And here we have Idaho: Sheryl Nuxoll goes national

Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll may not have much to show for her first term in the Legislature, but she made a Washington Post blog today.

How'd she do it? By floating the desperate and flawed idea that red states could swing the presidency to Republican Mitt Romney — by boycotting the Electoral College process and leaving the vote to the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

It doesn't work that way — as even Nuxoll, R-Cottonwood, is now sort of conceding, nine days after tweeting about the idea.

On Wednesday, Nuxoll sent out a tweet that said, in essence, "Never mind." A snippet, from the Spokane Spokesman-Review's Betsy Russell. "Some have rejected the idea, so let's drop it and continue on. To vilify me because you don't like the idea is unnecessary.”

Evidently, those sticklers at the Washington Post didn't get the memo.

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But It's Fun To "Villify"

I think I will continue to "villify" (sic) all those who defenestrate the Constitution, like Sen. Nuxoll. (I recognize it's poor form to go after someone for spelling errors, but I just can't help myself with the "English as the official language" crowd.) Edit: Kevin fixed Sen. Nuxoll's spelling errors, so here's the URL of the source document with the spelling errors intact:

LOL, she's getting just what

corrected post below

LOL, she's getting just what

LOL, she's getting just what she wanted national recognition but its for being mentally challenged. Apologies to those who are mentally challenged because she taints the term.


Completely agree, thank you for stating it without denigrating the citizens of the State. I hope that those who she represents will communicate their displeasure at the polls.

The really sad part is that

The really sad part is that in the official Legislative Directory she lists her occupation as "housewife, mother, teacher and co-owner ranch". Let's hope she is a "home school teacher"...

She needs a laptop and merit

She needs a laptop and merit pay.

Is it too late to replace her with a laptop?

that would be justice done.

She has done far less damage to the Republic

Than the "Leader" who occupies the White House. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the deficit, the lackluster economy, the "fiscal cliff" the aimless Afghanistan policy, the clueless middle east policy, the built to fail Obamacare plan come all to mind. Not to mention the failed green energy centerpiece of his failed first term and the intentional obstruction of proven means of energy production needed to restart a moribund economy. Oh well, maybe round two will be better. Or maybe it won't.

Fast, I saw a snippet the other day

that said Obama's approval rating is so low in foreign countries that the Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the U.S....Sunny...


to be a native Idahoan thanks to people like her. This kind of thinking is an embarassment to the entire nation.

Not sure what the story is here. I have seen many

democrats doing much worse with very little to no reporting....

Democrats are clueless as to what is going on in our Nation. Hopefully someday the Sheep will wake up and see....

Good luck dems. For me, I will keep voting conservative because I see the future and it is a bit bleak....

She got her 15 minutes of fame

and that's about all. Sure would be nice if all of you Obama-haters (aka racists) would start doing something constructive for our country instead of bad-mouthing and disrespecting the man in charge. He won both the popular and electoral votes and you lost, so get over it (and yourselves)!

BHO won; I lost....

now lets see him act as a leader not a campaigner. That's on him, not me. (By the way - racist? Really?)

I stand by my racist comment

I've never seen so much disrespect shown toward a president and his race is what sets him apart from those before him. Those old southern white Republicans just can't seem to handle the fact that he was elected twice. What's your excuse?

I haven't thought of him as a "black President" in.....

more than 4 years. He is "my President" and I hate his policies. In my mind, its not his race that sets him apart from previous Presidents - its his policies. You are so afflicted with "white guilt" it really is something you need to seek professional help with. Where was your outrage with Dems disgusting remarks about C. Rice, Judge Thomas, et al.? Your use of the term racism seems only to apply to those of a certain political/social view. That is really disgusting - if not itself racist. If you want to discover who is really promoting racism - go look in the mirror.

The answer is: Sheryl Nuxoll!

The question is: Who has replaced Craig, Mansfield and McGee as the Statesman's (that can be read as K. Richert's) latest fetish?

So the behavior of Craig, Mansfield and McGee

and now Nuxoll, is the Statesman's fault? This is Idaho, they don't have to make this stuff up-----it's gifted to them!

IdaGalBlue....dont be a

racist and homophobia....

Okay, then what is it

about the president that bothers the right wing and tea-partiers so much? He hasn't taken away your guns or pulled the troops out of Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden is dead. You never really explain and then you expect thinking people to believe there is no racism involved? "White Guilt"? Sounds like something made up by Limbaugh or Beck. If you want to talk about a disaster of a President, the name George W. Bush should come to mind.


Bush annual deficits were averaged around $350B....this Prez is around $1.3T for all 5 of his years thus far....Bush was bad and we agree, but we found one that is worse....

When will MSNBC and CNN start hiring minorities? All I see are angry white democrats.

"Never mind"???

"Noogie patrol"!


Nothing happened and what if it did?

I think I see now...

The paywall is an add-on?

That would be even worse than cookies, that can be blocked.


Nothing happened and what if it did?