Listen to Boise State's Chris Petersen discuss Nevada and coaching rumors

Boise State coach Chris Petersen met with the local media Monday in advance of the Broncos' regular season finale with Nevada.

Petersen talked about the rivalry with Nevada, how the Broncos' offense has improved and speculation about coaching rumors.

Listen to Petersen here. The job stuff is 22 minutes into the tape.

Here is what Petersen had to say:

"Twenty-two minutes," he said, looking at his watch. "That’s better than I thought."

Asked if it was a distraction, he said, "It is not even kind of. It’s just rumors. That’s all I want really to say about this and I say it every year. It’s just rumors. I don’t even think half the time it’s reporters. Everybody’s a reporter these days. Everybody’s got an opinion on a blog, so they throw it out and oh, it’s going to happen."

Petersen referenced the Mississippi State rumors from a few years ago, when a television station was reporting the details of his new contract with the Bulldogs.

"It was so far from false. It is what it is, you guys love it. I know it’s great and it sells whatever. It means zero here. We don’t even pay attention to it."

Asked if there was a downside to his name being mentioned all the time, Petersen said, "The only trouble is in recruiting — 99.9 percent is always completely false, the problem is .1. But there hasn’t even been .1."