Christ's paintbrush removed from list of candidate species

paintbrushIdaho’s native flower, Christ’s paintbrush, is one of three species removed from endangered candidate status by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the state.

Christ’s paintbrush is found on the Sawtooth National Forest, atop Mt. Harrison in the Albion Mountains east of Twin Falls. It is only found on a 200-acre area.

The flower was threatened by destruction of its habitat, including invasion by the perennial plant smooth brome, off-highway vehicle use, trespass livestock, and recreational activities.

But after listing as a candidate species, paintbrush seedlings were planted, smooth brome eradicated and off-road-trails were closed.

Also, Boise State University research demonstrated that hybridization with nearby paintbrush species is not a factor.

The Forest Service’s also made a long-term commitment to conservation so Fish and Wildlife removed it from the list.

“he Sawtooth National Forest has worked with the Service, universities and many other partners to conserve the plant,” said Fish and Wildlife state supervisor, Brian Kelly, “This is a great Idaho conservation success story, and we thank all who have worked for years to achieve it.”

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