Boise State-Nevada football game will air on ABC, start at 1:30 p.m.

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State-Nevada football game Dec. 1 in Reno will air on ABC and kick off at 1:30 p.m. MST (12:30 p.m. in Reno), ESPN and the Mountain West announced Saturday night.

It will be a regional broadcast with one other game — Cincinnati-Connecticut. The regional breakdown will be announced Wednesday, an ESPN spokesman said.

The Boise State game will be available online through ESPN3 in parts of the country that get the Big East game.

This will be Boise State’s first appearance on ABC since the 2010 home game against Oregon State.

The ABC decision could be a reaction to the sudden revival of Boise State’s BCS hopes. More on that here.

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Φ BSU - 34

Nevada Aults - 19.

ugly - 0.

It will be a good game....

Boise will win, but not make a BCS 6....

Thanks ugly

I feel a whole lot better about our BCS chances now.....

You saying something is not going to happen, pretty much assures that it will.

Mr. Positive strikes again.


Boise Fans....

If Boise makes a BCS Bowl, such as the Orange Bowl, it would be fitting for the seniors....

These players were sophomores and juniors during their best team ever, and probably the best in the BCS....and they were BCS shafted so it would be nice to see the seniors exit with a top 6 BCS Bowl....

However, I feel that Kent State will leap frog Boise today in the ratings. Why? Kent State is 11-1 and played, where Boise was feelings are that Kent State will be BCS #16 and Boise State BCS #17....

This is not a prediction. When I predict, I rarely am wrong. This is a feeling, thus could be wrong....

Good luck Boise against could be Oranges, Vegas, or New Mexico....all in one game.

It would seem that

the consensus this morning is BSU, Kent State, and NIU will be in some combination of 17,18,and 19.

NIU will probably be a touchdown favorite in the MAC championship game (IMO they will crush Kent)

The only way we finish ahead of NIU is to get a huge bump from the humans

For the record:

There are 6 MAC coaches and 5 MWC coaches who have votes in the USA poll

Sagarin is out

NIU - 40
BSU - 42
Kent - 49 I have this right?

If NIU beats Kent St. odds are NIU plays in the Orange?

Yup, NIU v Florida State

in the Orange.

But again, it's not a shoe-in. Boise State has a chance.

Here's an interesting poll prediction (in this scenario, BSU would end up in a BCS bowl

If Boise can

win with good style points at Nevada they can get in. We have much better national recognition than the MAC teams that will bring more TV sets, and a lot of the BCS powers may want to see us get embarrassed after shafting us the last two years.

As a Nevada fan I am very disappointed with the team this year.

I do not see this as a close game. I can't see Nevada scoring more than 21 points and I do not see BS scoring less than 42 points. This is the worst Nevada D in decades. No talent and poorly coached. Nevada's only hope is for a shoot out and I think Boise's D is too good for that to happen.

Dont worry skidoc

I'm sure the Broncos will go easy on your team on Saturday.

Nevada boosted by Kaepernick success

Colin Kaepernick doing well is also great publicity for Nevada right now. And I see the tie-in with them showing a Big East game showing in other areas. Very good news though to have a game on national tv. It's great for Boise State. The program Peterson is building here is amazing and we are so lucky to be fans.