Boise State football team only gets to No. 20 in BCS standings

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team got bad news from the Bowl Championship Series standings Sunday night (full standings here).

The Broncos gained just two spots, to No. 20, despite losses by the seven teams ranked immediately ahead of them. That makes it highly unlikely the Broncos can get to No. 16 and earn an automatic berth.

Plus, Kent State of the MAC is No. 17 and Northern Illinois is No. 21. The winner when they meet Friday in the MAC title game is expected to finish ahead of Boise State, which would box the Broncos out of a BCS game also.

For Boise State to gain four spots, it would need to pass No. 18 Texas (at Kansas State), No. 17 Kent State (vs. Northern Illinois), No. 16 UCLA (at Stanford) and one other team. Options for the fourth team would be No. 13 Florida State (vs. Georgia Tech), No. 12 Nebraska (vs. Wisconsin) and No. 11 Oklahoma (at TCU). But as this week showed, even if four of those teams lose, the Broncos wouldn’t necessarily jump them. And Northern Illinois remains a threat to jump ahead.

Boise State’s BCS problem is that it’s schedule turned into a wreck this year, with disappointing seasons for BYU and Michigan State and an incomprehensible 0-12 season for Southern Miss. The Broncos are in the top 25 in just one computer ranking and are 30th overall. Kent State is 18th and Northern Illinois is 23rd. Even San Jose State (BCS No. 25) is 21st in the computers.

Meanwhile, the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas has narrowed its choices to Boise State and Fresno State from the Mountain West. Nevada has accepted an invite to the New Mexico Bowl and San Diego State is expected to take a bid to the Poinsettia Bowl. That leaves the Hawaii Bowl as the other open Mountain West slot.

Boise State remains the heavy favorite in Vegas. The opponent likely will be Washington or Arizona, with Oregon State and USC as slim possibilities.

I’ll have a full rundown on the Broncos’ bowl situation in tomorrow’s paper.


The Boise State football team’s Bowl Championship Series hopes got a huge boost from the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday.

The Broncos jumped seven spots to No. 15 — passing all of the seven teams ranked immediately in front of them who lost last week.

The Mid-American Conference contenders are Nos. 18 (Northern Illinois) and 19 (Kent State). They play Friday (5 p.m., ESPN2) for the MAC title and Boise State has to stay ahead of the winner to have a shot at a BCS berth. The Broncos close the season Saturday at Nevada (1:30 p.m., ABC).

Boise State also must finish ahead of a BCS-conference champion. That’s likely because Louisville (23) and Rutgers (25) tumbled after losing last week.

The BCS standings, which will be released at 6:30 p.m., use the voting point total, not the ranking. Boise State is a soft No. 15 with 479 points — 241 behind No. 14 Clemson. The Broncos are 102 points ahead of Northern Illinois and 142 ahead of Kent State.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl-bound Utah State is No. 22.

In the Harris poll, Boise State is No. 17, Kent State is No. 18 and Northern Illinois is No. 19. Boise State leads Kent State by 112 points and Northern Illinois by 198 points.

The difference for Boise State in the two polls is that the Broncos are ahead of Oregon State and UCLA in the Coaches’ Poll but behind them in the Harris poll.


Boise State moved back into The Associated Press Top 25 on Sunday at No. 25.

The Broncos are well behind No. 18 Kent State, No. 19 Northern Illinois and No. 20 Utah State.


Jerry Palm of does projections of the BCS standings as info is released. He has Kent State at No. 18 with a sizable lead on No. 19 Boise State and No. 21 Northern Illinois. The gap between Boise State and Northern Illinois is small.

The trio is behind No. 16 UCLA (Stanford) and No. 17 Texas (Kansas State), who are underdogs this week. Losses by those two teams likely would lift one of the three into the top 16.


In case you missed it last night, here is my blog post on the Boise State-Nevada TV info. The game will air regionally on ABC at 1:30 p.m. MST Saturday.


If Boise State ends up in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas, the opponent likely comes down to whether the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, takes Washington or USC. If the Sun takes the Huskies, the Trojans should land in Vegas. If the Sun takes the Trojans, Vegas will have to decide between Washington (preview of 2013 season opener), Arizona State (rematch of 2011 bowl) or Arizona (lost to Arizona State last week). All are 7-5. Or, it could take Fresno State from the Mountain West to mix things up, but that’s unlikely as long as the Broncos beat Nevada.


Boise State moved up to fifth in the nation in scoring defense (14.4 points per game) and third in pass-efficiency defense (98.01). The Broncos also are eighth in total defense (293.3 yards per game), fourth in turnover margin (1.55 per game) and fourth in pass defense (159.8 ypg).


