Former Boise State star Titus Young hasn't returned to Lions; 'The team and he both needed a little time away,' coach says

By Chadd Cripe
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Two years into his pro career, former Boise State wide receiver Titus Young finds himself in nearly the same situation as his sophomore year of college.

Young was sent home from the Detroit Lions’ facility for insubordinate behavior last week, according to the Detroit Free Press. He did not play in the game against the Houston Texans.

Young purposely lined up in the wrong spot multiple times in a game against Green Bay, the Free Press reported.

Young has not returned to practice.

"The team and he both needed a little time away,” coach Jim Schwartz told the Detroit media.

Schwartz said Young could “potentially” return to the field this season and that it’s “way too soon to tell” if Young’s Lions’ career is over.

Young is third on the team with 33 catches for 383 yards and four touchdowns this season.

He was suspended for most of his sophomore season at Boise State in 2008. Coach Chris Petersen’s remarks then were similar to Schwartz’s now.

“It’s just that we need time apart,” Petersen said.

Young returned in 2009 and over his final two seasons was one of the most productive players in school history. The Lions drafted him in the second round in 2011.

Our Brian Murphy caught up with Young in Detroit in August. Here is that column, which addresses the wide receiver’s maturity.

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Holy shiite Titus, figure it out and grow up before you lose your opportunity.


"Young purposely lined up in the wrong spot multiple times in a game against Green Bay"

That'll show him!!!

He's not an elite enough player to be worth the trouble. He could be done in the NFL.


You can take the out of.....

Lined up wrong? Even several times?

Management 101 for the 21st Century: Never give the real reason you fire someone. Just say something legal and provable. Come-on, what's the real story?

If the

Story is accurate, he got full of himself, just like he did in his second year with the Broncos. I have no trouble believing that. Oh.... they (the Lions) didn't fire him either.


The story didn't say he is "got full of himself" and I didn't say he was fired. Other than that your right.


and there is no need to be sorry. I guess I misunderstood your post. I simply think that the kid brought it on himself again. I am not happy about it and I watch the Lions just because of the former Broncos even though I am a 49ers Fan!

Speedster crim awol in Detroit...

Didnt take long...a few seasons and the speedster crim has run himself out of detroit...

Maybe he should try canada along with noodle arm moore...neither will be playing another meaningful down in the league...

Comon now

We have so much to look forward to...

flying cross country for every other game to play in the big least
the new crop of large forehead recruits
another season of fine qb play with toothpick or nancy boy patti
sitting next to fans with eyes to close together and unibrows in non sold out blu pee stadium
not playing in a playoff or bcs bowl...ever
players calling the coach "coach uncle daddy"
never being invited to be in a major big boy conference
more part time jiffy lube walk ons
getting excited about being ranked 25th
the last season of hee haw released on beta
gettin spanked by navy

Out and rack me again baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Learn a new trick

Titus has forgotten himself again...I wished you could teach an old dog, but i am afraid the money has polluted young Mr. Young and he is on the verge of losing a lifetime opportunity. It is for sure no other program will bother with him.