WR Mitch Burroughs will return to action for Boise State football team this week

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State senior wide receiver Mitch Burroughs will play Saturday at Nevada, coach Chris Petersen said Monday.

Burroughs missed five games with an injured wrist before making a token, one-play appearance on senior day. He lined up at wide receiver and didn’t touch a defender on a run play.

Burroughs is a two-year starter. He has 12 catches for 124 yards this season.

Petersen also expects senior nickel Dextrell Simmons to play a regular role Saturday. He returned from injury two weeks ago against Colorado State but didn’t make a tackle.

Safety Lee Hightower and tight end Hayden Plinke remain suspended. Nothing has changed with their status, Petersen said.


Here is the audio of Petersen’s press conference.

He was asked toward the end about his name coming up in connection with most major jobs in the country.

“Twenty-two minutes, that’s better than I thought,” he said. “… It’s just rumors. I don’t even think half the time it’s reporters. Everyone’s a reporter these days. … The only trouble is in recruiting. Ninety-nine point nine percent is always completely false. The problem is .1. But there hasn’t even been a .1.”


The Broncos took Thursday though Saturday off for Thanksgiving. Quarterback Joe Southwick and Petersen said they looked sharp in their return to practice Sunday.

Cornerbacks Jamar Taylor and Jerrell Gavins stayed in Boise and worked through the break, but they were the exception.

“Everybody for the most part went and took time off, which was good,” Petersen said. “When we first looked at the schedule we were thinking it’s not ideal having a bye right before the last game. The way it worked out was fine.”

Said Southwick: “I completely got away from it. … Practice was really clean yesterday. Whatever guys were doing, I think it was good. … I feel refreshed. The arm feels a little refreshed. It was nice to get away and see the family. You’re kind of excited to go back to practice and get better.”

Said Taylor: “I don’t like having byes.”


Petersen on playing for a share of the Mountain West title: “That’s really important to us. It’s always that fine balance. You want the kids to feel it, to feel that sense of urgency, but not so much to not put your best foot forward.”


Taylor, on the ugly scene at the end of the 2010 game in Reno: “I remember a fan came up to me and kicked my helmet. They did some outrageous stuff. But that’s what you expect from their fans. They’re kind of a crazy group of people.”


Petersen, while talking about the Broncos’ defense, said he didn’t want to get into that unit being “great” because every time that happens the defense struggles the next time out.

“This is going to be a great test,” he said of Nevada. “This is not your conventional offense that’s pro style and we know how to play against some of those things. … This will be our best test, our biggest test of the year on defense, without question.”

The Wolf Pack have scored at least 30 points in every game this season. The Broncos have not allowed 30 points in a game this season.


Petersen said playing Washington in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas is not ideal because of the 2013 season opener, but that it might be the best situation when all the bowl pieces fall into place.

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It is good to see Mitch Burroughs play 2 more

game with the Broncos before his senior year ends....

Nevada and the Bowl games will be good conclusions to his career at Boise State....

Surprised to see you posting

Would of thought you had some pride after being caught lying on the blogs.

Φ Maybe

Fearless Leader gave him a promotion.

Good to see Mitch and Simmons back.

Oh for sure raz...

Ugs will probably hide until his 5 ft tall, homeless looking troll comes to his defense. Then he"ll run his mouth again with more lies. It's a viscous cycle.

What did you think about Pete talking about UNR and being the toughest test the defense has faced? Seemed kinda odd.

JL....Coach Pete says that stuff all the


He said the Southern Miss QB would be one of the best that their defense would face....

I wasnt asking you...

I don't ask nobody's like you or vndl anything. You guys are losers and tho you may humor funky I don't need your opinion on anything.

JL....I was not giving you an

opinion. Just a statement that Coach Pete says that kind of stuff all the time. Look at what he said about Wyoming. Good coaches always give the opposing team compliments.

So, from your indepth analysis why was this Nevada comment any different?

Φ Toughest test?

"What did you think about Pete talking about UNR and being the toughest test the defense has faced? Seemed kinda odd."

I think Petersen would like nothing better than to grind Nevada into a pulp and is counting on his strongest unit to lead the way. This isn't going to be the toughest test, but he wants nothing approximating a letdown. That's my guess as to why he made that comment.

Cursory judgment of his print and press conference comments throughout this season leads me to think this hasn't been one of his favorites. I do think it has helped him grow both as a coach (things not always rosy) and with the media. This is anything but a hardcore media market in which tough questions and demanding outlets start with the magnifying glass before moving to the microscope. Boise is a pretty easy place ... comparatively. Petersen isn't a media maven and this environment has afforded him time to grow in this regard. As difficult and continuous as some of the on-field and off-field issues have been, coach Pete seems to have improved in the way he addresses those issues for the media and fans. That is going to be crucial for his future success when the inevitable occurs.

If he can take this team to 11-2 after the "makeover" necessitated by graduation, dismissals, injuries, suspensions, coaching changes, et al, I believe the argument could be made that this is his finest season at Boise State. But, it needs to end at 11-2 ... no matter which bowl or the opponent.