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Notre Dame (60) 12-0 1,500 1
2. Alabama 11-1 1,400 2
3. Georgia 11-1 1,331 3
4. Ohio St. 12-0 1,294 4
5. Florida 11-1 1,262 6
6. Oregon 11-1 1,242 5
7. Kansas St. 10-1 1,079 7
8. Stanford 10-2 1,061 11
9. LSU 10-2 1,056 8
10. Texas A&M 10-2 1,043 9
11. South Carolina 10-2 916 13
12. Oklahoma 9-2 834 14
13. Florida St. 10-2 764 10
14. Nebraska 10-2 704 17
15. Clemson 10-2 667 12
16. Oregon St. 8-3 528 16
17. UCLA 9-3 505 15
18. Kent St. 11-1 355 23
19. N. Illinois 11-1 349 24
20. Utah St. 10-2 274 25
21. Michigan 8-4 217 20
22. Northwestern 9-3 189 NR
23. Texas 8-3 185 18
24. Oklahoma St. 7-4 174 22
25. Boise St. 9-2 145 NR
Others receiving votes: San Jose St. 78, Louisville 73, TCU 67, Penn St. 61, Rutgers 50, Vanderbilt 48, San Diego St. 15, Fresno St. 12, Southern Cal 7, Arkansas St. 5, Arizona 4, Cincinnati 3, Ball St. 1, Mississippi St. 1, North Carolina 1.

Here’s the full USA Today poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Notre Dame (56) 12-0 1,469 1
2. Alabama (2) 11-1 1,398 2
3. Georgia (1) 11-1 1,341 3
4. Oregon 11-1 1,277 4
5. Florida 11-1 1,265 6
6. LSU 10-2 1,124 7
7. Kansas State 10-1 1,114 8
8. Texas A&M 10-2 1,076 10
9. Stanford 10-2 1,008 11
10. South Carolina 10-2 972 12
11. Oklahoma 9-2 878 13
12. Florida State 10-2 829 5
13. Nebraska 10-2 765 14
14. Clemson 10-2 720 9
15. Boise State 9-2 479 22
16. UCLA 9-3 445 16
17. Oregon State 8-3 410 17
18. Northern Illinois 11-1 377 23
19. Kent State 11-1 337 25
20. Northwestern 9-3 314 NR
21. Texas 8-3 312 15
22. Utah State 10-2 264 NR
23. Louisville 9-2 184 18
24. Michigan 8-4 158 20
25. Rutgers 9-2 152 19
Others receiving votes: Oklahoma State 129; San Jose State 105; Vanderbilt 94; Fresno State 39; TCU 34; San Diego State 28; Cincinnati 17; Arizona State 13; Arkansas State 13; Mississippi State 11; Middle Tennessee 7; Central Florida 5; Louisiana Tech 5; Arizona 3; Toledo 2; Baylor 1; Southern California 1.


Here is the full Harris poll.


Here’s my AP ballot. I rebuilt the top 10 around the idea that Florida has the second-best resume in the country. Notre Dame is No. 1 because it’s undefeated against a good schedule. Georgia is No. 2 because it beat Florida. Florida is No. 3 based on that resume. And then Stanford and Oregon were close enough together that I slid Stanford ahead of Oregon, since the Cardinal won the Pac-12 North and beat the Ducks head to head. The Cardinal also have an overtime loss to No. 1. On the bottom end, I left Oregon State and UCLA ahead of Boise State because they have had better seasons overall and they lost to Top 10 teams last week. Boise State gets the nod over the MAC teams based on stronger wins. I had moved Kent State ahead based on its win over a ranked Rutgers, but that’s no longer a factor.

1 Notre Dame
2 Georgia
3 Florida
4 Alabama
5 Ohio State
6 Stanford
7 Oregon
9 Texas A&M
10 Kansas State
11 South Carolina
12 Florida State
13 Clemson
14 Oklahoma
15 Nebraska
16 Oregon State
18 Boise State
19 Northern Illinois
20 Kent State
21 Utah State
22 Michigan
23 San Jose St
24 Penn State
25 Northwestern

Dropped out: Louisville, Arizona, Washington, Rutgers, Texas, Oklahoma State
Also considered: Fresno State, TCU, San Diego State, Vanderbilt, Texas, Oklahoma State

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Question Chadd

Are the Harris and coaches votes cast before the AP vote is made public?


I think so but can't say for sure on Harris because I don't know their deadline. The AP and coaches polls are released at about the same time, sometimes coaches comes out first, sometime AP, but always within 20-30 minutes of each other. Not enough time for individual voters to be making changes.



Welcome to the real world Chadd...

You were worse than Richert's World Series predictions this year.

Note he stopped.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Would have been a great year for an 8 team playoff...

...or more.

