Big East loses another team; What are Boise State's options?

By Brian Murphy

Big East member Louisville is headed to the Atlantic Coast Conference, another blow to the Big East's foundation.

Boise State is scheduled to join the Big East in football on July 1. Since the Broncos announced they were joining the league, it has lost Rutgers and Louisville while adding Temple, Memphis and, Tuesday, Tulane and East Carolina (football-only).

Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco issued the following statement after Louisville's departure.

"We enjoyed having Louisville in the Big East Conference and we wish them well.

"The Big East has anticipated the continuing realignment that is reshaping college athletics and has already made important additions as part of our vision for the future. We will continue moving forward to fulfill that vision, which includes a strong national football conference and a strong and storied basketball conference. Big East teams will continue to compete and succeed at the highest level and, as always, will combine athletic and academic excellence. With schools stretching from coast to coast and in many of the top U.S. media markets, the Big East has become a truly national conference with outstanding young men and women competing across a full range of sports.

"We are committed to a vibrant and dynamic future for the Big East Conference."

Boise State's only response to the moves have been a series of statements from President Bob Kustra reasserting the school's commitment to the Big East.

• “We are in contact with the Big East Conference office and are evaluating the information that has come forward regarding conference realignment the past few days," Kustra said last week.

• "In following up on my statement from earlier this evening and because of a report that Boise State has been talking with the Mountain West, I want to make it clear that Boise State has had no discussions with the Mountain West Conference in the past couple of weeks. We are in constant communication with presidents and athletic directors of the Big East and we intend to strengthen our the conference by adding members who can contribute to a strong conference," Kustra said a few hours after his initial statement.

• "As previously stated, we are committed to the Big East Conference and intend to strengthen our conference with members who can contribute to a strong league," Kustra said last week.

• "Boise State welcomes East Carolina and Tulane to the conference as the Big East solidifies its membership with these additions. The Big East is proactively responding to the national changes in conference affiliations, and Boise State remains committed to building and competing in a strong Big East future," Kustra said Tuesday.

With the loss of Louisville and Rutgers for 2014, this is what the Big East divisions will look like:

West: Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, SMU, Tulane, Memphis

East: Connecticut, Cincinnati, South Florida, Central Florida, East Carolina, Temple

Note: Navy is scheduled to join the league in 2015.

Among that group, only Connecticut, Cincinnati and South Florida were in the Big East during the 2011 football season with the rest of the teams coming from the Mountain West (two), Conference USA (six) and Mid-American Conference (one).

The Big East is in the middle of make-or-break television negotiations. The contract was seen as a way to enrich the new conference members, while solidifying the league's place as the sixth-best football league in the country.

College football's new postseason structure will allow for the highest-ranked conference champion from the Big East, Mountain West, Conference USA, Mid-American Conference and Sun Belt to play in one of the six most lucrative bowl games.

So what are the Broncos' options?

• Remain in the Big East: The television contract could still generate more money than the Mountain West deal and give the Broncos greater exposure across the country. The league could still swipe a few teams from the Mountain West. The Big East has BCS AQ status in 2013 — unlike the Mountain West – so the Broncos are likely to play at least one season in the Big East.

• Return to the Mountain West: The league is willing to take Boise State and San Diego State back. It would give the conference 12 members, allowing it to stage a conference championship game and renegotiate its television contract with CBS. The Mountain West could grow even more, taking UTEP and Tulsa from Conference USA in an attempt to weaken that league. (Or it could attempt to grab Houston and SMU from the Big East.) The Broncos would also have to bring its non-football programs back into the Mountain West from the Big West.

• Go independent: BYU signed a television contract with ESPN and has been able to schedule enough attractive games to make independence work. Idaho and New Mexico State are moving to independence next season. The Broncos have always had a good relationship with ESPN and should be able to sign a decent TV deal. Scheduling and bowl agreements could be problems, and coach Chris Petersen has always valued winning conference championship.

