Electrical workers union seeks to organize Idaho Power dispatchers

A group of Idaho Power employees want to join a union.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 125 has filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of transmission dispatchers with Idaho Power Co.

The board is scheduled to hold a hearing today in Boise to determine if the employees are eligible for the union and who would be the appropriate bargaining unit, said Rocky Clark, international representative for the IBEW in Idaho Falls.

“We are looking forward, if they are successful, to building a good relationship with Idaho Power just as we have with the 98 percent of investor-owned utilities that we represent,” Clark said.

The board will hold a hearing soon on the issue and, if it approves, a vote will follow.

“We will work with the NLRB to determine which employees should be included in the voting unit, when the election will be held and other related details,” said Dan Minor, Idaho Power executive vice president and chief operating officer. “We are working hard to ensure that our employees are educated about the process, and we hope that the voting employees will agree that union representation is not the right choice for them or for Idaho Power.”

The IBEW recently organized the transmission dispatchers for the Western Systems Coordinating Council, which runs the region’s electric transmission system. That led it to petition for Idaho Power, whose employees have never had union representation in 100 years.

“Throughout our history, Idaho Power has consistently treated its employees fairly and respectfully and has worked hard to ensure good working conditions and competitive wages and benefits for all employees,” Minor said.

Clark estimated the number of dispatchers at about 25. He said he expects the company to seek eligibility for a larger group to dilute the vote.

I was just thinking that our

I was just thinking that our power rates are too low. It would be nice if the already well paid, good benefit jobs at Idaho Power were better paid with more time off and increased the cost of all our power.

Thanks Unions!


to mention the $$$ IBEW will siphon off from the employees with little to no benefit to them or their families.....

Thanks Dan!

Thanks Dan!


was in that lousy organization, I know what I am talking about. If it has changed, that's great. Somehow I doubt it. and I'm not Dan....

Unions or Exec Comp

Unions are clearly the problem. DO NOT pay any mind to the compensation for execs like J Lamont Keen "earning" $4.5 million this past year. That has NO IMPACT whatsoever on ratepayers.


Great. More Pensions. Thus there goes my

mutual funds....too much capital gain tax, especially since the 'Other Guy' won? the election....




You have to wonder why that group of employees feel like union representation is in their best interests. IPCO has always seemed to be a company that took good care of their employees. They certainly have the right to investigate what benefit union membership would give them.

If that's what they want...

If the dispatchers want to be unionized, have at it. Personally, all a union ever did for me was take money from my paycheck. Granted, it was over 30 years ago and I was a high school kid working for minimum wage and no benefits at a grocery store, but the union got their buck or two every couple of weeks.

It seems to me that with the labor laws on the books nowadays, the need for unions has largely passed. But if a shop wants to unionize anyway, that's the workers' right.

Union vs right to work

I belong to a large union, and I for one feel a union has it's place, however with that said I believe all large unions are now self serving. They have destroyed all that the workers have worked for, just gain political favor. The union I belong to paid Obama'a campaign 100 million dollars of our money. I never even voted for him!

pay differences: (Lineman Apprentice)

Idaho Power non-union starting $18.23 hr.

PG&E union/IBEW starting $35 + hr.

The Unions at one time had their


But today, they are no different than Central Bankers and Investment CEOs and Housing....

Wake up Sheep, we are being led to the slaughter House!

That was just Animals by Pink Floyd.


Nothing happened and what if it did?