Sadly, I still think Alabama is the best team in the country.

So the Broncos could face an underachieving UW team, a team they play next season, a USC team without Barkley (who wont want to get reinjured before the combine) or a rematch of last years Maaco Bowl ASU. Sounds awwwwwwesome.

Edit: Am I reading this right? The Coaches have Boise State 15th? Why such a huge gap between the two polls?

Poll difference

Coaches are showing respect for Boise State because of the track record. Media is taking a hard look at the schedule and holding Boise State's ranking down.

Chadd, "Media is taking a hard

look at the schedule"? The national media has never liked Boise State...period. Look at Kent State's schedule in losing to the weakest team in the SEC (Kentucky) by 33 points, and Northern Illinois's schedule in losing to a lower level Big Ten team (Iowa). Neither of these teams would even be competitive against Fresno State or San Diego State. Stop being apologetic for BSU's schedule and do a little research. You're getting tiresome.

Quite frankly JL

I'm actually surprised (pleasantly) that BSU is in this position. Based on the amount and caliber of the players we lost after last year, I had the Broncos losing at least two regular season games and I upped that to four after seeing the 'deer in the headlights' look on Southwick's face quite often in the first few games. Thankfully we have an awesome defense. Like many others, I'm an extremely spoiled BSU fan, but I've worked to temper that this season. I think if the truth be told, this team has far exceeded many of our expectations and, to me at least, a national ranking and a (decent) bowl appearance will be a bonus. I'm still not completely sold on Southwick, so I'm anxious to see how Patti comes along next spring and fall, as well as our incoming kicker. As far as the Nevada game goes, the Pack will be up for it as usual and may make a game out of it early, but I've watched them play a couple times this year. If the guys can nullify that excellent rusher they have and pressure the QB (he doesn't handle that well and usually tries to take off) the Broncos should do just fine. Really looking forward to that game, but I also think a BCS game is out of the question this year....Sunny...

I agree Sunny on all points...

Looking to the game this week, I think a healthy Dextrell Simmons will really help this Bronco rush defense. I think we really missed him against San Diego St.

I would love to also see the reigns lifted from #27 too. Let that guy run and help soften up an already terrible pass defense UNR has. As you stated, close early, shouldnt be by 3rd quarter.

BSU vs Arizona in Las Vegas

Mark it on your calendar

That is the best

we could have hoped for....

Our chances just went up......

I would agree...

Im surprised by 15th. UCLA may lose again to Stanford and so I dont see the Broncos getting passed if they beat UNR.

This is all weird. Can you imagine a Sugar against Florida? Gees man.

If we can get to 15 in Harris

we have a shot.......


we need to change our nickname to The Bad Pennies.


Boy this whole deal is ugly...don't even play and move up 7 spots...ut oh, I smell bad karma at Reno....

MAC Champ will jump Cupcake State .....

BCS projections theis week are Cupcake State #18, Kent State #19, Northern Illinois #20. The one loss winner of the MAC title game will jump Cupcake State. Even with that I smell a "Brotz" coming in Reno.

Poor pony

Just another miserable day in the life of pony

Harris Poll

Broncos #21

That's last weeks

Harris is not out yet.

Hmm, looks like it is...

Check the date......

It's last weeks poll.

Straight from Harris (look familar?)


Unlocking the interwebs since 1927.

A keyboard is a terrible thing

to waste.....


Whats your guess on the Harris that comes out in an hour?

JL, I honestly have no clue

how the Harris comes out today.

Frankly, what happen this weekend is pretty much unprecedented.

I've been researching it this morning and having teams ranked 10-25 go 4 and 11 has just never happened.....

That Makes Two

teams that didn't play this past week, our Broncos and the Moscow State Vandals. Actually the vandals haven't played for two years.

Boise Fans....Get ready for the Kent State

leap frog....

Boise will be BCS #17 and Kent State BCS #16....

unless, there is collusion going on from within?

We know ugly

and you'll be rooting for Nevada this weekend, we get it.


I will root for Boise over Nevada....only said that if Kent State was shafted by BCS....

Boise was shafted by two spots....

I have no idea why Texas was there....should have been around BCS #23....

Boise has no chance at all....the MAC positions almost eliminates that possibility....

Lets hope Boise plays a good PAC12 team....

BS ugly....

And I quote

"I hope Nevada teaches them another lesson..." - ugly


The word [them] that I was using was not the Bronco Football team, but the BCS System if Kent State did not 'Leap Frog' over Boise State....

Kent State did leap frog Boise State as I predicted....However, I thought Boise would be behind Kent State by one spot....

I hope Boise beats Nevada....

Φ BSU4342 ...

you want to keep fencing with some greasy little quitter?

Answer me this. Why?

