Kustra: 'We are committed to the Big East'

By Brian Murphy

Boise State President Bob Kustra said he and Athletic Director Mark Coyle have been "in discusisons" with the Big East on Monday and Tuesday.

"But there is nothing new to report at this point," Kustra said. "As previously stated, we are committed to the Big East Conference and intend to strengthen our conference with members who can contribute to a strong league."

Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson said any talks between Boise State, San Diego State and BYU about remaining or re-joining the league have been at the school (and not conference) level.

"I'm aware of several conversations between ADs, coaches and even presidents, but I have not been in communication directly," Thompson said.

San Diego State press conference

San Diego State Athletic Director Jim Sterk held a press conference Tuesday to discuss conference realignment.

Here are the highlights:

• Sterk said Big East athletic directors were on a conference call with Commissioner Mike Aresco on Monday and Tuesday.

"It made me all the more proud to work with a guy like that. He's committed, smart, connected. He is a great leader," Sterk said. "It's important to have someone like that in that role."

• Sterk said he has not talked with Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson since May.

• Sterk said he believes in the Big East.

"I believe in the national strategy they have developed and I think it can really pay off," he said. "... I think the East-West strategy in football can work."

• Sterk said with the loss of Rutgers from the league, there is an opportunity to move Temple to the East Division and add another Western school.

• He said the Big East's television contract will be "significantly stronger than what we have right now (in the Mountain West)."

• Sterk said the difference between the Big East and the Mountain West on the field is a big one. "There is a big separation between where we are now and where we're going," Sterk said.

• Sterk said Aresco assured him that there is a lot of interest from other schools in joining the Big East.

• "We're a part of and moving forward with a national football conference. We made a strategic decision to do that last December and nothing's changed," Sterk said.

Original post

Rutgers announced Tuesday that it is joining the Big Ten, marking the latest defection from the Big East. Rutgers was a charter member of the Big East football conference, which formed in 1991.

"Although we are disappointed that Rutgers has decided to leave the Big East Conference, we wish them well. They have been a valued member of the Conference for many years," Big East commissioner Mike Aresco said in a statement.

"We realize that conference realignment is currently a fact of life in college sports. In the context of this realignment, changes in our membership have been taking place, including important additions. In fact, the Big East has expanded its scope with new members in California, Texas, Florida, Idaho, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

"As a result, the Big East has created a unique national football conference that is a factor in the BCS Championship, remains the nation’s strongest basketball conference top to bottom, and is a major force across the full spectrum of men’s and women’s college sports. We remain committed to, and confident in, the continued growth and vitality of the Big East Conference."

So what's next for the Big East?

The league could soon lose another member to the ACC, which is seeking a replacement for Maryland, which left for the Big Ten on Monday. Connecticut and Louisville are the most likely targets for the ACC.

This is happening as the league negotiates a make-or-break television contract. It was the lure of large television dollars that made the Big East attractive to Boise State and San Diego State in the first place.

Aresco, a former television executive with ESPN, is confident the league can still deliver a solid television deal.

What about Boise State?

The Broncos are scheduled to join the Big East on July 1 as a football-only member as part of a massive re-branding of the league, which is also adding San Diego State (football-only), Memphis, Houston, SMU and Central Florida.

ESPN and others reported that current Mountain West members Boise State and San Diego State and former Mountain West member BYU are talking with conference members about possibly returning to the league.

Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson seemed to confirm those talks in an interview with USA Today.

“A lot of people are talking to a lot of folks. ... Athletic directors talk, the coaches talk, their presidents talk,” Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson told USA Today.. “I think everybody is trying to monitor as best they can. Today’s announcement came very quickly. Everyone is trying to assimilate it. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I would think maybe some of the logical reasons to have left the Mountain West no longer apply."

But Boise State President Bob Kustra denied such conversations Monday night — eventually.

"We are in contact with the Big East Conference office and are evaluating the information that has come forward regarding conference realignment the past few days," Kustra said in a statement released at 9:30 p.m. Mountain.

