’s the bottom line. We’ve had some opportunities to do some things that we just haven’t capitalized on.”

The Broncos have improved to 49th in the nation in scoring offense with 30.7 points per game. They were 80th in mid-October.

“Everyone’s getting better,” junior quarterback Joe Southwick said. “That’s been the story of the offense. ... Film doesn’t lie. Each week, this offense has gotten better, and hopefully that continues.”

The Broncos might need a big offensive performance this week. Nevada is the only team in the country to score at least 30 points in every game this season.

“Obviously the defense has done a great job having our backs when we haven’t put up points,” senior tailback D.J. Harper said. “As the year has gone on, we’ve gotten better. Definitely this game we’re going to have to do some things on offense to help the defense out a little bit.”


Boise State senior defensive lineman Darren Koontz on facing Nevada: “The biggest thing that we’ve kind of been harping on all week is being physical. They’re a hard-nosed running team. … We need to stop them upfront as a D-line and we need to be able to move the ball as an O-line.”


Here are my weekly bowl projections. Many spots have been accepted already and most of the rest are either fairly easy picks or go to the winners of certain games this week.

New Mexico (MW vs. Pac-12), Dec. 15, Albuquerque: Nevada* vs. Arizona: If the Wildcats sneak into Vegas, this likely will be Arizona State.

Famous Idaho Potato (WAC vs. MAC), Dec. 15, Boise: Utah State* vs. Northern Illinois: Hopefully the strength of the Aggies will allow the Potato Bowl to attract one of the MAC’s top two teams.

Poinsettia (MW vs. BYU), Dec. 20, San Diego: San Diego State* vs. BYU*: The closest thing to Rocky Long’s funky defense is at BYU. Should be an interesting matchup.

MAACO (MW vs. Pac-12), Dec. 22, Las Vegas: Boise State vs. Washington: Huskies coach Steve Sarkisian said on the radio Friday that he expects to land in Vegas. Arizona is a possibility, but the Huskies’ brand and fan base make them attractive.

Hawaii (MW vs. C-USA), Dec. 24, Honolulu: Fresno State vs. SMU*: Fresno State gets the worst matchup of the Mountain West teams.

Armed Forces (MW vs. C-USA), Dec. 29, Fort Worth, Texas: Air Force* vs. Rice: If Tulsa loses the Conference USA title game, it will play here instead of Rice.

Rose (Pac-12 vs. Big Ten), Jan. 1, Pasadena, Calif.: Stanford vs. Nebraska: This is easy — winners of the Pac-12 and Big Ten title games.

Orange (ACC vs. BCS), Jan. 1, Miami: Florida State vs. Louisville: The winner of the ACC title game goes here. The opponent will be Louisville or a non-BCS team that automatically qualifies, like Kent State.

Sugar (SEC vs. BCS), Jan. 2, New Orleans: Florida vs. Oklahoma: The Gators are expected to get an automatic bid with the No. 3 ranking. The Sooners lose their spot if a non-BCS team qualifies.

Fiesta (Big 12 vs. BCS), Jan. 3, Glendale, Ariz.: Kansas State vs. Oregon: Once considered the likely championship game, this will be a popular Fiesta Bowl matchup. Kansas State needs a win or Oklahoma loss to clinch, though.

BCS National Championship Game (1 vs. 2), Jan. 7, Miami: Notre Dame vs. Alabama: The Irish are in. They’re waiting for the winner of the SEC championship game.

* indicates accepted bid


Titus Young is back at practice with the Lions, but his situation doesn’t sound good. One of the Lions’ offensive leaders had scathing words for him in this article.

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We forgave Titus for his idiocy and he didn't learn.

Judge Judy would have real fun with him.


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Please tell "" that they aren't worth the wasted $$$

If you block them, does that render the paywall moot?

You need better to survive if that's what's bugging you.

Better journalism too. Sacbee is a good website.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Φ Fork, please.

He's "Done in Detroit".

Nice Q&A with TY.

Center Dominic Raiola, one of the offensive leaders, expressed the team's exasperation with Young's antics. "It's not a distraction because we have moved on from him," Raiola said. "If he wants to be an a------, let him be an a------."

Thanks for being a great ambassador for BSU.

Monte Kiffin's Defense



I got Georgia over Alabama for the SEC Champs and NCG both. You didn't even mention them.


Well if Alabama wins, Georgia doesn't go to a BCS game. I only did BCS/Mountain West/Boise projections. And I've got Alabama winning.

Getting ready to watch UCLA beat Stanford this time....

They both have good teams and are coached well....