Seems you have decided to take apage from vndl

If caught, just lie.......

Please tell everyone again how you used the word "them " again


VNDL....I agree....the Big East is a
Submitted by ugly on Sat, 11/24/2012 - 6:16pm.

Big Mistake because in the East, the Broncos are nobodies....and they never will become something in an eastern style conference....

The Big East in 2014 is just another Big Joke....they will have no more advantage to the Big 6 BCS Bowls than the MWC or C-USA....yet Boise wants to go East....and to make matters worse, one of their OOC games is also East in UT Martin....

If Boise wants the East so bad, then move your School and Stadium to the East and get outta Dodge !!!!

I'm so mad at Boise right now, and yes it is probably Boise Ohio, that I hope Nevada teaches them another lesson....

Broncomaniacs, sell your silly popcorn on Boise v Memphis....

Too bad ugly, I had hoped you would not turn into one of "those" poster's......

ugs lying? Say it aint so....

He takes after his little itty bitty buddy.

What does razor say about Lumpy Rutherford?


this is about the point where ugless normally quits.

It's always where he gets caught lying or goes further out than the squirrels. But, it's where he uses his "myoptic vision" to pinpoint dufus locations as he plans his Mach 3 retreat.

He's right there and it's inevitable.

ps - Forget Lumpy. This ugly fellow is on par with Gilbert Bates. Puts ugly on Eddie Haskell's 4th grade squad.

pps - Do you have an opinion as to whether or not ugly has ever shaved a squirrel? I'd say no.

You forgot the "loose wires on laptop"

That one was my favorite.

razor, you owe me an iPad screen...I spit out my drink reading that...

Φ Remember, JL,

that it takes two or three squirrels to make a meal.

Maybe ugleast was trying to rig some sort of electrolysis device with his "power supply" and it, as usual, flamed out on him. Burnt squirrel, no thanks.

Φ Confirmed


Take a page from aqrunt? Héll, he's looking to usurp.

BSU4342....admit are mad because ugly made two

correct predictions....

1. Kent State will Leap Frog Boise State in BCS because of idle week.
2. Even if Boise beats Nevada, they still will not go to top 6 BCS Bowl.

sorry. but I was right on both.

And, the Nevada comment was on Nevada (from the west) teaching Boise (now from the east) a final western lesson.

Boise is going east, so who really cares now? So what, head east!

Another prediction. Two years from now, you will be one of those that claimed to have said that Boise's move to the Big East is a Big Mistake....

On Nevada, I hope Boise wins because I want them to play in MAACO.

ugly, you never stand by what you write

so who should care what you say?

BSU4342....On the will get

over it someday....

This Bronco team with a probable 10-2 record and most likely finishing BCS #18 is pretty darn good. Especially when only few gave this team any hope after their 17-13 loss to MSU and the 7-6 victory over BYU....

The Broncos will play a decent Pac12 team in Maaco....

Maybe you are right. The Big East is their correct move....

...which is why Im

...which is why Im right....we wouldn't be in this cluster eff if a selfish politician hadn't screwed this up two years ago....FIRE KUSTRA!!!

Φ Harris poll

BSU - 17
Kent State - 18
NIU - 19

they jumped 7 spots without even playing?

Makes you wonder how well they'd score if they didn't play at all. :)

Get ready for MAACO....and that is if Boise beats


if not, then New Mexico....

Never do an idle at this time of season....

Wow ugs that was deep

You sure know how to bring insight.


The idle week hurt Boise this time.

The two MACs moved....

The BCS will be worse in 2014....Boise will need to win Big East and also schedule at least two quality OOC opponents to even get considered....

You are right. An 8 team playoff system would have been good. But we are stuck with 4 and no more non-AQ stuff....

Boise needs to have a very good strategy if their goals are BCS Bowls....

Question ugly

I know, I know, you never answer my questions, but I'll ask anyway

In your opinion, which conference would be best for BSU to be in, in 2014

Big East, MAC, CUSA, MWC, or Sun Belt?

Φ Bored


Whatever other e-habitats you have can't possibly be this bad.

BSU4342....You always say I dont answer your

questions, and I always just never respond becaue you know later that I was correct....

I will answer this too as I have before....

You wont like the answer....

As stated before, I feel Boise State should stay in the MWC and help it become a better conference....I believe BYU, Utah State, San Jose, and a few others would go MWC if they knew it was stable....The Big East is no longer stable, look at the West Division--is it good?

Then Boise, if a PAC12 offer comes, take it....

The Big East will be a dead end for Boise....

In 2014, most conference shuffling will be done, and if Boise in Big East? Enjoy!

Hawaii, Wyoming, CSU, and Air Force wont always be this bad....the MWC is bad now, but will change....