Name the Score contest for Boise State-Nevada (with Murphy prediction)

By Brian Murphy

The Chicago Connection "Name the Score" contest is back for its fourth season here at Murph's Turf. Many thanks to Chicago Connection for providing the prize (a gift certificate for a free pizza) each week.

The rules are pretty much the same as they have been, but for any newcomers here they are:

Boise State visits Nevada on Saturday (1:30 p.m., ABC) and here is your chance to predict the score and win a prize.

Place your guess (whole numbers only, no fractions) with a winner and both teams' score in the comments down below and we will pick one winner. (Please limit one guess per commenter.)

The closest to the actual score of the game wins.

You can listen to my audio prediction.

All entries must be received by 11 a.m. MT on Saturday.

When you register to make comments at, you put in an e-mail address. I will contact the winner through that e-mail address.

If it comes down to tiebreakers, closest to Boise State's actual score, closest without going over and then first received will be the tie-breaking order.

Congrats to YoMomma for last week's victory.

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Boise State 17 Nevada 16....

unless the defense gets tired in 4th quarter....if so, then Boise State 17 and Nevada 19....

BSU 31 Nevada 28

Ugly win For the Broncos

Boise State 38 Nevada 24

10 field goals, 1 touchdown, 1 safety, 1 missed extra point for Boise State

Boise State 27 Nevada 21

Unfortunately BSU doesn't get the dominant win they are hoping for on ABC but at least they still get the W.

Nicely done ...

... I will be contacting you tomorrow.

-- murph

BSU 35 - 20

BSU 35
UNR 20

12 Safeties, 1 field goal, 1 touchdown, 1 2-point conversion for Boise State

34-21 Broncos


Wolfpack 24 Broncos 21 GO

Wolfpack 24
Broncos 21


BSU 35, UNR 28


Boise State wins


I see now why I didn't

Get the pizza.....


Did you guess a fraction?



BSU 30 NV 23

BSU 30 NV 23

Nevada 31 Boise State 21

The San Diego State game is still fresh in my mind. Hope I'm wrong

BSU 41 Nevada 21

Not to whine Murph, but you never contacted me about where to send my pizza coupon from the Hawaii game. I'm starvin' to death here....Sunny...

Its that kind of a game

BSU 28
Nevada 25

Ohhhh tough decision . . .

Broncos 30

WolfspacePack 10

BSU 28 Nevada 10

BSU 28
Wolfpack 10

BSU 42 NV 21

Thanks Murph for the advice. I'll share the pie if I win.


BSU 17
UNR 10

BSU 25 UNR 6

BSU 25

BSU 38 Reno 14

Boise 38
Nevada 14

Pizza Pizza!

BSU 24 Nevada 22

Broncos win their share of the Mountain West

Boise State 38
Nevada 21

Boise 40 Nevada 14

Reno fans go home early


Broncos 47
Wolfpack 22


BSU 47
Reno 27

Nice to have starters back!

PACK - 17

BSU 35 Nevada 24

BSU 35
Nevada 24


37-20 BSU



BSU wins




Nevada 20 BSU 17 Sorry, gut feeling.


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boise state wins

boise state 42
unr 17