That's why I think the demolition of Nevada and subsequent (final) retirement of Ault is in the works. The timing of the second bye week was perfect.

I do not agree with those who think playing Washington in the bowl game is a bad idea. First of all, the Huskies (despite bringing in Wilcox) still aren't good on defense. Secondly, it would set up some nice rematch hype for next year's opener at Husky Stadium. The notion that playing the same opponent in succession is bad (even though 9 months apart) is based on what? "They're going to know what we are doing"?

Conference championship games (see Stanford-UCLA and Nebraska-Wisconsin) are going to make same-season rematches common.

Great post my friend

I've been to Reno many times with conference championship implications and more were on the line. Theres been some really great games and some blowouts in the Broncos favor. Im thinking Saturday could be a blowout and led by the defense you so stated.

Your entire post was so well written I wont ruin it by writing anymore thoughts. I will add that playing UW in the Maaco isnt the worst idea ever. Im down for 2 games with the Dawgs. Im not sure, however, that opener needs more hype as Husky Stadium will be barking pretty loud already.

Agree JL

Nicely done Razor. on-topic, valid points, no-nonsense......

Great read

(Of course I disagree with UW, but that's cool:)

you guys are lying about ugly lying

You guys are a hoot!!!

You, razor, and the B1234567 guys are known for not telling the truth. Lololol. That is the reputation all of you Out To Lunch Bunch guys share on these boards.

Ugly comes along, as a REAL card carrying Bronco Supporter and complements the Broncos and you shrews can't stand him always being a better predictor of Bronco Football, so you keep trying to destroy him, using the old Extreme Vandal Hatred approach and tactic, so often used by wannabee Broncos who want to be 'cool' and bash Vandals even though that became passe with real Broncos several years ago.

You guys need to keep up with the times. Vandal Bashing is not the center of the BSU universe like it used to be.

The more you focus your attention and time on destroying ugly and memorializing your Extreme Vandal Hatred, the less time you actually have to enjoy life and discuss the actual merits of CFB and the BSU Broncos.

All of you are so very predictable.

If a Vandal compliments the Broncos, you guys get all pizzy about it and say that Vandals need to just stay in Moscow and not pay any attention to the Brncos, cuz their 'your' team - leaving out of course, that most of you are not connected, in anyway to BSU or even Real Idahoans, but instead a bunch of carpetbagging Vandal Haters.

I hope ugly continues to post on these blogs.

Ugly's posts are very informative, supportive of all things Idaho, and maturely written.

Unlike your stuff. You guys are just known for being mean spirited clowns.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799.

PS - Thanx for reading my post. It means alot to me even more when you comment about my posts. Go ahead feed my ego and respond in your usual predictable and desultory manner.

VNDL....Our Bronco blogger friends are mad....after reading

many posts on Statesman and Obnug on how the Broncos would be in BCS Bowl and move to #15, I decided to set it straight with the two predictions.

1. Kent State will Leap Frog Boise State in BCS poll.
2. Even if Boise State beats Nevada, they are not going to a BCS Bowl.

Those both came true and then the venom was released.

cripe wrote a good article onn the computer side.

I also stated in paraphrase that I hope Nevada from the west sends a victory present to Boise State now from the east. That statement was probably inappropriate as I was refering mostly to their move in the east. Basically, a western good-bye.

Boise is moving, so basically I dont care what Boise does in the east anymore....

I hope Boise beats Nevada and plays a good opponent, hopefully not Washington but either USC or Arizona.

uh you lied ugs..

End of story. Funky proved it and you ran away, again, as fast as you can. Don't worry ugs, your reputation is safe here.

JL....Show the lie that you and your

cronies keep stating....

What were they?

Are you still mad that I predicted the Kent State Leap Frog, or are you denying that too?


Mad? I don't read any of your predictions. Funky posted your lie, I don't need to prove anything. Time to run along ugs.

JL....thats too bad because they were both correct and

also if you dont read my posts, then how do you know I lied?

All funky posted was one of my statements. He forgot to include in two other posts of other statements that led to that.

Do you believe in Bigfoot if BSU4342 said he saw it?

Ya, pretty much

I said I don't read your predictions. And funky posted it and you saw it. But please, lie some more. I know you're not very bright, but you were raised a little better than this.

JL - please show me ugly's lies that you refer to

You are the one who is not telling the truth.

We all know it.

Only you and a few others continue to not tell the truth about others, so you can appear to be telling the truth.

The real truth is that you guys are addicted to ugly's posts, as whatever ugly sez, you guys are all over it to find fault with it and run ugly down because he is a Vandal.

None of you guys are actually real Broncos (former students or graduates of BSU) but instead have chosen to trumpet the merits of the Broncos as you see them, as long as those merits somehow encompass bashing Vandals.

You will read every post ugly or I make and read them word for word, too.

And what is more, you will respond to them.

I predict that JL or razor or B12345 or windex or 81 or RAMSford will not keep quiet and fail to respond. A response by these clowns is predictable and is one of my predictions.

Go ahead and prove me wrong and don't respond.