The Broncos would have no problem getting games with BYU (already scheduled), Idaho and New Mexico State. But coming up with nine more games could get ugly.

• Join the Big 12 (or Pac-12): If Kustra isn't burning up the phones to both conferences then he is not doing his job. If only it were that easy, however. The Broncos are way down the list of teams the Big 12 would consider and the Pac-12 has given no indication that it wants to expand again. The Broncos' lack of a TV market, its overall athletic program and its academic ranking and reputation are all impediments to a move to either league. The Broncos' main (only?) selling point is a stellar football program that draws ratings and has a (limited) national following.

What do you think? What is the best option for the Broncos and what will they do?

I hope you guys frothing at the mouth dont

make business decisions. If the Broncos decide to go back to the MWC it will do so with some leverage and some strength and power to get what they want. It won't be throwing up their hands and crying. Boise State is weighing all their options behind closed doors, which is exactly what smart businesses do. As a fan, I want choices, which we have, and I don't want a rushed decision.

Rushed decision?

Like has already been announced and then re-affirmed. Good bussiness decisions need to be based on good LONG term goals and not a quick cash infusion that makes the program look like the whores all over the country without a solid home. There are other sports that should align in the same conference as football too.

Whoa man...

Nothing is ever set in stone.

How come you seem so bitter?

Not bitter

BSU should have just sat back and watched before becomming an active participant/victim in all of this. Nothing has been accomplished except looking stupid for jumping too quickly. Patience practically always works better than shooting from the hip and acting too quickly. BSU has more to offer than any other team in the Big East at this moment from the quality and competitiveness standpoint. Notice I said at this moment as some more may bolt but no one would want what is left now. The "good" teams have been picked over already and the bottom of the barrel is what BSU would be joining. It all comes down to money. BSU's program was not built with the kind of money that is being chased right now. It was built with good old fashioned hard work and WINNING. BSU looks really ignorant right now for jumping to the only conference that would have us that could give us a shot. It is like not checking a company out very well that you are looking to go to work for. The payday/tv contract is shrinking by the minute.

Thats probably accurate

But how would the Broncos know the Big East would have more defections? A hunch? A crystal ball? Yes, the Broncos were built on hard work, I saw this firsthand. But that doesn't mean they don't need the cash. Hindsight is 20/20 for a reason. Given the chance, the Broncos tried to get in a better position. It might not turn out right or better but they were not complacent. Can't fault them for that.

Big or Small

Prime football team are running out.

The Big 12 cannot stay at 10 teams. That is crazy.

The truesure valley is still growing.

So align BSU for a big conference, and stay in the MWC so you do not have to pay a 20 milliion dollar leaving fee from the big east.

Be ready and build the school. Maybe even building a new studium around Meridian to envole more fans. A 80,000 seat studium would impress the BIG 12.

Finally, the fans need to quit any negivate talk about BSU and built it up so we can feel a 80,000 seat stadium.

This is my thought: Get Joe Albertson to build a new DOME and attract a Bigger pay out bowl game.

Joe Albertson DIED years ago!


Nothing happened and what if it did?


I think one big thing people are forgetting on here is how BSU got to where they are: ESPN & Winning

If you look back at BSU from 2001-2010, the rise in winning, popularity, national attention, and eventual respect has come from ESPN liking BSU and getting BSU exposure on ESPN more and more as BSU kept building a national brand and following. As BSU kept winning, ESPN kept putting more and more games on, until in 2009 & 2010 I believe BSU was on ESPN 9 or 10 times each year. Because of all that exposure BSU was able to bring in better and better recruits, get into the BCS bowl mix and National Championship conversation for a few years recently.

Bottom line, ESPN has a been a huge pillar in the rise of BSU to where they are today. If you look at the last 2 years that BSU has been in the MWC you see pretty much a plateau, maybe even a little drop off, in the brand and name, simply because ESPN does not put BSU on, even being in the top 25 you don't see highlights, which in the past when BSU was in the WAC they were on highlights every Saturday night.

