Boise State football team only gets to No. 20 in BCS standings

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team got bad news from the Bowl Championship Series standings Sunday night (full standings here).

The Broncos gained just two spots, to No. 20, despite losses by the seven teams ranked immediately ahead of them. That makes it highly unlikely the Broncos can get to No. 16 and earn an automatic berth.

Plus, Kent State of the MAC is No. 17 and Northern Illinois is No. 21. The winner when they meet Friday in the MAC title game is expected to finish ahead of Boise State, which would box the Broncos out of a BCS game also.

For Boise State to gain four spots, it would need to pass No. 18 Texas (at Kansas State), No. 17 Kent State (vs. Northern Illinois), No. 16 UCLA (at Stanford) and one other team. Options for the fourth team would be No. 13 Florida State (vs. Georgia Tech), No. 12 Nebraska (vs. Wisconsin) and No. 11 Oklahoma (at TCU). But as this week showed, even if four of those teams lose, the Broncos wouldn’t necessarily jump them. And Northern Illinois remains a threat to jump ahead.

Boise State’s BCS problem is that it’s schedule turned into a wreck this year, with disappointing seasons for BYU and Michigan State and an incomprehensible 0-12 season for Southern Miss. The Broncos are in the top 25 in just one computer ranking and are 30th overall. Kent State is 18th and Northern Illinois is 23rd. Even San Jose State (BCS No. 25) is 21st in the computers.

Meanwhile, the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas has narrowed its choices to Boise State and Fresno State from the Mountain West. Nevada has accepted an invite to the New Mexico Bowl and San Diego State is expected to take a bid to the Poinsettia Bowl. That leaves the Hawaii Bowl as the other open Mountain West slot.

Boise State remains the heavy favorite in Vegas. The opponent likely will be Washington or Arizona, with Oregon State and USC as slim possibilities.

I’ll have a full rundown on the Broncos’ bowl situation in tomorrow’s paper.


The Boise State football team’s Bowl Championship Series hopes got a huge boost from the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday.

The Broncos jumped seven spots to No. 15 — passing all of the seven teams ranked immediately in front of them who lost last week.

The Mid-American Conference contenders are Nos. 18 (Northern Illinois) and 19 (Kent State). They play Friday (5 p.m., ESPN2) for the MAC title and Boise State has to stay ahead of the winner to have a shot at a BCS berth. The Broncos close the season Saturday at Nevada (1:30 p.m., ABC).

Boise State also must finish ahead of a BCS-conference champion. That’s likely because Louisville (23) and Rutgers (25) tumbled after losing last week.

The BCS standings, which will be released at 6:30 p.m., use the voting point total, not the ranking. Boise State is a soft No. 15 with 479 points — 241 behind No. 14 Clemson. The Broncos are 102 points ahead of Northern Illinois and 142 ahead of Kent State.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl-bound Utah State is No. 22.

In the Harris poll, Boise State is No. 17, Kent State is No. 18 and Northern Illinois is No. 19. Boise State leads Kent State by 112 points and Northern Illinois by 198 points.

The difference for Boise State in the two polls is that the Broncos are ahead of Oregon State and UCLA in the Coaches’ Poll but behind them in the Harris poll.


Boise State moved back into The Associated Press Top 25 on Sunday at No. 25.

The Broncos are well behind No. 18 Kent State, No. 19 Northern Illinois and No. 20 Utah State.


Jerry Palm of does projections of the BCS standings as info is released. He has Kent State at No. 18 with a sizable lead on No. 19 Boise State and No. 21 Northern Illinois. The gap between Boise State and Northern Illinois is small.

The trio is behind No. 16 UCLA (Stanford) and No. 17 Texas (Kansas State), who are underdogs this week. Losses by those two teams likely would lift one of the three into the top 16.


In case you missed it last night, here is my blog post on the Boise State-Nevada TV info. The game will air regionally on ABC at 1:30 p.m. MST Saturday.


