Big East loses another team; What are Boise State's options?

By Brian Murphy

Big East member Louisville is headed to the Atlantic Coast Conference, another blow to the Big East's foundation.

Boise State is scheduled to join the Big East in football on July 1. Since the Broncos announced they were joining the league, it has lost Rutgers and Louisville while adding Temple, Memphis and, Tuesday, Tulane and East Carolina (football-only).

Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco issued the following statement after Louisville's departure.

"We enjoyed having Louisville in the Big East Conference and we wish them well.

"The Big East has anticipated the continuing realignment that is reshaping college athletics and has already made important additions as part of our vision for the future. We will continue moving forward to fulfill that vision, which includes a strong national football conference and a strong and storied basketball conference. Big East teams will continue to compete and succeed at the highest level and, as always, will combine athletic and academic excellence. With schools stretching from coast to coast and in many of the top U.S. media markets, the Big East has become a truly national conference with outstanding young men and women competing across a full range of sports.

"We are committed to a vibrant and dynamic future for the Big East Conference."

Boise State's only response to the moves have been a series of statements from President Bob Kustra reasserting the school's commitment to the Big East.

• “We are in contact with the Big East Conference office and are evaluating the information that has come forward regarding conference realignment the past few days," Kustra said last week.

• "In following up on my statement from earlier this evening and because of a report that Boise State has been talking with the Mountain West, I want to make it clear that Boise State has had no discussions with the Mountain West Conference in the past couple of weeks. We are in constant communication with presidents and athletic directors of the Big East and we intend to strengthen our the conference by adding members who can contribute to a strong conference," Kustra said a few hours after his initial statement.

• "As previously stated, we are committed to the Big East Conference and intend to strengthen our conference with members who can contribute to a strong league," Kustra said last week.

• "Boise State welcomes East Carolina and Tulane to the conference as the Big East solidifies its membership with these additions. The Big East is proactively responding to the national changes in conference affiliations, and Boise State remains committed to building and competing in a strong Big East future," Kustra said Tuesday.

With the loss of Louisville and Rutgers for 2014, this is what the Big East divisions will look like:

West: Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, SMU, Tulane, Memphis

East: Connecticut, Cincinnati, South Florida, Central Florida, East Carolina, Temple

Note: Navy is scheduled to join the league in 2015.

Among that group, only Connecticut, Cincinnati and South Florida were in the Big East during the 2011 football season with the rest of the teams coming from the Mountain West (two), Conference USA (six) and Mid-American Conference (one).

The Big East is in the middle of make-or-break television negotiations. The contract was seen as a way to enrich the new conference members, while solidifying the league's place as the sixth-best football league in the country.

College football's new postseason structure will allow for the highest-ranked conference champion from the Big East, Mountain West, Conference USA, Mid-American Conference and Sun Belt to play in one of the six most lucrative bowl games.

So what are the Broncos' options?

• Remain in the Big East: The television contract could still generate more money than the Mountain West deal and give the Broncos greater exposure across the country. The league could still swipe a few teams from the Mountain West. The Big East has BCS AQ status in 2013 — unlike the Mountain West – so the Broncos are likely to play at least one season in the Big East.

• Return to the Mountain West: The league is willing to take Boise State and San Diego State back. It would give the conference 12 members, allowing it to stage a conference championship game and renegotiate its television contract with CBS. The Mountain West could grow even more, taking UTEP and Tulsa from Conference USA in an attempt to weaken that league. (Or it could attempt to grab Houston and SMU from the Big East.) The Broncos would also have to bring its non-football programs back into the Mountain West from the Big West.

• Go independent: BYU signed a television contract with ESPN and has been able to schedule enough attractive games to make independence work. Idaho and New Mexico State are moving to independence next season. The Broncos have always had a good relationship with ESPN and should be able to sign a decent TV deal. Scheduling and bowl agreements could be problems, and coach Chris Petersen has always valued winning conference championship.

The Broncos would have no problem getting games with BYU (already scheduled), Idaho and New Mexico State. But coming up with nine more games could get ugly.

• Join the Big 12 (or Pac-12): If Kustra isn't burning up the phones to both conferences then he is not doing his job. If only it were that easy, however. The Broncos are way down the list of teams the Big 12 would consider and the Pac-12 has given no indication that it wants to expand again. The Broncos' lack of a TV market, its overall athletic program and its academic ranking and reputation are all impediments to a move to either league. The Broncos' main (only?) selling point is a stellar football program that draws ratings and has a (limited) national following.