My point: staying in the MWC significantly hinders BSU ability to reach a national audience of teenagers watching teams they are considering playing for and limits their ability to get in front of national media, coaches, voters, etc. BSU will see sliding back by staying in the MWC.

By joining the Big East, as long as the Big East successfully negotiates a contract with ESPN (which I know the TV contract for the Big East may end up slit between multiple networks at this point) and BSU can become ESPN's darling again, even if it's only 4 or 5 games a year, it will be much better for BSU than staying in the MWC and playing on channels that are hard to find for most of the nation.

The Big East will be better for BSU if it means getting back in ESPN's good graces, as much as some people don't like that, ESPN runs everything and it's better to have them on your side than against you.


Boise State was espn's darling because they played at night which didn't conflict with SEC and Big 10 games as well as an explosive offense. Playing in the Big East will mean conflicts with SEC, ACC and Big 10 games.


That's the flexibility of having an east and west division in a coast to coast conference, you can schedule the games to maximize exposure and minimize competition against other games. ESPN is smart enough to be able to schedule the games at times, and sometimes different days, to avoid going head to head with the other big games. It's worked in the past, it will work again.


Please wake up and stay where we are! Nevermind some of us were saying this two years ago but it is obviously becoming more clear to even the most adamant Big East backers...stay in the MWC, get the rest of our athletic program in line with football, and get rid of the idiot who started this whole debacle by putting his personal agenda ahead of the athletic department ....STAY IN THE MWC FIRE KUSTRA!!!

Just another Vandal

hoping that BSU stays in a small market conference.....

B12345 - Why . . .

. . . does the goal for the Bronco Football Program have to be to make money for the college and not win a National Championship?

All you ever portray, as a reason for going to the Big East, is how much money it will bring in for BSU.

To you and Bronco Bob, it is all about small and large markets and market share and bottom lines.

Whatever happened to the pure joy members of Bronco Nation had when our Broncos won games in our geographical areas where we could all go to and could watch on ESPN, even during week nights.

It was ESPN and the WAC that made BSU the Powerhouse it is today. Bronco Football was fun then. Now it is all about making money to keep BSU afloat and not about the enjoyment of Bronco Nation or representation of the Student Body.

Money - money - money - money.

The powerhouse identification and national exposure BSU once had with the WAC and ESPN is rapidly slipping (could see it slowly slipping while BSU was in the MWC and the disappearance of any ESPN exposure if the truth be known)and will vanish if BSU goes to the Big East.

Are you Bronco Bob's Ghost Writer or part of the Advertising Department of BSU?

You don't seem to relate to any well thought logical arguments against going to the Big East. All you ever do is go on and on about how BSU will be Greatly Benefited and Make Lots of Money by going to the Big East.

But what about the members of Bronco Nation?

Do we not have even a small modicum of representation as to whether or not we want the Broncos to go to the Big East?

Apparently not.

As long as Bronco Bob makes a ton of money to keep BSU afloat, then it is a Great Thing.

And, if any other posters disagree with you and advocate the Broncos stay in the MWC, then you personalize an attack on them and call them 'haters' or 'dipshidiots' or morons, or idiots or fake Bronco supporters or stupid or on and on and on.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Get a job Ceesey!


Nothing happened and what if it did?

By all means, stay in the

By all means, stay in the Big Yeast! It is where you Bozo Staters is the road to your future dreams of a world it, believe in it, support it, talk it, brag about it, travel with it, buy its shirts, explain its virtues... Kustra will lead you ALL to the promised land...right here on planet earth!

Harley, I agree! And then when the Broncomaniacs find out that

'Bob the Builder' built his empire on the wrong spot, these same 'fans' will lie and say they knew it all along that it was a bad idea and tried to warn others....

This will be worth watching more than their games with UT Martin and Memphis....

Great, a couple Vandals

whose idol is President Nellis...........

How's that Vandal program working out?


