Who are Boise State's offensive and defensive players of the year?

Poll Questions for all

A. Are you going to travel to Bronco away games during the 2013 season?

B. If so, which ones/locations/cities?

C. Are you going to travel to a Big Bowl game at the end of the 2013 season?

D. If you are not traveling to Bronco away games, why?

1. Lack of disposable income,

2. Job/time constraints,

3. competing interests, with BSU Football being a Saturday TV event,

4. Other

Serious responses, please.

Poll has been up about half a day now and still no takers

I will return later and see if any brave Bronco Souls have provided input to our poll.

It is a serious poll - posing serious questions.

Questions that President Kustra should have asked members of Bronco Nation prior to announcing that BSU was moving to the Big East conference for Football only starting with the 2013

These are several simple yet pragmatic questions.

They shouldn't be hard for any Bronco Fan to answer.

And, there is no shame in not being able to travel with the Broncos due to a lack of discretionary cash.

Most of us have been affected by the slow down in the economy, somewhat.

I was just the other day that I read that a Vandal was not able to afford getting his shoes shined at an international airport on his journey to Tahiti and a couple week long scuba and deep sea fishing vacation.

Times are indeed, very tough.

Go Broncos.


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You know the answer. You could afford a Chrysler import, I can't


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

FO - Yes, sadly, I do know the answer

It is becoming blatantly obvious that Bronco Bob never really believed that Bronco Nation would 'travel well' to attend BSU Bronco football away games East of the Mississippi. That being about 4-5 games per season for Bronco Fans to spend money for travel to the East Coast cities, rent cars, hotel rooms, food, and game tickets and trinkets - and - to do this - almost every other week starting with the 2013 season.

And then - be ready to 'travel well' to represent BSU at a Big Bowl Game at the end of the season.

How much total extra money will it cost Bronco Fans to 'travel well' to attend Bronco away games against Big East conference teams.

Let's add this up being very conservative:

4-5 away games East of the Mississippi @ $1K per trip per person - $4,000 conservative estimate.

1 Big Bowl Game location probably in the Big East @ $1,500 per trip per person conservative estimate.

That results in a total of $5,500 aditional money per person spent by Bronco Fans to travel to BSU away games against Big East teams East of the Mississippi.

I believe my estimates are actually quite conservative.


Bronco Bob NEVER REALLY believed that Bronco Fans would 'travel well' for Big East conference games. I don't think Bronco Bob cares if any, not even one, Bronco Fan goes to an away game for the 2013 season, as long as BSU gets the BIG MONEY revenue from the TV and video business. Bronco Fans are just disposable pawns for BSU to use to get money to keep BSU afloat and the doors open.

Actually, Bronco Fans are of absolutely no consideration to Bronco Bob in any decision making process of whether to join or not join the Big East for the 2013 for football and dump all the other BSU sports into the Big West puddle where they are kinda forgotten.

President Kustra knew all along that Bronco Fans wants and desires and whether or not they would 'travel well' to go to Big East away games were never part of his decision making criterion.

Bronco Bob does not care one iota about any Bronco Fans or Bronco Nation.

All Bronco Bob cares about is how much money BSU will make from TV revenues.

And unfortunately - the same with Coach Pete, sadly enough.

Go Broncos.


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I live on SS benefits and sleep in weekends.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Silly question

This was the perfect way at least for Murph and us who comment, that we are not the average fan, there are not that many of us, and there are a heck of a lot more questions we should ask ourselfves before posting criticism.

Many more people read the newspaper than comment in it. But it is this small group of us who are seemingly representative of all fans when we are NOT.

We are still a small school, with a small student-fan section (because most students are "non-traditional" and are not in their earl 20's. We didn't understand WHY we couldn't still have the games on local tv and a lot of other silly questions that we didnt realize we needed to ask ourselves.

we are a small fan base and should be LESS vocal until we "grow up" to the level of college football knowledge as the coach and his players and assistants.

More appreciation, less criticism.