What do you think? What is the best option for the Broncos and what will they do?


You left out Moscow State. Where will the vandals go?

Big East Backup Plan

I always thought that Kustra et al should have had as a backup plan to the Big East if it got raided, to take the Texas schools and the best of the Mountain West they could get (and maybe BYU if they could convince them) and start a brand new conference.

The thing that always dragged down the WAC and then the MWC was that they had those bottom-feeders that never improved their football programs. One or two of them is something a conference could live with, but it seemed like half the league in the WAC and nearly half the league in the post-BSU MWC were dragging the league down. So if they could pull the best of the rest in the Western US, maybe they could get that TV revenue and exposure they were looking for in the Big East.

If I was the Big East commissioner, I'd be on the phone right now with the best programs left in the MWC arranging their joining the Big East. I guess that would be Fresno, Utah State, maybe Nevada. But I just don't know how much room they have to expand in the west, since they've been so East Coast-centric.

Perhaps a few years of independence

For the football team would allow the dust to settle. Then when the right conference calls, BSU is free to move. Pull a TCU and don't join the big east. If SDSU does the same along with other school that are getting jerked around, there could be quite a few independent schools.

Getting quality games

will be near impossible.


But getting quality games in the mw or big east is looking more and more iffy, and the buyout clauses the conferences are coming up with are becoming burdensome

B12345- so you are saying . . .

that going to the Big East will result in quality games for the Broncos?

Possibly you are correct, as BSU will go to the Big East for the 2013 season and will play the proverbial perennial national powerhouse Tennesee-Martin for the second game of the 2013 season on 7 SEP 13, thereby really helping BSU's Strength of Schedule.

So, following your logic, if BSU did not go to the Big East next season they would not get a quality game with Tenessee-Martin?

I kinda thought Tenessee-Martin was supposed to be just a 'body bag' and money game to help bring in some money for BSU, with Tenesee-Martin full well knowing that the Broncos are going to smear them on their field.

And just how is that a Quality Game, 'Mr. Know-it-All'?

BSU is never going to play in a Big East game. Bronco Bob will come to his senses and shift directions to the MWC, later this winter or spring. Just a matter of time. I predict it.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799


Are you implying that Boise St isn't going to stay the course? I think they should stay the course. I think the Big East Commissioner is much more savy than the MWC commissioner. I just have a feeling that given time his "national conference" strategy could prove to be genius. But, not if everybody flys the coup. We have all known the probability of the Big East Charter Members would leave. But, since everybody has been chasing "perception" of what's better it seems to me the name "Big East" demands more money than MWC. I think that having a Big East Commissioner who knows TV will manuever in such a manner that the new Big East could be the big winners. As you can tell, I'm excited to see how this strategy unfolds....I think he has the upper hand over CUSA, Sun Belt and MWC. I think the MAC is stable.

SIF - as you know

I have been sitting on the sidelines for these past months reserving judgement, one way or another, and not joining the Great Debate on these blogs about whether or not BSU should join the Big East or not.

I have seen the elephant up close and personal.

We just spent several weeks on the East Coast visiting our daughter and her husband in Pittsburgh, where he is working on his Doctorate at Carnegie Mellon to be a Rocket Scientist and a robotics engineer and she is working on her Doctorate in Hospital Management/Health Care.

While on the East Coast I obtained a rental car and we traveled all over the place - NY City, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Richmond VA and other places. Go, Go , Go, lolol.

I went to sports bars at nights for a libation and talked football with the locals. But they really only talk pro football ad are not into college football to the same level as we are on the West Coast. For those of us who follow the BSU Broncos and post on these blogs (my point is there is life beyond these boards - and it doesn't revolve around the BSU Broncos or CFB) we need to take our blinders and preconceived notions off the table and realize there is a reason why long term Big East teams are leaving the Big East. Are we the smart ones because we have a blue field and always win games, and blah blah blah.

I went to Heinz Stadium and saw the Steelers get beat by the Ravens. Interesting stadium but cold as heck at 9 PM with windy evening. At the game I tried to talk CFB with some people I came into contact with, but they don't care about CFB, really. Most do not follow the Big East and if they do follow CFB it seems to be the SEC or the Big 10/12.

We went to many malls and food courts during the 2 weeks. I went into many sporting clothes retail stores that sold sports jersies and such, mostly with the pro football motiff and pro basketball. A little college basketball stuff I saw but mostly the pro teams. I asked one of the store managers if he had any college team stuff and he had a section of little plastic helmets for desk tops and they were available in about 20 teams - all SEC or Big 10/12 and nothing out West or Big East, for that matter.