Football not so well....College is doing well but does need

better leadership....

if not, then Idaho could slip 600 spots and have a college ranked very close to Boise State.

Deja vu


chortle 'n chips

with snide on the side. Order for one.

You'd be bananas to feast in my mangroves.

Tater lives and cormorants cry for lost feathers and eggs.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Poll Questions for all

A. Are you going to travel to Bronco away games during the 2013 season?

B. If so, which ones/locations/cities?

C. Are you going to travel to a Big Bowl game at the end of the 2013 season?

D. If you are not traveling to Bronco away games, why?

1. Lack of disposable income,

2. Job/time constraints,

3. competing interests, with BSU Football being a Saturday TV event,

4. Other

Serious responses, please.

I will go first

A. No.

B. None.

C. Yes.

D. 1.,

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Ugly is second

A. No
B. None
C. None because Boise will not be in one of the top 6 BCS Bowls for awhile.
D. 3

Poll Questions Refresher Post

For those that missed it, the above post is a poll you can respond to if you want.

The results of this poll will help all of us understand the actual and 'true' intent of Bronco Fans to travel to Bronco away games on the East Coast and New Orleans and Houston, when the Broncos join the Big East and start next year.

It will be interesting to see how many actually take the time to take the poll and how many are actually going to go or not go to Bronco away games starting with the 2013 season.

Thanx to all who participate as your information will be part of a much needed data base.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799


It would've been helpful to add another choice to the last question. For me the uncertainty of the fiscal cliff is causing me to not be willing to make any commitments. If the taxes go up next year then I will have less disposable income. If we fall off the cliff I may not have disposable income which, is why I chose that answer.


D. 1

Poll Question refresher post

See above post regarding the poll for anybody to weigh in that is interested in doing so.


A/C, 6-way power heated buckets and premium CD stereo!


Nothing happened and what if it did?

FO....does this mean you took VNDLs

poll ?

No, I read the headline and went with it.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

ugly - I think we can figure out FO's poll responses

He ain't gonna be spending real hard earned money to follow the Broncos around the East coast and New Orleans every other week, watching them play football.

It is a myth and a pipe dream to even say that Bronco Nation 'travels well'.

Yes - Bronco Fans will travel well to a Big BCS Bowl game once in a Blue Moon (every few years or so to Arizona or someplace within a 12-15 hour bus/car ride), but not on a habitual every other week away game basis throughout an entire 12 game season AND THEN, hopefully to a Big BCS Bowl.

Bronco Nation's bench strength just ain't that deep nor has deep enough pockets to make it a reality.

Those that believe Bronco Nation will 'travel well' to away games when BSU joins the Big East, are living in a fantasy land.

The proof seems to be in this little poll we got going on.

Not anybody so far that has committed to be a Bronco Fan that is gonna go to all Bronco away games during the 2013 season - or any game (not even one) for that matter.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member @ 63799

PS - Any reader of these blogs can take the little poll. Your reasons are needed to prove or disprove that Bronco Nation will 'travel well' during the 2013 season, or not.

Hopping haysoos, I live on disability and have two bikes, cats.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

ugly - isn't it interesting how the members of the Out To Lunch

Bunch cannot take a documented position on these blogs as to whether or not they will travel to Bronco away games when the BSU Broncos join the Big east conference for the 2013 season - yet they claim that Bronco Nation will 'travel well' and thousands of bronco Fans will go to away games.

But it seems, none of them are actually going to do it (based on the poll results, so far).

I believe not as many Bronco Fans will travel to Bronco away games on the East Coast/Gulf Coast because they just can't afford to.

Bronco Bob somehow thinks that Bronco Fans are people of means and have oodles of discretionary monies. I think he does not understand the true make up and composition of Bronco Nation.

I think Bronco Bob should replace razor as the Chairman of the Out To Lunch Bunch.

Why can't those who claim that members of Bronco Nation will 'travel well' to Bronco away games next season, actually take the time to register their positions on a simple poll.