If Boise State ends up in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas, the opponent likely comes down to whether the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, takes Washington or USC. If the Sun takes the Huskies, the Trojans should land in Vegas. If the Sun takes the Trojans, Vegas will have to decide between Washington (preview of 2013 season opener), Arizona State (rematch of 2011 bowl) or Arizona (lost to Arizona State last week). All are 7-5. Or, it could take Fresno State from the Mountain West to mix things up, but that’s unlikely as long as the Broncos beat Nevada.


Boise State moved up to fifth in the nation in scoring defense (14.4 points per game) and third in pass-efficiency defense (98.01). The Broncos also are eighth in total defense (293.3 yards per game), fourth in turnover margin (1.55 per game) and fourth in pass defense (159.8 ypg).


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Notre Dame (60) 12-0 1,500 1
2. Alabama 11-1 1,400 2
3. Georgia 11-1 1,331 3
4. Ohio St. 12-0 1,294 4
5. Florida 11-1 1,262 6
6. Oregon 11-1 1,242 5
7. Kansas St. 10-1 1,079 7
8. Stanford 10-2 1,061 11
9. LSU 10-2 1,056 8
10. Texas A&M 10-2 1,043 9
11. South Carolina 10-2 916 13
12. Oklahoma 9-2 834 14
13. Florida St. 10-2 764 10
14. Nebraska 10-2 704 17
15. Clemson 10-2 667 12
16. Oregon St. 8-3 528 16
17. UCLA 9-3 505 15
18. Kent St. 11-1 355 23
19. N. Illinois 11-1 349 24
20. Utah St. 10-2 274 25
21. Michigan 8-4 217 20
22. Northwestern 9-3 189 NR
23. Texas 8-3 185 18
24. Oklahoma St. 7-4 174 22
25. Boise St. 9-2 145 NR
Others receiving votes: San Jose St. 78, Louisville 73, TCU 67, Penn St. 61, Rutgers 50, Vanderbilt 48, San Diego St. 15, Fresno St. 12, Southern Cal 7, Arkansas St. 5, Arizona 4, Cincinnati 3, Ball St. 1, Mississippi St. 1, North Carolina 1.

Here’s the full USA Today poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Notre Dame (56) 12-0 1,469 1
2. Alabama (2) 11-1 1,398 2
3. Georgia (1) 11-1 1,341 3
4. Oregon 11-1 1,277 4
5. Florida 11-1 1,265 6
6. LSU 10-2 1,124 7
7. Kansas State 10-1 1,114 8
8. Texas A&M 10-2 1,076 10
9. Stanford 10-2 1,008 11
10. South Carolina 10-2 972 12
11. Oklahoma 9-2 878 13
12. Florida State 10-2 829 5
13. Nebraska 10-2 765 14
14. Clemson 10-2 720 9
15. Boise State 9-2 479 22
16. UCLA 9-3 445 16
17. Oregon State 8-3 410 17
18. Northern Illinois 11-1 377 23
19. Kent State 11-1 337 25
20. Northwestern 9-3 314 NR
21. Texas 8-3 312 15
22. Utah State 10-2 264 NR
23. Louisville 9-2 184 18
24. Michigan 8-4 158 20
25. Rutgers 9-2 152 19
Others receiving votes: Oklahoma State 129; San Jose State 105; Vanderbilt 94; Fresno State 39; TCU 34; San Diego State 28; Cincinnati 17; Arizona State 13; Arkansas State 13; Mississippi State 11; Middle Tennessee 7; Central Florida 5; Louisiana Tech 5; Arizona 3; Toledo 2; Baylor 1; Southern California 1.


Here is the full Harris poll.