Sports fans on the East Coast do not engage in the interest of West Coast CFB to the level that we would like them to do. Darned it, the reality is that the reality does not match the reality that Bronco Bob, B12345, JL, and other so-called 'experts of what is Good and Virtuous for the BSU Broncos, would want to have, but instead the reality is just that, reality. Bummer.

I am thinking that a lot of the hype that President Kustra and a few others on these blogs portray about how good it is for BSU to go to the Big East because of all the interest for BSU it will generate and help propel the Bronco Brand, is just blah blah stuff without any factual foundation.

I don't think the East Coast sports fans rally care about the BSU Broncos or not. I am wondering if there is any truth as to this current hype/myth that we are all living under, that the BSU Broncos are a Perennial National Powerhouse. I used to believe it, but after my trip, I am not so sure.

If BSU is a powerhouse, then BSU is gonna have an uphill battle educating the East Coast sports fans where the State of Idaho is and what a BSU is.

As you know, I am an ardent supporter of the BSU Bronco Football Team and would hate to see it destroyed by the arrogance of one man, President Kustra.

I have changed my opinion of being neutral and am now stating publicly that I believe it is a Fatal Mistake to the Bronco Footbal Program for BSU to go join the Big East.

The Big East is crumbling.

We need to stop and ask ourselves the questions as to why the other Big East teams are bolting and getting out of the Big East.

Do they know something that we don't?

Have they seen the lack of support and interest for CFB up close and personal from the people on the East Coast.

Maybe, once upon a time, people on the East Coast were engaged in CFB, but I think those days are long gone. The poor economy maybe to blame, but also, a sports fan only has so much money to spend on teams and out in the East there are pro teams on every block, it seems like. Lots of opportunities to follow pro sports.

We do not understand that concept as we do not have a professional sports team in Boise or Idaho, so we tend to think the world revolves around our beloved BSU Broncos.

If we marketed the BSU Broncos as a semi-professional team, I think we would get a bigger following on the East Coast - AND - there are semi-professional football teams that would give BSU an amazing hard competetive game, and maybe even win.

We are making a Tragic Error in trying to view the spending and TV watching habits of East Coast residents and trying to compare them with those on the West Coast.

Apples and oranges.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Was in Simerly's this afternoon and got a 2013 calendar. I used to get several, but now it is only 1 per customer. I always think of you when I go thru the 'Hub of Magic Valley', lolol


Wow...I created a reply to you post but for some reason it was never published. Really crazy. So glad you frequent Simerly's. I get homesice when you bring up that ole store.

Anyway, as I tried to reply earlier...I understand that the professional sports dominate the east coast. The reality that I've come to grips with is the shear # of TV sets on the East Coast and the fact TV people now measure viewership in seconds and not minutes per TV.

These seconds are worth billions on the East Coast...aka...the Big 10 going after Rutgers and Maryland.

However, in my opinion college football is nothing more than another bubble...remember the tech bubble and the housing bubble? I think college football is going down the same path.

I worry Bronco Bob has led BSU down the path only to be burst by the bubble. But, since we are now so far into the bubble I think we're better off aligning ourselves with the Big East Commissioner instead of Craig Thompson or Benson.

PSS - I'm not ready to throw in the towel. I think Bronco Bob has been sold a bill of goods and can understand your concern about everybody bailint from the BE. However, and this is what was lost on a reply that I submitted that for some reason the Statesman never published.

The Big East Commissioner is a TV guy and he has a vision for a national conference (it's all about the # of TV's and the # of seconds people watch) that maximizes viewership to equate into dollars.

Did you watch the "60 Minutes" program that interviewed the Michigan AD and his comments that the FBS model is broken because only 23 to 25 athletic programs out of 125 are breaking even or making money? If I could buy put options on college football I'd sure be buying them now.

Hey, if you journey out to Oregon let me know...perhaps we could hook up and have an ale and some fish.

Bye the way...welcome home...sounds like you had some awesome family time and I'm so happy to hear you had the chance to experience a Steelers vs Ravens game. It must've been exhilerating.

BA #7192124

SIF - more to your question

Sorry, I didn't answer your question of me with my last post.

Yes I am implying BSU is not going to stay the course of joining the Big East.

Pressure is building for Bronco Bob to reverse course and get back into the MWC, as that move would also solve problems with other sports besides football. He is becoming known as 'selling the other BSU sports 'down the river' for the almighty buck to be made off of football. He looks cheap and he is realizing it, I believe. Better late than never.