I think we know the reasons, as do many who follow these blogs. It is the same reason they can't part with even a few bucks to help with Bronco Stadium expansion construction or supporting the Broncos by joining the BAA and helping round up money to give the football players college credits so they can get their papers.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - This poll is open to all readers of these blogs. Just go a few posts above this post and you will see the simple poll. Please let us know where you stand and if the Broncos are going to have any Bronco Fans in the seats at games East of the Mississippi and in New Orleans. really is pitiful....hopefully some will respond to

your poll later....

Your poll is well thought and intriguing and answers many questions about the Big East. If enough people respond and good stats can be done, I hope you will email the results to Bob....that way he knows how all Bronco Fans feel about going east, when we live west.

We have 3 respondees thus far--VNDL, Ugly, and FO....

We need a minimum of 5 more for an accurate sub-sample for statistical analysis....

sif was online yesterday. his input would be good.
weisburg has many good thoughts--maybe he will do the poll?

I have asked bsu4342 and razor, but no avail yet. soon maybe?

JL is bitter and potato2 has left....

maybe tbk, apache64, spaceman21, windex, sunny, galena, bduck, cotvandal, pony, or anyone?

any Bronco Fan? This is a very important poll....

VNDL, lets see what happens. Dont hold breath....

ugly - actually Sunnysloper

has really good stuff and I like reading his posts.

He seems to be fairly objective and honest with his opinions and is not afraid to say what he thinks, regardless of what others may think about what he is saying.

I respect his thoughts. He hates Vandals, but, lolol, who doesn't it seems like.

Yes - I would love to learn of sunny's thoughts and responses to the poll.

The others too.

TBK has gone on record as saying he does not think going to the Big East is a good move for BSU - but I can't extrapolate into any meaningful insight as to how he would answer the poll questions. So he remains unknown.

Pache has a good head on his shoulders and I would like to learn of his response to the poll questions, but he doesn't come on much anymore.

Spaceman21 - I haven't seen him yet this season, come to think of it. Would like his thoughts though.

Windex - he is a borderline civil/serious post type of guy if he wants to be. Would love to read his thoughts if he was in the civil mode and not in the attack ugly because B12345 sez ugly is a 'dipshidiot' mode.

Galena - would love to read his thoughts and responses to the poll questions.

Bduck - can be serious when he wants to be - he has stated he thinks BSU going to the Big East is a bad move so maybe he won't respond. I do think he actually goes to many Bronco games, and just has us think he doesn't. I dunno. Interesting fellow.

cotvandal - would love to read his responses. He makes good points quite often.

pony - yep, would love to learn his thoughts too. His posts, are thought provoking and maybe sometimes beyond the intelligence level of the Out To Lunch Bunch to comprehend.

weisberg - would love to read his resonses to the polls. I think he goes to Bronco games and is really a closet Bronco Fan and is just being controversial with us because he is a UCLA Law Grad and is close to Gene B. Maybe weisberg is Gene B's screen name. I have often wondered about that.

SIF - I am sure SIF will pitch in with responses when he discovers this thread next time he is on-line.

ALL Other Posters - would love to read poll responses to many new posters and other posters who follow this blog but don't usually post.

This could be an interesting piece of data, in the end, if folks jumped in and provided their real thoughts.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

VNDL....while we are waiting for the poll results....I have

a few questions. First, Boise State and ESPN.

The Broncos and ESPN....dont you think that it was ESPN that made Boise famous, and now Boise as a spoiled step-child, felt they could go on their own because they were loved throughout and then stiffed ESPN? Now no tv exposure, thus losing popularity.

Is the move to Big East an act of desparation more than the tv needs?

Is the move to the Big East Bob's Idaho Center?