Φ Wrong, yet again.

Impeccable error record grows.

That was not a prediction. It was a statement of who I

was rooting for....

My predictions are over 90% accurate in past two years.

Yes, I was rooting for UCLA and Kent State. They both lost, but both played well and they were good games to watch. I wish Stanford well in the Rose Bowl.

Boise State has that final opportunity. Maybe Sugar?

Two more key losses, especially Nebraska, and Boise may move up enough in the Human Polls to get into the BCS. But, the computer will definitely have NIU surpa$$ Boise.

So, it will need a big Nevada win and a large Human vote separation and Boise is in Sugar....

Good luck to Boise.

PS. If only BCS Bowls would be this way for Boise in Big East. This could be their last one or chance for awhile.

Not over.

BCS number 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, all go down. I think we stay ahead of N. IL. and we are in the Sugar.

Still a long shot

but still a shot.....

Dream on.

If NIU wins they're jumping BSU for beating a team ranked in the top 20. But I'm not convinced Kent State makes a BCS even if they pull this game off, though I think they're the only ones that have a chance this year. Voters aren't going to make significant changes based on championship games. BSU can't overcome their schedule and the fact that they lost to the only two teams that could be considered average on their schedule. They shouldn't even be ranked.


"Voters aren't going to make significant changes based on championship games"

Houston was dropped from 6th to 17th in the coaches poll after losing the CUSA championship last year.

VT dropped from 3rd to 11th after losing the ACC championship last year.


Really? Besides the fact that they're Houston, they gave up like 50 points to Southern-fricking-Miss. A perrennial overrated VaTech team got smoked by several TDs to Clemson, but still barely fell out of the top 10.

Boise State is not making a BCS game. They're not passing a bunch of teams losing close championship games while playing Nevada (to go along with their 1-AA schedule). If Nebraska loses they will drop a lot. The others aren't dropping that far, and it's all moot. Kent State or NIU will be the highest ranked non-AC.


Your statement was false, I just pointed that out.

As far as where BSU ends up, you don't have a clue.

MAC teams look sloppy.

Hopefully the voters are watching this. We blow out the Pack and we sneak in.

That certainly makes tomorrow

a little more interesting......

Φ Go


And GO Kansas State, TCU, Wisconsin, GA Tech. Not holding out hope for Nicholls State.

Evidently ugly, the seer, did not use his crystal potato to predict Kent State's backwards frog leap.

One down!


SEC rep in Sugar?

Is Florida a lock in the Sugar regardless of the outcome of SEC championship game?

Pretty much

Unless the loser of the SEC championship game ends up ahead in the BCS poll.

Φ That's two down

and now are behind.

A little bit of help, a solid BSU performance tomorrow, and NIU not getting the big bump ... unlikely, but not impossible.


Feels more likely than not.

And now we need a BSU offense

With Kent State and UCLA both losing, BSU might just make it, if it blows away Nevada. The defense can't do that on its own!

Of course, if the team plays like this season so far, BSU will be 8-3 after tomorrow's game.

Ya, Nevada averages 30 a

Ya, Nevada averages 30 a game, our defense will really have to be hot, and I mean at
scoring. Our offense is offensive. Odds
started at 9.5-BSU, dropped to 8 by mid
afternoon. I really think the bettors don't
think we can score 20 points.

Just got a call from a buddy in Reno

It would seem that Bronco Nation is representing at the Silver Legacy..

He said the place is a sea of Blue and Orange...

Just saw Herbie

...pick UNR.

I would say there's 5-6 thousand Bronco fans here in Reno, which is more than I thought would make the trip.

Paul J

said it's the fewest Boise fans in Reno in 20 years.....

What do you think?

I think that in the

Big East, it will be even fewer....

Probably accurate

It'll be hard to gauge until close to kickoff. Obviously more was at stake in some of those mid 90's games and in 06. But there's still quite a few fans. I have lots of friends and family who will.never return after 2010, no matter the stakes. But Ault has no intentions of playing the Broncos again anyways so it might not matter. What's your thoughts on the game today?

I think Nevada

is in for a long day.

Mainly because Pete and crew got two weeks to plan this game out (and nothing after it).

I think Harper/Ajayi/Fields/Rhodes get 250 yards on the ground and we run the ball 50 times

I think Pete opens it up today knowing this is it for BSU/Nevada

I see it that way too

But I also thought that two years ago. Wasn't that one 24-6 at half?

Ajayi 12+ carries?

Yes, I think Ajayi get 12+

Little stat, since 1999 Nevada has averaged 10 points a game against BSU without Kap at QB.