I predict that after the bowl game in december Bronco Bob will announce that BSU is remaining in the MWC for all sports. Period. No fanfare. Simple press release. No drum rolls.

I also predict that the MWC will eventually morph into a Suprconfrence in a realitiveley short period of time. It would not surprise me if the MWC announces in the JAN-APR time frame that they are merging with other conference(s) to form a super two division conference.

We are on the cusp of some heavy changes for the BSU Bronco Football Team.

We are all gonna be surprised to see how it turns out a year or two from now.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Let the members of the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight be concerned with posting archived historical data about Bronco football games, players, and worrying about what color the Bronco uniforms are gonna be next week; while we Vandals (you, I, & ugly), do the Heavy Thinking and using our 3-Dimensional Thought Processes to determine and predict strategically the direction the BSU Broncos are travelling and what their Chosen Path is.


LOL! The bubble is going to burst. Maybe RS will come out of this as a genius?

PS - Did I tell you that my great uncle and great aunt owned and operated the West Point Store in the 1950's and 60's?


Are you two by any chance Wendell Trojan alum? My wife used to live near West Point store and Simerlys was the only grocer in town??

OK, my two cents on the conference realignment situation. Of course I blame Texas for starting all this & the PAC 12. But specifically I think it boils down to this: 1) If BSU can triple their current TV revenue (~$2m per yr to say $6) I say go for it and make the move to the BIG LEAST/CONF USA (Light). I for one think watching Cincinnati, UCON, and S.or C. Florida on the Blue would be pretty cool. Even SMU & E.Carolina will be a nice change from watching the Broncs smoke either New Mexico schools. 2) However, if they cannot triple TV $ then I say go back to the MWC (providing we can wear blue on blue at home). Utah State and San Jose have found coaches that are making those teams legit and will make the MWC with BSU, SDSU, Fresno, Air Force, and Nevada the best non BCS conference in the land. Plus MWC basketball is a lot better than the Big West.


I attended K thru 8 at Wendell and graduated from Aberdeen High School. When I was really young my dad worked for the Sand Springs Ranch (west of West Point Store) until he bought a dairy farm, which was 3 miles E of the West Point Hwy and a mile north of the Bob Barton Hwy. In the 1950's my dad attended grade school at the West Point Grange and my mom attended school at the Orchard Valley Grange. Then, during the late 50's and early 60's my great uncle and aunt owned and operated the West Point Store.

As for your scenario. I think BSU needs to be in a situation to continue growing there program. I'm curious to know how much revenue is needed to keep the athletic program compliant with Title 19, etc. I think all of the teams in the Big East are going to be good draws. I'm very excited about Tulane being added too. Their new coach was my next door neighbor and a former All Big Sky wide receiver. It seems he's got the culture changed there and with the new stadium and new money flowing into the program they should also be very competitive and I think adding Tulsa or UTEP would be good for the Big East.

The good thing is that even if the Big East doesn't work out the Broncos still have a place to go. So, I think BSU is in a good place.

Check east coast game times.

Check east coast game times. Cincinnati, UConn
games are usually at noon.
Read the welcome to the Pac-12 when they
mention specifically that Utah and UCBoulder
are such great academic fits. A commuter
school with a football program and small market
is not desirable for pac-12. UTexas? Absolutely
BSU strength of recruiting is CA and western
states. Florida kids? They'll go ACC long
before Big East


It is time to rethink the Big East. It is not a major conference. It has now become the Big Least. Since BSU is not getting an invitation to a major conference they should participate in a league that best serves their needs and the needs of their fans. Traveling to all parts of the nation and playing mediocore programs does not serve the university nor the fans. Go back to the MWC and work to improve the conference and TV rights.

BSU has spent the last 10 years

with the teams in the MWC/WAC, have they improved at all during that time?


1.) Noon is not 11am. Also if you look closely you will see that the noon games are all east v east, 3:30 games are east v Mt. and 8:30 are east v west.

2.) Welcome press release aside, there is no academic requirement in the PAC charter.

3.) It's your opinion that a kid would choose Duke over BSU, so be it. The fact is having 2 Florida schools and 2 Texas team in the league is a recruiting advantage.