I hope you don't mind me stepping in here with my thoughts. First, I believe the WAC gave the Broncos an opportunity to step into the limelight with their unexpected win over Fresno in 2001 or 2002. Then, it just seemed that Karl Benson did a good job promoting the WAC which resulted in ESPN and national exposure. The Broncos have been the beneficary of a lot of people giving them great opportunities to succeed. And, due to a lot of luck and good fortune the dice rolled their way. I really think the Big East commissioner is a savy guy and that he'll deliver with a national conference. Hopefully, this new concept of a national conference will take away the perception of BSU being the spoiled step-child.

BAA 7192124


Your reponse is good, except I think you give the Big East Commissioner too much credit....

I am not against him,

just saying that if he is that good, then why have the best teams left or are leaving?

It is the Why question again?

ugly - you ask the Seminal Question

if the Big East is that lucrative of a conference, revenue wise, then why have some of the best long established teams departed the Big East for other conferences?

You have asked that question on numerous occasions on these blogs and yet -

that question still has not been answered.

In fact halfhearted attempts at responding to your question by some posters has been more along the lines of trying to shift focus from the important question to non important minutia and unrelated gee-whiz copy and paste computer numbers and date from non-main stream sources that have no relevance to answering the seminal question.

Yes - the 'WHY' question needs to be asked again; and again; and again - until it is finally answered.

But, I am afraid we all know the real answer, which does not fit the script of the BSU Blorange Blinder Operatives who seem to inhabit these blogs always droning on and on about the same thing: "BSU needs to move to the Big East because it will result in three times more TV revenue for BSU than what it currently makes in money from the MWC - BSU needs to move to the Big East because it can make more money. The Broncos can bring in more money for BSU if the Football Team plays n the Big East Conference."

On and on and on.

It is interesting how now, all of a sudden making increased revenue for BSU is of greater priority and importance than being competitive for a National Championship - as the best way for the Broncos to get into a great BCS game is to have been in the WAC or the MWC AND WIN ALL THE GAMES and go undefeated. Duh !!!

The reason the Broncos are not busting the BCS this year is they lost too many games. That is the simplicity of the whole thing.

We said all along that for the Broncos to get into a BCS game, the Broncos needed to be undefeated. They weren't. Can't blame it on a 'weak MWC' and that somehow joining the Big East is going to improve the Broncos chances of getting into a BCS game because the Big East is somehow a better conference for getting into the BCS stuff at the end of a season.

The only way BSU will ever get into a BCS game is to win their games during the regular season and go undefeated. If BSU went undefeated every year then they would get into a post season BCS Bowl game every year, and eventually contend for a Natty.

ugly - again great seminal question you pose to this board.

I doubt seriously, if you will ever get a straight answer to your question from any of these Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight yahoos on these blogs.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

VNDL....Thanks for input....Yes, the Why question has always

bothered me about the Big East....

Why would so many schools leave such a good deal?

The best schools are gone, and even Notre Dame does not schedule the Big East anymore....

As saying goes, 'to follow the motive, just follow the money'....

As with StadiumGate, is there an EasternGate?

Does 'Bob the Builder' have a home east somewhere?

ugly & SIF - Lousy Poll Response so far

We ran a poll about how many members of Bronco Nation were going to support Bronco Stadium expansion and how much they were gonna donate; last Spring.

We found out that only the Vandals (ugly, SIF, and VNDL) had actually donated any money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium, even though Coach Pete was issuing a Call For Action to All Bronco Fans and BAA Members to please help out.

Nada. Zilch. No responses other than the usual open and proud supporters of Bronco Football, Idaho Vandals.

The only respondents to that poll were 3 Vandals (SIF, ugly, VNDL) and 2 Broncos (TBK and surprisingly 81).

We have seen how the expansion of Bronco Stadium project has ground to a halt and it is even being discussed whether or not to even finish the project (per a Statesman article about a month or so ago). Apparently not enough money has been collected in the form of donations by Bronco Fans. Lack of support for Bronco Football by Bronco Nation has killed the expansion of Bronco stadium, some say and has been debated in length on these boards. I don't know if it is a lack of support for Bronco Football by Bronco Nation that has killed the expansion project or it is costing too much money to build over and above what has been collected so far on Fundly in a year's time ($39,000). If the stadium expansion project would cost only about $40,000, then it looks like Bronco Nation could support it.