At 10:24 p.m., Boise State issued another statement from Kustra: "In following up on my statement from earlier this evening and because of a report that Boise State has been talking with the Mountain West, I want to make it clear that Boise State has had no discussions with the Mountain West Conference in the past couple of weeks. We are in constant communication with presidents and athletic directors of the Big East and we intend to strengthen our the conference by adding members who can contribute to a strong conference."

What about San Diego State?

San Diego State Athletic Director Jim Sterk was more forceful in his denial to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“I have not spoken to the (Mountain West) commissioner since May, and there’s been no communication with them,” Sterk told the San Diego Union-Trbune. “Our president has just been on a call with Boise State, and they haven’t had any communication with the Mountain West either, and the president at BYU hasn’t had communications with them either.”

Sterk said the Big East could regroup if it lost Rutgers and, potentially, Connecticut.

“It’s not great to lose UConn or Rutgers, but if that happens, it gives us an opportunity to have less travel in the Western division,” Sterk told the paper. “We pick up someone further west, and we’re in better shape than yesterday’s Big East.”

When asked if he saw any merits in reopening talks with the Mountain West, Sterk told the Union-Tribunte, “Not at this point.”

Petersen coaching rumors — again

Cal fired head coach Jeff Tedford on Tuesday, igniting the latest round of "Chris Petersen is going to School X" rumors.
Read more about the Cal situation.

One step behind, again

in our effort to be more than we should. Back to the MWC as the latest installment of Conference of the Month Club. Or, Dr. Kustra can "stay the course" as it were to take us to another conference without an AQ position... who'd blame coach pete for going to Cal where at least he knew which conference opponents he'd be playing. He's probably suffering from flip-flop whiplash.

Going back to the MWC

should be a last resort option only....

BTW, if we go back to the MWC, you can probably say goodbye to coach Pete.

Pete not going to CaL

Sorry but there is no way Coach Petersen would go to Cal.. the salary is the same, Tedford made $2.3 Mil a year, Petersen is at $2 Mil plus incentives now. Cal hasn't been to the Rose Bowl since 1958, and with Oregon and Stanford becoming serious powerhouses, not to mention USC's dominance of the Pac-10, and UCLA now becoming resurgent that isn't likely to change. The Bay Area is a pro sports market, no way Petersen goes there.


Coach Pete would have more opportunity to win the national championship.

By getting beat by USC,

By getting beat by USC, Stanford, Oregon, Washington and Oregon State?? They couldn't beat Nevada at home... I think getting to a Rose Bowl would be more of a realistic goal than a national championship and that road would be difficult!


No PAC team outside of USC has ever won a NC outright...... (and only two have shared one since 1927)

Not sure you could call that "opportunity"

Φ Hey!!!!!!

Back off my Huskies.

Quick quiz for you. What happened in 1960 (and a couple of times thereafter) that was so absurd that poll voting was changed after the 1967 season?

ps - That would have been one whale of an NC game ... 1991.

Well now...

I would say it wasn't the "voting" that changed, it was the fact that in 1968, the champion was chosen after the bowl games where prior champions were chosen before the bowl games....

Am I close?

Φ Tried a bit of trickery

that didn't work. It was the timing of the final voting. Sacked for a 7-yard loss.

You nailed it.

Washington (#6) beat Minnesota (#1) 17-7 in the Rose Bowl in 1960. Seems crazy now. 50+ years later we are just now coming upon something "approaching" a playoff. I wish it could be 8. Maybe someday soon.


Yes, I agree that outside of USC only the Huskies have come close. From my perspective it just seems the BIG FIVE are making it a mucher bigger mountain to climb for the non AQ teams to make it to the national championship. I was thinking that at least by being a coach within the BIG FIVE club might provide more opportunity. On another note...I've never understood why CAL hasn't consistently been among the top 5 on a regular basis. I just think they have a lot going for them and somebody like coach Pete could take them to the promise land.

Bye Bye...