Yes, my opinion on what

Yes, my opinion on what teams kids would choose but Duke? What about Miami, UNC, NC State, Syracuse, Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech? The ACC is the direct competitor now for the east coast tv dollars.
PAC12: skip charter, what does BSU bring to PAC12 besides a good football program? Gymnastics and wrestling but those are bigger Big 12 sports. Swimming, baseball and basketball are PAC12 strong suits. Along with academics.
Television times: isn't the value of the Big East in terms of tv contract the number of east coast viewers? So playing at times to appeal to those viewers is important.
Syacuse alone has more living alumni than Boise has residents (230,000 versus 2011 census of 205,000) let alone Rutgers, Boston College and the other former Big East schools. Why wiould any tv deal not account for those huge changes?
I am not saying that the Big East won't be a decent conference to play in but it really won't be much different than MWC after next year. After the departure of the east coast corridor schools being replaced by Boise State, Tulane and San Diego State I simply don't see the same tv contract offered so the money disappears and the weaknesses of the conference, time zone differences, travel costs, etc, all become larger factors.

Go independent

Go independent and do what ever the BIG 12 we need to do to get in.

Make up your mind. We either go big or stay small, you have to pick one.

Big you wait for the BIG 12.

Small you stay in the MWC.

Not sure if you even care that you are jerking around we the Bronco Nation.

We are very in tuned to this decision you are making for us.


Bob Oh Bob(Start Thinking For Once In Your Life)

Do the right thing for all Student Athletes.

What ever

We are the only one that read this stuff aways.


Losing Louisville should not have been a surprise to anyone that is paying attention to the realignments. I think the big concern and what we will just have to wait for is what type of TV deal we get with all of the changes. Until then the Big East is still our best option. For fans that have teams in the Pac, SEC and Big 12 this looks bad, but for teams like BSU that are trying to climb the ladder this is still our best if not only choice. If the MWC at least tried to get good TV coverage it would might be a different story, but they are happy with their horrible TV networks.

Numbers don't tell the whole story

But numbers can provide something to think about.

I use Jeff Sagarin's ratings because there's a wealth of detailed historical data to draw upon. Other algorithms may give different results.

Going back five years, here are the conference ratings, which are a weighted average of each conference's team's rating:

2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
SEC: 80.9 79.8 80.5 78.3 82.0
Big12: 83.6 75.4 74.6 77.8 78.6
Pac12: 74.7 80.9 76.2 76.1 79.5
Big East: 72.4 73.3 77.3 75.2 77.5
ACC: 71.2 74.3 76.0 77.7 75.2
Big10: 75.6 74.2 73.3 73.2 74.6
MWC: 65.9 70.2 70.9 70.9 71.0

Using that same weighted average, if you use next year's conference alignment with this week's rankings, this is the picture that develops:

SEC: 81.4
Big12: 82.2
Pac12: 79.7
Big East: 65.6
ACC: 70.6
Big10: 74.8
MWC: 63.6

Food for thought, that's all. More than with most things, past performance doesn't guarantee future success in NCAA football.

(Edit: Sorry for the incomprehensible list of numbers - the Statesman doesn't allow HTML tags to format tables.)

More numbers

Here's the 3 year Saragin average for each team

San Jose St. - 95th
Utah St. - 73rd
Fresno St. - 74th
Nevada - 66th
Hawaii - 101st
UNLV - 145th
New Mexico - 161st
Colorado St. 131st
AFA - 71st
Wyoming - 100th

Average 100th
Best - 66th
Half the conference over 100....

Houston - 71st
SMU - 71st
ECU - 88th
Tulane - 156th
BSU - 19th
SDSU - 52nd
Cin. - 47th
Temple - 71st
UConn - 75th
UCF - 58th
USF - 63rd
Memphis - 162nd

Average (wo BSU) 83th
Best - 47th (4 teams ranked higher than Nevada, the leader of the MWC/WAC)
2 out of 12 over 100

Forget the 3 years

Look at where the teams rank this year! Utah ST. and San Jose State are way up from that report. MWC is on the way up with stronger teams.

OK, let's look at that

Utah St had their best year in school history. For all their success they drew a whopping 78% capacity....

Up and coming? Really!!

San Jose St, best year in school history, drew an average of 10,000 fans per home game!

Up and coming? Really!

Unless you really believe these two school are embarking on a 10 year run of 10 win seasons....

Final Straw

Boise State should have backed out of the Big East move in October 2011 West Virginia announced they were leaving (Pitt & Syracuse had already announced the previous month). We didn't.

We should have announced we were backing out of the deal when Rutgers announced they were leaving. We didn't.

We REALLY should have announced we were walking away when Tulane and East Carolina were invited. We didn't.

Now that Louisville has announced they are leaving, are Kustra and Coyle going to stubbornly continue with this destructive move?