If you do respond you have proven my original premise, to begin with, lololol

You guys can't help but resopnd like little gerbils running around the wheel in the cage.

Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799

JL - once again, my prediction is right

you did not respond to my posting about my prediction, as I had predicted.

I am further predicting that you will not respond to this posting, either, furthering my record of correct predictions.

I will check back in a little bit and see if I am still right about my prediction or I am right that you cannot stop reading and responding to my postings, which is actually not the immediate prediction, this time. But it could be, hmmmmm?

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - I am predicting the Big East will never see BSU as a playing member for the 2013 season. I cannot believe that Bronco Bob can actually be that stupid, and will see the light and stay in the MWC. That is another prediction, BTW.

PPS - What say you JL?

JL - my predictions continue to be right on the money

Yep - you didn't respond.

How can you?

I asked you to show proof of your accusation that ugly did not tell the truth and lied.

You have yet to show any proof.


Because it does not exist and ugly did not lie.

And most of the avid readers of these blogs, know it. You are the liar.

Ugly tells the truth and posts thought provoking and well reasoned posts. Because of that you are jealous of ugly and will go out of your way to be a bully to him and smear him as only jealous old crones do.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - I continue to predict that you will not respond to this post. I will check back tomorrow to see if my prediction is right or not. I am guessing it will be right and you will not respond.

Yeah, save the Repugnican't stuff for Kevin's funny papers.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

I think #6 will be a difference maker Saturday

Glad he's back.


"I remember a fan came up to me and kicked my helmet."

Not much has changed with the Nevada-Reno fans in 20 years.
But.... there's not much to do there except gamble, drink and watch football.

Ive heard that some Nevada-Reno fans think Nevada-Reno is a Professional team.



Nothing happened and what if it did?

Bashing Moscow State is Not Passe.

They suck so bad that the fun is gone out of it. I pray they stay indy and continue the one win seasons. Rob Spear forever!


You dont have to knock another cfb team to make yourself feel better....why not just talk about the Broncos and other cfb teams in general....

What do you think of Boise State moving from BCS #22 to BCS #20 during an idle week?

Φ Big East moves, again.

Just reported that Tulane (New Orleans, CUSA) will join the Big East in all sports in 2014. That gives the BE 12 football-playing members for that year.

Love the mascot: "Riptide the Pelican". That's another huge TV market for the BE as rights negotiations continue (population approx. 1.3 million).


Aresco is making moves. Anybody see this one coming?

I sure didnt...

funky and dex may have. Large market. Looks like the Big East is going to gather and scoop up all good leftovers from the entire country, deep south included. Dont know what this means for $$$ but it cant hurt.

I get ECU, but Tulane's a project


TV Market - 36
Stadium - 50,000
2012 attendance - 47,013
Football expense - $9,211,773
AD Budget - 32,404,673


TV Market - 53
Stadium - 72,000
2012 attendance - 18,085
Football expense - $8,993,439
AD Budget - 27,952,850

But, Boise fans will love road games to New Orleans (I highly recommend visiting the "Famous Door")

Φ So that's 13 for 2014.

Do we have one more in the offing? BYU?

And, then another to join Navy in 2015 to make 16?

Read this morning

That BYU is a no go. "Sources" report that BYU will not budge on it's TV demands.

I just don't see 16 team conferences working...........

Φ Yep, saw that

right after I posted that BYU said "No thanks" again.

Did see a comment that Tulane is pumping $60 million into its football program. Don't know if that's true or not.

Yes, they are building

a new $60M on-campus football stadium.

I'm tired of hearing about BYU...let them rot in their...

precious TV land.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

I cant figure BYU out...

I'm sure Utah being invited to the PAC still stings them like it was yesterday. They might love some of the pros of being Indy but the meaningless late season games with zero to play for seems far worse than the gain of a few million bucks from ESPN. I still think they are weighing their options and probably have a few more hands to play before making a decision. Indy is tough. ND, for all its history, media bias and leg humping still had to win every game to get a shot at a national title. It would be even tougher for BYU.


I read somewhere that Tulane was making a huge push to improve their athletics in hopes of joining the Big12. I wish I could remember where I read it, but the article talked that the University had a huge endowment and some wealthy boosters and they were committed to try and run with the "big boys".

I'm disappointed that BYU is resisting joining the Big East to stay indy, but I don't think success on the field and rankings etc are that important to BYU, I think for them it's more about exposure and image and obviously control of their TV network. I agree with JL too, I think they are still butt hurt about Utah going to the Pac and them getting left out.

I'm sure there are many more chips to fall before things settle, if and when that ever happens.

Tulane is a good idea. Nice to balance the geographic layout.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Moscow State??????

I really like that. Wish I had thought of it.
I think the tax payers could work that one, in particular due to the school costing the state so much money to go indy. As far as BYU not playing along with the Big East, I think it's just another wishful thought of getting their way with America and the Pac-12. They want more TV exposure to entice more athletes to attend BYU and I think by this time 2014, with almost every school tied up with huge conference schedules that independents may go bankrupt. Well, except Notre Dame.

I like Boise, Ohio


I like OREGON saw chains.


Nothing happened and what if it did?