Coach Pete would be offered close to 3.6 mil...for that he goes to Cal...Cal would not pay that kind of coin to Telford...to Coach Pete, they will

Um no...

Not happening. The reasons have already been listed. And Cal won't pay 3.5 per and Coach Pete isn't leaving. Kleenex all around...

Pete not going to Cal

Sorry but there is no way Coach Petersen would go to Cal.. the salary is the same, Tedford made $2.3 Mil a year, Petersen is at $2 Mil plus incentives now. Cal hasn't been to the Rose Bowl since 1958, and with Oregon and Stanford becoming serious powerhouses, not to mention USC's dominance of the Pac-10, and UCLA now becoming resurgent that isn't likely to change. The Bay Area is a pro sports market, no way Petersen goes there.

"in our effort to be more than we should"

Wow! Now there's a line straight out of a Dickens novel. I guess some of us just don't know our place.

"in our effort to be more than we should"

Wow! Now there's a line right out of a Dickens novel. I guess some of us just don't know our place.

Big East will make a move soon

I'm betting BYU is the next addition to the Big East and then they bring in Xavier from the Atlantic 10 for basketball, or perhaps Creighton from the Missouri Valley conference. I think they will survive this latest change and actually stabalize the west division with the addition of BYU. Yeah I know BYU didn't orginally want to go to the Big East but times are changing and conferences are reshuffling and it is not a great time to be Independent.

Good read from Mandel


Good Read

In a few years this whole thing could collapse like a house of cards.


I've been saying it for two years now but all you "go for the money" fans insisted I was wrong....you believe me now idiots? Our athletic program has become a five year old child who can't decide where to jump next thanks to the President of the University...let the AD do his job and keep your political agenda out of our University's business....FIRE KUSTRA!!!

ceesey you IDIOT

just stop you fool......

stay classy inbred...all I

stay classy inbred...all I am is right...and I was two years ago...obviously

Ceesey, I've ask many many times

why you believe Kustra should be fired and you have NEVER posted a thing.

Without some explanation, you are just a goofball....

Here, I'll divert that line-I bought a bag of Bronco Chips...

on closeout at Jackson's the other day for $1.50.

Two cans of Nalley's Chili were !!$5.38!!

My review: Hardly any BLUE (and all smashed up) while the orange ones were mostly in good shape.

Next time hire the plant in Hermiston, OR or get a local producer to make them INSTEAD of somebody in LOUISIANA.

Otherwise nothing bad happened to me eating them.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Nope, still dont believe you...

Boise State has choices. They get to choose, and more important, they're wanted by two pretty good conferences. Kustra is here to stay.

A couple of things: 1.

A couple of things:
1. Athletics is one of many departments at Boise State. You don't fire the CEO of an academic institution because you don't like what athletic conference it ends up in.
2. We are STILL in a far better place than we were 3 years ago. Worst case scenario, the Big East TV deal is still triple the MWC TV deal. Unfortunately, that's what it's about. I'd be worried if our leadership was passing up opportunities to secure more resources.


stop being sheep people....wake up and stop blindly backing a pretentious, me-first politician...thats just the facts so don't be mad just wake up! FIRE KUSTRA!!!


Quit being a twerp and get a lawyer, freeque/


Nothing happened and what if it did?


U dis da conference...da conferance dis you..............

I'm kinda disappointed by the

way things have progressed and regressed. I was excited about joining the MWC, but that quickly was tempered. Then, I was not quite as excited about joining the Big E, but that's quickly turned into the Big D, as in disappontment. IMHO, the MWC has the ability to easily go to a 14-16 team conference with geographic divisions and a championship game. It could include:
San Jose(?)
New Mex
Utah St.
Colo. St.
And others...Sunny...

How about this Sunny

Big East as of 2015

Boise State
Air Force


You could add Army and UNLV for 14

And the competition level would be much higher, and the TV deal would be at least 4 times the MWC.

UNLV no way!