This isn't the conference we signed up for. There should be an escape clause based on schools leaving. How could we not have one after what happened with the MWC move? The MWC is stronger than the Big East right now. The MWC was stronger than the Big East last month. What the FUQUE are Kustra and Coyle waiting for? Get out of the Big East TODAY!

I believe they are thinking

A move back to the MWC and their small crowds, small budgets, and small markets would put an end to any growth at BSU.

I doubt it

The Big East is not the same conference. There is NO WAY they get a huge TV contract without Louisville, Pitt, and Rutgers. South Florida, Cincinnati, and UConn are not enough to hold it. The "big" money isnt going to happen with schools like Tulane, Memphis, and Temple. Boise State and SDSU are not going to make a difference. As many have said before, the Big East is now C-USA 2.0! It's not worth it any more.

This deal over, T.

You are correct

It is not the same conference we joined. But it is still light years ahead of the MWC/WAC, in every aspect. The TV deal will still be 3-4 times what the MWC will be able to get. The competition is still far ahead of the MWC/WAC.

A return to the WAC will put an end to any growth at BSU, that is a fact


Not to mention that the Big East has a charasmatic commissioner. I think at the end of the day he'll be lapping Thompson, Benson and the CUSA commissioner. (sorry that I can't remember his name)

Funny how a 8-4 ECU

Can draw better attendance than a 10-2 Utah St, a 10-2 San Jose St, and a 7-5 Nevada COMBINED

But adding ECU was bad and going back to USU, SJS, and NEV is good

Sure it is

If you like playing in the WAC, oops, I meant the MWC. BSU really has no options, realistic ones anyways, other than staying the course. There's a reason we left the WAC/MWC, chances of moving up. Granted, it isn't the same conference, but neither was the MWC. Independence is questionable because they'd need the power to negotiate with bigger teams, so unless Espn is willing to back them, that option isn't even worth considering. Some act as though this move will spell certain doom, I see it as another stepping stone for BSU. Stay the course, continue to win and the rest will take care of itself.

Big East Bust...................

Most people realized that conference changes were not done and most people know it is going to get ugly for teams in the MWC, CUSA and now BIG EAST. I for one was all for BSU to go to the MWC when they had TCU, Utah and BYU. The MWC will be a good quiet little conference that never gets on TV. Same with CUSA. The Big East now looks like a bust for BSU just like the MWC became. Perhaps it is time to look at a whole new conference in the west. Perhaps rebuild the Big West with only teams that have recently beat San Diego St, BSU and Nevada. Build a strong conference that would get respect from ESPN.
No, I do not include Utah St. or SJSt and not the New Mexico's or Wyoming. Perhaps do include CSU as they have a large TV draw. Include Fresno, Nevada-Reno. Try to get BYU, SMU, Houston, UTEP. Yes it may look a lot like the Big East west division
but that is better than what the Big East looks like and way better than what the MWC looks like. Perhaps put the new conference headquarters in Boise or Eagle.
My vote is for no to BIG Bust conference and no to Mountain Bust Conference.

Ever changing landscape.......

Kustra is pretty much the acting A-D and he needs to wait to make a firm statement either way. BSU had no business moving all the way across the country chasing a BCS Auto Conference. The BigBoys knew changes were coming and changed the rules on their own. Now more opportunities have opened up and Kustra jumped too soon as he eliminated any resistance in the Athletic Department and made the decision on his own and must have made some friendships with Big East Commish people and wants to stay. There is zero loyalty in NCAA Conferences and he needs to learn that. MWC is the best spot and BSU needs to re-committ to it. Be a big fish in a little pond instead of a smallish fish in a eastern muddy sea. Run the school and leave the Athletic Department to the puppet you hired to lead something. Where is Coyle anyway? Let him speak for he Department sometime.

Yup, recommit to small time


Makes sense.......

Brilliant !!

Hey, why not force the MWC to add Idaho as part of BSU coming?

Boy wouldn't that be something, a complete WAC reunion!!


We get what you want

You don't have to reply to everyone's post with the same stuff. Growth will happen no matter what conference BSU is in if winning continues and they play good CONSISTANT competition in a stable conference. BSU was chasing dollars and now they are vaporizing by the minute with teams with clout bolting for bigger money. Wait and the right conference may open up when the dust settles.

Well, it would seem facts

make no difference to you.... that's cool

of course

"BSU is in if winning continues and they play good CONSISTANT competition in a stable conference"

For the record, the MWC/WAC is only stable because no one wants their schools..... As far as "competitive", BSU is 63-11 against the "new" WAC.... The bright side, you have the winning right.......

