Boise history: Alice Cooper concert photos from Firebird Raceway in 1972

Update 12.03.12: Reader Nick Brunelle emailed me to correct Scott New's assertion that Cooper's first Idaho concert was at Firebird Raceway. (Hey, it was a loooong time ago, so New can be forgiven.) Here's what Brunelle wrote:

"Thank you for posting the photos from the 1972 concert at Firebird Raceway. The quote that it was Alice's first appearance in Idaho is incorrect. He played the previous year (1971) at the old Boise College gymnasium. I'm pretty sure that the opening band in 1971 was a later version of "Big Brother and the Holding Company" and 1972 "Fat Chance" (Portlandia). I was in attendance at both and would just like to keep the record straight."


Tonight, shock-rocker Alice Cooper visits Boise for the first time since 2003. But that show at The Big Easy definitely wasn't Cooper's debut in the Treasure Valley.

Firebird Raceway director Scott New recently dug up photos from "the one 'n only concert ever staged at Firebird."


"The year was 1972," New says. "Alice Cooper was the featured attraction. Since he is rolling into Boise this week, I thought it pretty amazing that his first appearance in Idaho came during our fifth racing season. The date was July 18 and the price of admission was just $4."


Four bucks? You can barely get a beer for four bucks nowadays. Ticket's to tonight's show at the Revolution Center in Garden City cost $35. Yet many things have stayed the same. The summer of '72 is when Cooper released his signature hit, "School's Out." You can bet that gray-haired Idahoans will sing along to that anthem one more time this evening.


That looked like a great venue! Too bad...


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Remember it well

He was late but it was a good time.

N I C E !

WOW great pics...we were out there about 100 ft. from the stage. a great time, fun show...we were a bunch of goofy kids few a few beers and a bag of herb. We didn't hurt anybody and lived to remember it.


A bit of Boise history...

A woman went into labor during the Alice Cooper concert, and was transported to the newly-completed, shiny St. Alphonsus Hospital on Curtis Road. (St. Lukes was the designated maternity hospital at the time.) Her baby was the first delivered at that hospital. (I remember it because my father was an ob/gyn and on call at St. Lukes - they summoned him to St. Al's.)

A billion dollar baby


Nothing happened and what if it did?