Boise High's Jim Messina -- Obama's campaign manager -- touted by Slate

Jim Messina says one of the secrets of re-electing President Obama was to learn from success in 2008, then forget it.

"I studied every campaign for the last 60 years, and the ones that tried to run a re-elect like the first one ended up losing," Messina told Slate's John Dickerson.

"If we'd just slapped 'Hope' on a bumper sticker this time, it wouldn't have worked."

Messina said he grew confident about 10 days before the election, when the campaign's measures -- including door-knocks, phone calls and early voting -- looked promising. "I looked at the numbers and we were crushing it out there."

Dickerson, Slate's chief political correspondent, writes that Messina wasn't just about the metrics. "Messina's obsession with numbers was built on repeated bets about human nature," writes Dickerson.

The story includes a nice photo of Obama bear-hugging Messina, taken by a White House photographer Pete Souza.

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It is funny a Boise High School

It is funny a Boise High School grad from an overwhelming GOP state directs the re-election of a Democratic President. Irony at its finest.

Has anyone counted the undocumented voter tallies


What I would like to see is more illegal immigrants working for CNN and MSNBC....I would also like to see more illegals getting their Teachers certificates so they can teach our kids science....

I heard that there were over 100% voter turnout in some districts across this country....

Did folks know that the President lost every state where ID was required in order to reduce voter fraud?

What will be funny is the look on faces later when pensions start becoming unfunded mandates....

Ugly, what a bunch of

Ugly, what a bunch of bullwhacky. Try doing some legitimate research instead of spouting fuax news lies.

Ugly, what a bunch of

Ugly, what a bunch of bullwhacky. Try doing some legitimate research instead of spouting fuax news lies.

correlation is nit causation

that's because only conservative states he wasn't going to win anyway passed voter I'D laws, and did it to disenfranchise people who might have voted for him.

Why would ID disenfranchise anyone?

It did not me....

Why do IDs scare only the dems?

so if it doesn't affect you, it doesn't matter?

Requiring voter ID was said to disenfranchise more than two million people -- such as senior citizens who were born before birth certificates were common -- to deal with a problem so rare that there'd been only a handful of cases.

What a bunch of leftists propaganda....

This seems to only happen in democrat districts....

The election was rigged anyway, so our votes did not matter....


in Idaho, the only cases of voter fraud we've had were with Republicans, and wouldn't have been stopped with an ID.

Do you enjoy being wrong?

In person voter fraud is a fraud - it doesn't happen. About 6 people a year are prosecuted for in person voter fraud and I do not believe any of them did time. This is a Republican scam. Voter ID laws are always passed by Republican legislatures. They are often challenged and invalidated for violation of the Voting Rights Act. Voter IDs are targeted at disenfranchising potential Democratic voters or those the Republicans think may be Democratic voters. Black, Latinos, Students mostly.

Here is the real voter fraud: making sure old voting machines or inadequate numbers of voting machines are in predominately minority precincts; caging (look it up); purging legitimately registered voters; not counting provisional and absentee ballots; purging felons that have had their civil rights restored; mailing bogus notices to minorities that their voting place has been moved or that the date of voting has been changed, all of these have been routinely done by Republicans and occasionally Democrats.

Voter fraud? Look at Florida in 2004, Ohio in 2008. Apparently Republican voter suppression either didn't work this time or there were not enough voters defrauded of their franchise to give Romney the election.

This quote by Karl Rove nicely outs the whole voter fraud fraud: "If their (black voters) share of the turnout drops just by one point in N.C., Mr. Obama's2008 winning margin there is wiped out two and a half times over."

Voter ID

I heard that if you sneeze with your eyes open they will shoot out of your head. Try it.

Poor baby-hopefully he'll survive.


Nothing happened and what if it did?