As far growth, you are fooling yourself, you are fooling yourself.

Per the Louisville AD: "We

Per the Louisville AD:

"We had incredible success in that conference," Jurich said of the Big East. "But when it began to deteriorate, we felt that all our options were pulled away from us and we had to look and we were forced to look.

"To see a lot of your peers moving around you and leaving nobody to schedule, it was very, very difficult for us to see and a very once-proud conference I think was in a very difficult position."

The fact is, by all accounts, Cinci and Uconn begged the ACC to take them. Florida State and Clemson want out of the ACC, so guess who's leaving the Big Least next? This is the fire that BSU fans want to run in to? It's a dead conference to everyone but you.

I have shared the results of my 'on the ground research'

with this blog recently.

I have been to the East Coast and visited Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Washington, and several other New England and East Coast states where the people talk 'funny', these past several weeks (just got home last Sunday 25 NOV 12).

College football is not a big item on the East Coast. Professional football, college and professional basketball, and sulkey racing are the winners. But not so much CFB.

I traveled to the malls and retail sporting goods stores where athletic team gear is sold. Hardly any college football stuff (I did see little plastic helmets of primarily SEC teams and not even any Big East Teams) in the stores and no real gear' from ANY college football teams in the Big East.

I inquired in many locales about their knowledge of Bronco Football. I was constantly told it was a pro team from Denver. Most of them had absolutely no idea where Boise was let alone the State of Idaho.

So much for Bronco Bob's theory that BSU is gonna sell gobs and gobs of Bronco Gear and make lots of money off of the royalties of selling the trinkets and shirts and hats and stuff.

Again, there is only marginal interest in sports bars and among sports fans, about any CFB teams at best, on the East Coast.

I was left wondering on the flights back to Idaho, if the reason for Big East CFB teams bolting the Big East is because they are having a hard time marketing their football 'products' to people who live on the East Coast, due to a seemingly lack of demonstrable support for CFB teams.

The economy is bleak in Pittsburgh for example. Layoffs, unemployment, and adnauseum. And, Bronco Bob thinks folks in Pittsburgh and Philly are gonna spend real money buying a BSU Bronco hat or shirt?

There are those on this blog that will disagree with me and the results of my 'on the ground' research. I have been there. Seen the situation. Interviewed people and talked to them about BSU joining the Big East while actually being in the Big East territory and in the home towns of the Big East CFB teams.

If people disagree with the results of my research, then jump on a plane, fly to Philly, rent a car, spend two weeks driving around the East Coast and come back and tell me where I am off base.

I have seen the elephant.

Bronco Bob needs to go spend some time on the ground in the East Coast as a 'real person', go into a sports bar and find out about what sports are popular in what locations.

I think he would be surprised to see what a fool he has made of himself with his continued desire to have BSU go to the Big East.

Go Broncos.


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I have spent time on the East Coast too and I have to agree with you on several of your comments but not all of them.

First, I agree, that college football is NOT a big draw on the East Coast. However, it doesn't mean these programs will not draw fans to games. Instead, the money game is all about the # of TV sets and about the collective # of minutes each household will tune into the game. With the large population base those minutes and seconds add up exponentially and will equal billions of greenbacks.

In addition...I truly think the BE Commissioner is much more in-tuned to reality than the MWC Thompson. Thompson is a chump and not even in the same league as this guy.

Therefore, I put my $ on BSU staying committed to the BE and having another cash-cow coming home in the future.

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SIF - What does the average Idahoan get in the end

You may be right.

I might be right.

Who knows.

That is the neat thing about these blogs where we can share ideas, opinions, and predictions in a civil manner among gentlemen.

The interesting spin off of joining the Big East to only get the Broncos into more homes and TV sets on the East Coast and make more money for BSU as the Major Goal of it all, is what message does it send to other BSU sports that have to go to the Big West, because 'they just are not that important'?

What does it do for the member of Bronco Nation - nothing really - we both know the answer to that. That is a given right off the bat. Bronco Nation folks just spend money to help keep BSU afloat through Bronco Gear sales and such.

What does it do for the average student at BSU - nothing at all. We know that. Students have never been of any priority for anything at BSU. What's new?

What does it do for the average Idahoan? I am baffled. Coming up dry on that one.

What is the purpose of a college sports team in the first place?