Here’s my AP ballot. I rebuilt the top 10 around the idea that Florida has the second-best resume in the country. Notre Dame is No. 1 because it’s undefeated against a good schedule. Georgia is No. 2 because it beat Florida. Florida is No. 3 based on that resume. And then Stanford and Oregon were close enough together that I slid Stanford ahead of Oregon, since the Cardinal won the Pac-12 North and beat the Ducks head to head. The Cardinal also have an overtime loss to No. 1. On the bottom end, I left Oregon State and UCLA ahead of Boise State because they have had better seasons overall and they lost to Top 10 teams last week. Boise State gets the nod over the MAC teams based on stronger wins. I had moved Kent State ahead based on its win over a ranked Rutgers, but that’s no longer a factor.

1 Notre Dame
2 Georgia
3 Florida
4 Alabama
5 Ohio State
6 Stanford
7 Oregon
9 Texas A&M
10 Kansas State
11 South Carolina
12 Florida State
13 Clemson
14 Oklahoma
15 Nebraska
16 Oregon State
18 Boise State
19 Northern Illinois
20 Kent State
21 Utah State
22 Michigan
23 San Jose St
24 Penn State
25 Northwestern

Dropped out: Louisville, Arizona, Washington, Rutgers, Texas, Oklahoma State
Also considered: Fresno State, TCU, San Diego State, Vanderbilt, Texas, Oklahoma State

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Well it's a shot, not much of one

but a shot none-the-less.


I would love it tho if the Broncos finished strong, 11-2 and started a great foundation for 2013. I'm done poll watching.

BSU4342....the BCS shot is over....The MAC did Boise in and

the idle is where it hurt Boise....

I knew Kent State would 'leap frog'....that was a no brainer. But I didnt know that Northern Illinois would be behind Boise with just a few BCS points.

Here is the problem for Boise....If Kent State wins, they are in....If Northern Illinois wins, they will also 'leap frog' Boise because they will have beat a BCS ranked opponent, where Boise will have beaten just a 7-4 un-ranked Nevada....

What is worse is the lousy Big East....

What is!!!!

All you inbreds whining about 17th place and 19th place...what a joke!! Boise has no respect from anyone and the polls reflect that. The coaches know Boise plays no one, the BCS is designed to sniff out wannabe pretenders who play no one. The AP, just a bunch of talking heads, most of which never played the game and do not "get it".

What is worse...Boise going to the Big East where any real teams that were left are now gone...Boise traded the wac for the mwc and everyone worthwhile left...they then jump to the Big Least...and every real team leaves...ha ha ha ha

Now Boise flies cross country for half its games just to play in a league that is worse that the wac ever was and on top of that they wont even be in the playoff picture because the big five conferences have the Big Least on the outside asking to be invited to the big boy room at the inn...

There is not a bigger joke in all of football than Boise...cried unfairness, hired pr firms, enlisted senators and congressmen, changed conferences twice and they are worse off than they were in the wac!!! LOL!!!


Ugly agrees, except for the Boise team....

the team plays where they are told, and they were very good 2006-2011....

but yuppies in business suits can change things....

bowl pick


Compute Rankings Suck (again)

Kent State and Northern Illinois being ranked ahead of the Broncos by the BCS computers
demonstrates (again) a major flaw in the system. Notre Dame got lucky in escaping from BYU and yet it only counts as a win for ND and a loss for BYU.

'Course there wouldn't be an issue if the Broncos could have had even a mediocre offensive effort against Mich State and the Aztecs.

Went to the Aztec game. Passing offense was sad, very sad.

I'm actually glad the Broncos aren't going to a BCS game this year. No amount of extra money is worth what would be an incredible embarrassment to us.

Not Southwick's fault; he's just a kid trying to do his best.

THE COACHES are a different matter IMHO. They had four years to get ready and THIS is the best they can do?

fredinboise....the BCS has it right except for

Texas and Northern Illinois....yes, Kent State moved to #17 but I thought BSU might be just 1 behind....

In reality, The BCS is showing Boise respect. They lost to SDSU and still moved up about 12 BCS ratings thru playing CSU, Hawaii, and an idle week.

The Broncos problems was not their team, but their schedule. The Broncos played teams with a combined 50 wins and 82 losses....with that and BSU rated BCS#20, dont you think that the BCS system is honoring Boise?