The support of Bronco Football by Bronco Nation remains hollow.

We also did a poll of who was going to join the Bronco Athletic Association and support the Broncos last Summer. Again it was only the Usual Vandal Supporters of Bronco Football and a couple of others who actually responded to the poll and became/renewed membership with the BAA.

Once again, demonstrating the hollowness of Bronco Nation support for the Bronco Football Team and/or BSU.

Now, we have run a little poll to get an idea if Bronco Bob is right or wrong when he says Bronco Fans will 'travel well' to Bronco away games at Big East team stadiums East of the Mississippi River starting the 2013 season.

So far only 3 Vandals and one Bronco have responded to the poll questions and all have indicated that they will not be travelling to away games Due to economic reasons.

The support for the Broncos by Bronco Nation continues to be hollow.

Bronco Fans cannot even be bothered to fill out a post responding whether or not they are going to 'ravel well' and support the BSU Broncos starting with the 2013 season - then - how the heck can it be concluded and deducted that Bronco Nation will 'travel well' to support the Broncos at away games when BSU Joins the Big East conference?

Bronco Bob needs to reverse his course of joining the Big East Conference for football and throwing other BSU athletics into the Big West trash pile, before it is too late.

Yes, it will cost BSU $10M to get out of Bronco Bob's commitment to join the Big East.


Bronco Nation will be torn asunder and riddled with apathy for future Bronco Football things, if Bronco Bob doesn't admit he is wrong. The end is near not only for Bronco Football but Bronco Nation and the sale of Bronco hats and Over Sized and Real Big Orange Styrofoam cowboy hats, unless Bronco Bob eats some crow and Humble Pie.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799


I wonder the reason donations have dropped, people unwilling to commit to traveling to games and funding for the stadium has dried up is a result of all the uncertainty because the President and Congress has not solved the fiscal cliff.

If we're going to lose our tax deductions why would many people even want to donate money to future expansion of Bronco Stadium or even the program. Meanwhile, because people don't know how much they will be paying in taxes next year has caused people to wonder whether or not they'll have enough disposable income to travel to games. I heard that if our elected officials allow us to drop off the fiscal cliff that the typical middle class household would pay an additional $3,500 to $4,000 in taxes next year. I applied this to my own situation and thought...this is going to hurt and how am I going to adjust to meet this additional tax liability.

That is why I suggested you add this question to your survey.


The other teams left or are leaving the Big East is for the same reasons that BSU left the WAC and MWC. First, more money and lot's more money. I would assume that both TCU and West Virginia are receiving a lot more money. I don't have the #'s at my finger tips but I know that both Maryland (ACC) and Rutgers are going to get substantially more money by being members of the Big 10. Secondly, prestige and perception is also part of the decision and the reason Boise State left the WAC and MWC. Thirdly, I think the Big East commissioner has a vision and if he can turn his vision into a reality then it may be possible that BSU and SDSU and everybody else who joins or stays with the Big East may be positioned well in the future and well compensated for their risk. I don't think the commissioners from the CUSA, MWC or Sun Belt has the connections this guy has. The MAC is the MAC and will always be the MAC...but that could always change too.

Very well said SIF

There's risk but the vision is there. Who knows if it comes true but its worth trying. Until it isn't. But right now today it looks like its still worth it.


Maybe. I think you might be giving the new Big East and the old commissionar too much credit....

Times are changing, but I'm not convinced this is Boise's best move. In 2014 you wont be seeing very much conference alighnment like you are today. The only acception will be the weaker conferences shuffling to get stronger and closer to the Big 5. The Big 5 wont change much after 2014.

You will see the little sisters shuffling such as Big East, MWC, MAC, C-USA....

So we will see....



Φ Yeah I saw it.

And then decided to make a pregame run for supplies instead. Yawn.

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