What is the actual official Mission Statement and Primary Goal of the BSU Bronco Football Team? Is it to compete to win a National Championship -

or -

is it to make lots of money and be a profit center and Cash Cow for BSU and help keep BSU afloat?

Does President Kustra even care if Idahoans support the BSU Broncos?

Cash cow, cash cow, cash cow.

Boy oh boy. I have hard that reference made to the Bronco Football team a gazillion times in the past several months.

And, no doubt the Bronco Football Team is the Cash Cow that is keeping BSU afloat. I don't doubt that a bit.

I just think it is so sad when the priorities of a college President are to worry about keeping the Cash Cow Football Team healthy and marketing the football team rather than letting his AD do much other than just be a figure had.

Is Kustra also the AD?

Can't the AD talk in public? Is he even a real person or a Pay Day Ghost?

Go Broncos.


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There is a reply I made to you that is floating around and hasn't been published.

First, it tickles me that you would think about me when you are near Simerly's...that's to awesome and I feel homesick just thinking about it.

Yeah, I get what your saying about TV sets and the money and what does it really mean...especially to the average Idahoan. While I enjoy being part of Bronco Nation and enjoy the wins and feel the "agony of defeat" I realize that the college football model is broken.

For the past 10 years our country continues to have bubbles. I think college football is just another bubble ready to burst. I just hope that our Broncos can avoid the nasty aftermath. This aftermath could end up biting Bronco Bob in the groin.

In the meantime, I really like how the Big East has positioned itself and I like the savy of the Commissioner. I just think he is a step ahead of Thompson and Benson and I think he'll conquer both of them to the point where both of them become D-11 commissioners.

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If you are never the lead dog...the view never changes

Time for Kustra to shut up and start leading this University is a more sustainable direction. The Mountain West could become a very decent conference with some additions. Renegotiate our T.V. deal, welcome back ESPN in some fashion and keep most of our programs in one conference. Build a quality West Coast conference in the shadow of the Pac-12.

Return to the MWC

This Big East deal isn't going to work out.


Right now, the Big East has a foothold in these metro markets:

San Diego
New Orleans

Compare that to the Mountain West:

Las Vegas
Fort Collins
Colorado Springs
San Jose
Salt Lake City

That's what Mike Aresco can put on the table in the TV negotiations and that's where the money for the athletic programs will come from. It's a dirty, nasty way to do this sort of business, but that's why all of this conference upheaval is going on. It isn't about chasing rankings or better opponents or anything like that, unless it relates to the bottom line which, these days, is how much money the football programs are going to make for their respective schools. And for BSU, the Big East is the best way to get more money.

I hate that. I honestly would rather see BSU playing Idaho, Nevada and Fresno - even TCU, because of the great competitive rivalries that have emerged over the years. But the money won't allow it.


while I agree presently the Big East may be better than MWC to say that Big East has a foothold in some of these cities is generous. In Raleigh, NC State, UNC and Duke are far more popular than ECU which is an hour and a half away. New Orleans only cares about LSU. Dallas used to care about SMU but I think they rarely draw above 25,000 people these days Yes, more than Utah State. Philadelphia is not really a college football town. It is really Eagles and maybe Penn State but Temple is not a tv draw. Cincinnati news is full of reports that the University is begging the ACC to take them.
Three years ago everyone would have cheered the idea of the Big East, today it is essentially the MWC of the east with a decent tv contract from what once was.
if the BearCats and UConn can't move to ACC I think BSU should at least use their leverage to get the basketball program into the Big East because who really got killed in the move to the Big East was Leon Rice.

The size of the market is

The size of the market is meaningless if you're not relevant to the market. None of these schools are remotely relevant in their own market. ESPN isn't stupid.

You mean like Maryland?

How's that working out........

(And if you claim Maryland is even remotely relevant in the Beltway......Well ESPN may not be, but you......)

Before you imply that I'm

Before you imply that I'm stupid, you might want to learn how these things work. Maryland and Rutgers, though relatively irrelevant to their markets as a whole, are actually quite valuable to a conference like the Big Ten that has its own, and might I add powerful and wildly successful, TV network. The Big Ten charges 10x the rate to TV markets within its footprint than outside of it.

So whether Maryland is relevant to the beltway is, well, irrelevant in this case. It IS relevant to the Big Ten making a lot of money. By conservative estimates, adding Rutgers and Maryland will increase revenue per school in the Big Ten by 10 mil per year. The figure may be closer to 20 million PER YEAR. It was a brilliant business move, though not an exciting football move by the Big Ten.

None of this applies to the Big East or their negotiation with ESPN.