UNLV??? The Big East has no interest in UNLV, it would bring nothing to the table in football and they are looking for football only invites at this point. I still doubt Air Force would move either unless Army joined for sure.

More than likely I would see Tulsa and maybe East Carolina as targets. Your divisions would break down as follows:

Boise State

Navy (2015)

It is slim pickings unless the Big East targets the Mountain West teams, which if Boise State and SDSU want to stay this should be a demand.

Las Vegas is

42nd in TV markets

Tulsa 61st
ECU is east, they don't need east.

UNLV spends almost twice as much on sports than either Tulsa or ECU

If Maryland proved one thing, Expansion has nothing to do with football.

Φ Fuzzy math from B43funk

Why do you let facts and figures cloud perfectly irrational arguments?

Plus, no pro franchises in the Vegas vicinity.



Nothing happened and what if it did?

There is a huge difference though...

The difference is the Big East doesn't have the Big 10 network to push into the TV market. The majority of the demographic in Las Vegas doesn't give a hoot about UNLV, have you seen the attendance at their football games? Boise is a much smaller market than Vegas, yet BSU got the Big East invite. It is about providing a credible product to market to the TV entities for the Big East. They don't have the stature to attract TV markets to their product at this time. They need to provide a sellable product to bring in revenue through TV, bowl contracts, etc. They aren't even close to being at the big boy table at this point.


Newsflash, the Beltway doesn't even know Maryland exists......

How's that working out?

I'm pretty much fine with that,

but based on the geographics, the conference could almost be called the 'Coast to Coast" or C2C....Sunny...

If so, then Art Bell is Head Coach with

George Nory as OC....

not a bad thought?

Kustra committed to a strengthened Big Least

Amazing how Kustra continues to talk out the side of his mouth. Seriously - who could possibly be left that could strengthen the Big East that would be even remotely interested in the the conference for football? And when you are talking TV contracts - knowing that Louisville and Connecticut are likely to leave in the very near future; BSU's hopes for a "sweet" TV contract are bust! Rutgers is taking the biggest media market with them. Even with Rutgers still in the mix, obviously the Big Least is not very attractive or a new TV deal would have been done already - ESPN wouldn't have wanted to give the conference up - but they did. The MWC that had BSU, SDSU and still has Air Force and Nevada and perhaps a much better Utah St was/is a way better conference than what we're left with in the Big Least. And fans could and would travel for the MWC - not going to happen in the Big Least! No guarantee of BCS, no big TV deal, no close rivalries - Kustra just admit you did wrong and right this ship. You ought to quit talking with the Big Least and start talks again with MWC.

You need to read more....

just sayin........

But he didn't make a

But he didn't make a mistake. At worst, he'll triple the TV revenue coming into the athletic department. Every move he's made has been the right move at the time, regardless of what happened afterward. If it were up to most of the people on this board, we'd still be in the WAC.

Most of those people

...have hated the Broncos for 30+ years. No worries. It's jealously.

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A leader with vision

While I understand what your trying to say on a few points I can't agree with you. It seems to me the BE commissioner is a leader with a vision and that he has the attention of a group of university presidents who want to see a national conference. As long as the core group of presidents remain commited I think there will positive outcomes for the programs. As a fan, I live to far away to attend games so I don't mind watching them on TV and I want to see them have the resources to continue building the program.

It's obvious that Kustra and

It's obvious that Kustra and Sterk don't like Craig Thompson (probably with good reason), but they shouldn't let personalities get in the way of achieving what is best for the two schools and it is growing obvious that the Big East cannot provide any advancement for BSU or SDST as it implodes.

Those of us that dread moving to the Big West (California City League) in basketball see a glimmer of hope in the disintegration of the Big East. I hope it leads to a positive step backwards to common sense.

Ah yes, Basketball..

Which I love as well. But if BSU moves back to the MWC, expect at least 50 % budget cuts in ALL Olympic sports.

Be careful what you wish for.....

Boise State or Goofy State ????

Contracts and signatures with invisible ink....

Careful ugly

you are showing your true colors....